The Issue of Ownership

1.     Introduction

·         Majority of your life is spent in the work place

·         How can you integrate your life with God and your work in the market place?

·         How can you make Christ the centre of your business?

·         Luke 5:3-8

§Peter an experienced fisherman experienced frustration, failure.

§When yielded to Word of Jesus experienced miracle in business.

§Experiencing miracle in place of work transformed his attitude.

§God also wants you to experience ‘blessing’ upon life and work.

§Requires 1) Perspective 2) Priorities

b) You are a Steward not an Owner
1 Co. 19:20 “You are not your own – you are bought with a price, therefore glorify God in your body and spirit which are God’s”

·         Believer is in covenant relationship with God.

·         We are not owners – only temporary residents on earth.

·         Lk 19:13 called his servants and delivered them 10 pounds and said to them to ‘occupy till I come’.

·         You are a servant of God – an ambassador for his Kingdom.

·         You cannot change this – you must recognize and fulfill its requirements.

·         The talents, gifts you have are an entrustment.

·         You are to occupy = trade, do business till he comes.

c) You must Give an Account
Luke 19:15 “When he returned … might know how much every man had gained by trading”

·         All stewards will give account how productive in extending the Kingdom of God.

·         God’s intention is to reward, promote faithful servant.

·         You must give an account for life and how ran your business

·         Entrustment.

2.     Perspective (Seeing the bigger picture)

·         First step of making Christ centre of businesses is gaining perspective.
a)The Kingdom of God is Eternal: Mt 4:17 – “Repent the Kingdom of God is at hand”.

·         Kingdom of God – kingdom where God is the centre.

·         It is not temporary – it is eternal, it endures forever.

·         It is not a kingdom that changes and disappoints like Kingdoms of men.

·         Kingdom becomes as its King – its Ruler.

·         Kingdom of man – full of strife, conflict, ambition and abuse.

·         Kingdom of God – reflects nature and character of King.

·         “Repent” – Kingdom of God places requirement for us to change if we are to experience its benefits.

Application to the Businessman

1)      Make Peace with Your Work

·         Easy to become resentful, angry, anxious with work situation.

·         Accept it as God’s assignment for you.

·         E.g. Daniel; Esther; Joseph

·         Each came to terms with hardship, injustice and discovered God’s purpose.

·         Placed God first – arose above the ordinary and excelled in the market place.

·         Accept and declare your work as God’s gift to you.

2)      Embrace Your Work

·         You cannot change something you are reacting to.

·         You are god’s ambassador, representative

·         You are the pastor of all those people within your business

·         You will speak peace, fellowship, pray for miracles, and share Christ.

3)      Improve Your Work Place

·         Disciples were instructed to heal, repair damage, and meet needs – is your business in bondage?

·         Joseph, Daniel and Esther were a source of divine blessing.

·         They prayed and operated on divine principles.

·         You can improve the processes/working conditions.

4)      Advance God’s Kingdom

·         Pray over people, bless them, and speak work of God over them.

·         Look for opportunities to make Christ known – Word and Deed.



3.     Priorities (Putting first things first)


Mt. 6:33 “Seek first the Kingdom of God and all these things shall be added”

·         God’s intention is that we experience His blessing and not strive and struggle with anxiety, as do unsaved people who do not know Christ.

·         Key is priorities – Seek first – place Christ and His Word at first place.

·         E.g. peter – Lord we have toiled – nevertheless at Your Word.

·         Consider Jesus instructions to His disciples.

Jesus was a man with a mission purpose – seek and save the lost/destroy dead works.

Lk 10:3-9 “Jesus commissioned 70 disciples – they impacted the region”

He gave four key instructions:

i)        Speak peace to people/circumstances he called “wolves” (v5)

ii)       Fellowship (v7)

iii)     Care for needs (v9)

iv)     Proclaim the Kingdom (v9)

The focus of their effort was to bring lost people to Christ.