Ethics in Business


1. Introduction: Review

(a) Purpose of Group:

·         Empower you to succeed in personal life and business life

·         Teach how to bring Christ, the Word of God into every area of your life personal and business.

·         Motivate you to embrace your calling as a businessman to serve Christ and make impact.

·         Connect you to other businessmen who you can encourage and support.

·         Impart anointing Holy Spirit needed to make an unusual impact

 (b) Making Christ Senior Partner:

·         When you give God ‘controlling’ interest in your business – He is able to accomplish his goals through you – His business then your business i.e. Make him the parent company (1Cor6:19-20)

·         God wants to prosper you – every area of your life – business, home, personal, relationships Jer29:11 I know the plan I have for you – a plan for good not evil.

·         God promises to guide and direct us in every aspect of personal life and business.  Ps 32:8 I will instruct you and teach you in the way you shall go.

·         Gods’ business purpose – to reach people with the Gospel through you and your business.  Lk19:10 Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.

·         Your business is your mission field – full time ministry!  Matt 4:19 follow me and I will make you fishers of men.

2.  Business Ethics

(a)  Gods principles of business are not offered “cafeteria style”

·         Can’t pick and choose what you like and ignore what you don’t like.

·         Must build a foundation – not for quick riches but long term growth.

(b) Ethics

·         Underlying moral principles, guiding the decisions you make

·         What is the underlying foundation for your decisions in business?

(c) Situation Ethics (Philosophy developed by world as basis for decision making)

·         A flexible standard of ethics that is altered to suit the situation or transaction.

·         There are no absolute standards when doing business so do what “seems best” in each situation.

·         Total rejection of Bible standards, authority of right and wrong.

·         Total rejection of accountability to God for decision making.

(d) How People Justify

·         Whatever you do to me – I have the right to do to you (Rom12:17)

·         End justifies the means

·         Everyone else is doing it – that makes it OK (Rom12:2)

·         OK to do it so long as you don’t get caught

·         So long as we agree – then whatever we do is right

·         Have to do it or wouldn’t survive in business (Rom12:21)

·         It’s ‘dog eat dog’ out there

·         Don’t want people to think I am weak.

·         End up directly violating the Word of God

3.  Importance of Biblical Foundation

(a)  Gods business purpose

·         Reach people with Gospel through you and your business. = action speaks louder than words.

·         Matt. 5:14 you are the light of the world – Let your light so shine before men.

·         Must break out of ‘dog eat dog’ environment and treat people differently.

·         Do this so people “see your light” and are attracted to Christ.

(b) How to know what Biblically ethical?

·         There is no way you can open the Bible and find simple answers to every problem.

·         Bible emphasizes principles but requires relationship – have to ask God.
E.g.  Ex 20:15 Shall not steal – totally clear.
Ex20:8 Keep Holy Sabbath – how? Everyone has different idea.

·         Jesus solved this by having a list of rules passed on – lost relationship

·         God gives principles – wants us to talk with him how to apply.

4.  Key Bible Principles

“Golden Rule Principles”

(1) Matt 7:12 All things whatsoever you will that men do to you, do to them for this is the law and the prophets

·         All things =Every business dealing

·         Employees, customers, suppliers, friends, competitions, strangers.

·         In all places at all times.

·         Treat people the way you want to be treated – honestly, fairly

·         Law and Prophets this summarises all the Bible I.e. is a foundational principle

·         What does it mean to treat them fairly?

(2) Matt 5:39-41 “Second Mile Principle”

·         Goes against or natural tendency, human nature.

·         Always be committed to giving beyond what people and the law require of you.

·         Don’t just do what people and law require – even unsaved can do this (Matt 5:46-47)

·         Everyone expects you to do what is required

·         Second Mile Principle – do more then what is expected

·         When you exceed expectations you stand out in the market


·         Deepen Relationship with God

·         Developed Bible Foundation for decisions

·         Make Impact on people in business field

·         Experience blessing and favor of God and people.