Don’t Buy into the Lie!

1. Introduction

1 Peter 5:8 – “Be sober, be vigilant because your adversary the devil is as a roaring lion walks about seeking whom he may devour, whom resist steadfast in the faith”.

·          You have a personal adversary – totally committed to rendering you ineffective as a Christian and stripping all God’s provision from you.

·          There is no peace in this battle – 24/7 – stakes are eternal.

·          Be sober; vigilant; resist!

·          Greatest weapon used against people is Deception – Lie!

2. Three lies Believers buy into:

Lie No. 1 – There are two worlds – spiritual life and secular life (dualism)

·          ·Dualism separates natural and spiritual areas of your life.

·          ·Work life during the week and then God on Sunday.

·          ·Work life is viewed as “not spiritual”.

·          ·Spiritual life is viewed as “not related to work/business”.

Lie No. 2 – Only a few Christians are ‘chosen’ for Full Time Service

·          You have a secular job or a religious job (full time ministry).

·          Rest of us are free to work in secular world – money.

·          No real responsibility for ministry – that is for “spiritual people”.


Lie No. 3 – Secular life is a public matter but spiritual life is ‘private’

·          Don’t talk about ‘religion or politics’.

·          Don’t intrude into people’s ‘private’ life – focus on secular.

·          Keep quiet about ‘spiritual matters’  Might Offend!

·          Spiritual life neglected

·          Devil has own agenda: e.g. 
(i) Reaction to ‘enough is enough’  call, dangerous, Tui Advertisement.

(ii) Legislation against ‘Hate Speech’ silence and control ability to speak.

3.  Embracing the Truth

Truth No. 1 - Your spiritual life impacts all that you do!

·          Prov. 4:28 keep heart with all diligence for out of it is the issues of life.

·          All that you do flows out of what you believe.

E.g. Muslims – pouring $50 million a month to finance mosques worldwide.  Goal is to penetrate and take over the world.

E.g. Humanist – agenda to totally alter family as we know it.  Civil Law’s bill – gays – then polygamy.

E.g. Hollywood – media impacting the world.

·          Dualism strips you of ability to bring life and power of God into business.

·          Mt. 6:24 – cannot serve 2 masters – God/money

·          Serve God and make money your servant!

·          Money speaks! How can you make it your servant?

·          Money has a voice – do you listen to $$ or to God?

·          Master tells servant what to do – Do you master money or does money master you?

·          If money speaks and you obey then money masters you!

e.g. Oprah Show – ‘Credit Card’. A woman had amassed $120,000 debt on 12 cards – advice – give 10%.
Advisor =Poor are poor because money controls them.
When money has power over you – repelled from you.

·          Looked for keys to power over money – 1 key – give it.

·          When you give it away – you master it.

·          Oprah began to give over 10% away –earnings rose from 3 mill to 100 mill.  When God tells you to give it seems like he doesn’t know the state of your account.

 Truth No.2 – All Christians are called to be full time ministers of God!

·          1 Pet. 2:9 – You are a royal priesthood you have access to God at any time for wisdom, empowering.

·          Rev. 6:10 – Kingdom of priests and we shall reign on earth.

o   We are called to extend the kingdom of God everywhere – Advance!

o   Kingdom of the world media/finance/government/health/education.

·          At no time in the day do you stop being a minister of God.

·          Holy Spirit anointing given to enable you to extend influence – impact lives.

·          He has made us ministers – servants of God full time (Is. 61:1-6)

 Truth No. 3 – All Christians are called to reach people for Christ!

-          ·When you make God senior partner, God can get his business done through yours.

-          Lk. 19:10 God’s business is people.

-          Jn 3:16 God is fully committed to people to serve and build them.

-          Called to do more than make money called to penetrate and impact people.

-          Jesus was constantly criticised because he was involved with people.  (Lk 15:1-2).

-          People hide pain, fear, and disappointment behind prosperity.

-          You are called to pastor them (Mt 4:19 – Fisher of men)

-          Who? Employees, associates, business connections, competitors.

-          ·How?

1) Lifestyle – attitude, speak, present self, care, consistency

2) Business practice – honesty, integrity, service, presentation.