Planning Ahead

1.  Introduction

·         Good principle:  Start with the Finish in mind – or you will go off course.

·         Applies to every area of your life: 
e.g. Building a house
e.g. Establishing Business
e.g. Retirement
e.g. Family
e.g. Marriage

·         Proverbs 22:3  “A prudent man foresees the evil & hides himself, but the simple pass on and are punished”

Question:  How would you advice this man about his finances?

·         He lived in one country but retires in a different new country

·         The currency in his present country cannot be used in the country he retires

·         What should he plan to do while he is alive?

E.g.  Indonesia - money cannot be used in N.Z.
Jesus taught on this issue, Matthew 6:19-24  - Note contend “Reward”.

2. Key Directions from Jesus:

i) “Lay up Treasure”

·         This is the plan of God for every person – think ahead with your finances

·         Lay up = 2343 Strongs = Thësaurizó = to amass, accumulate, heap up

·         Treasure = wealth, riches, valuables

·         Clear direction from Jesus to consider the future and plan to amass wealth

ii)  “Lay up – for yourself”

·         The sole beneficiary of their treasure to be laid up is yourself

·         What you do will benefit  you in the future

·         No one else can do this for you – you personally responsible

·         Not talking about selfishness, but being wise or being a fool

·         Fool  
- does not think and plan ahead for his future
- lives in the hope that somehow it will work out OK!
- does not think with eternal perspective

·         Luke 12:13-21 *“You fool!” - failed to plan for eternal future

·         So is everyone who is rich to self – not rich to God
The issue is not having money – it is really a issue of perspective
a)  The money cannot be taken with you
b)  The money can be used to create future eternal

iii) “Lay up Treasurers in Heaven”

·         As they say in Real Estate—location is everything

·         E.g. If you build an expensive home on land and then find it was a dump and is subsiding steadily—value drops immediately

·         Treasure on earth is uncertain—theft!

·         Treasure on earth must be left behind

·         The only place where treasure is safe, is in heaven

·         Treasure in heaven will be enjoyed for eternity

iv) There is a Rival Master

·         v13  “No man can serve two Masters”

·         Master  = supreme ruler/Lord

·         Key issue is one of loyalty – which one do you serve, listen to, yield to?

·         Both masters talk to you and seek your attention

·         Your behavior will reveal which master you serve

·         Attitude:  Love/Hate  -  loveless, detest

·         Hold/Despise  - think against,

·         Where your treasure is there will be your heart.

·         If not purposefully interest in the Kingdom of God – heart is not there

3.  How can you Transfer your Treasure?

·         Key question: How can I develop/ accumulate wealth on earth?

·         How can I transfer it ahead so that I can have a eternal treasure?

·         Must do something with finances now

·         Your behavior will reveal what you believe?,  what your priorities are?

·         1 Timothy 6:17 “Command them that are rich!”
“Command” is a directive – comes from Superior Commander


i)        Not High minded – arrogant, self important

ii)       Not trust in money – uncertain!


iii)     Trust in the Living God – bring, generous, kind, rewarding

iv)     Enjoy what you have – celebrate life, enjoy all your possessions

v)      Do good  =  Acts of kindness under direction of the Holy Spirit

vi)     Generous= Use money to advance Gods interests!

vii)   Communicate = Connect in vital relationships with other believers


·         Lay up treasure for time to come!

·         Seize hold of something that lasts forever!

 Core Issue = Faith!

·         Faith that God is good, God is just  -  His word can be trusted!

·         Faith that God will reward and the reward will more than compensate!