Bridging the Gap


·          Purpose in coming together – not to ask you for money.

·          Experience in Asia:  Businessmen – FGB – Tony Tseng.

·          Experience in Africa:  Capetown

·          Experience in NZ:  Gap between spiritual and natural.  Ignorance of Kingdom of God – purpose of God for businesses.

·          Goal:  Bridge the gap – help businessmen discover purpose and destiny in marketplace.

·          Stimulate advance and success in personal and business life.

·          Example:  Rachel – Heinz Watties

God we serve = God of business

1. Expectations on Christian business people

Example: Victorian era attitude to sex:  Do it but don’t enjoy it.  Produce but not too excited – become carnal.

2. Bible is full of businessmen

Majority of key people in Old Testament not mystics but businessmen:

·         Abraham – Father of faith – wealthy businessman

·         Jacob – Prospered in business

·         Job – Wealthy businessman – active socially and government (Job 31)

·         David – Shepherd

·         Joseph – Prospered in Egypt in spite of injustices

·         Daniel – Most influential man in Babylon – in spite eunuch

·         Prophets – Esther – Proverbs 31 woman

·         Peter – Fisherman (Luke 5)

·         Levi – Tax collector

·         Luke – Doctor

Each person had unique destiny – mostly fulfilled in market.

3. Profit motive is good

·    God is a God of investment and increase.

·    Example:  Genesis 1 Increase and multiply – be fruitful – productive.

·    Example:  Luke Tree not bearing fruit – cut it down.

·    No athlete enters competition to lose – enter to win.

·    Profit motive is stimulation to take on challenge.

·    Problem:  Profit at any cost – no matter how do it.  Win or profit without God’s principles – devastating.

·    Example:  Luke 19  Parable of pounds

·    How much each gained by trading.

·    Unprofitable servant rebuked and disqualified.

 4. Example of David

·          1 Samuel 17:26 What is in this for me: riches, kings doing what they like and no taxes.

·          Shepherd businessman vs. professional soldier.

·          Did not separate business and spiritual – same God who helped business helped now.

·          God central to both!

·          Attempts to disqualify:

(i)      Eliab – wrong motives

(ii)    Saul – no experience

(iii)   Goliath – not soldier

·          David’s bold response:  Anointing that worked in business – work here too!

·          No separation or gap in his natural and spiritual life.

 5. Men in the marketplace

Examples:  Joseph / Moses / David / Job / Esther / Elisha / Peter
All men who impacted businesses through walk with God.


Four levels or roles in market place – determined by attitude:

(i) Christian in business

·          See marketplace as evil but do all can to hold ground.

·          Goal is survival – like POW.

 (ii) Christian who applies Bible principles

·          More positive outlook.

·          Principles enable them to overcome temptation.

·          Settle for a draw – won’t change marketplace/marketplace will change them.

(iii) Christian who depends on power and influence of Holy Spirit

·          Seek God to hear Him – do what He tells them.

·          Expect hand of God blessing personal and business life.

 (iv)     Christian committed to transforming marketplace

·          Have experienced power of God personally and in business.

·          Have apostolic mindset – on a mission to transform.

·          See that the flock they pastor is marketplace of business.

Action: Bridge gap.

Luke 19 - Servants prospered in business

Expand influences

·          Periodic breakfast meetings to inspire – keys.

·          Connection – other businessmen – pray and encourage, share word.

·          Profile businessmen in church.

·          Opportunities for mission experiences.