Receiving Legacy 02/03/14


1. Introduction

                •  Prov.13:22 a good man leaves an inheritance to his children's children

                • Every person on this earth leaves a legacy…like a footprint in the sand

                • Legacy=what you stood for!what you accomplished with your life

                                         = what you leave  behind  for others

                             a) tangible: money, property,possessions, personal items,

                             b) intangible: values,reputation,character, family traditions,

                                  ie how you lived your life and the impact that it made on people

                •  You can choose whether you are a blessing or a burden, stepping stone or a stumbling block

                • Eph.2:10 " …you are created in Christ Jesus for good works…."   To leave a legacy!

                • Gods purpose for every person is to know Him, represent Him and leave a great legacy

2.  People we can receive from

                The primary person we must position ourself to receive from is Jesus Christ

                God places people in our lives that we can learn from and receive from

                2.1 People  who teach us. (Taught…information)

                       There may be little or no personal relationship with this group

                        We can learn from their lives, and their teachings or writings what they have learned

                        Eg. Meetings, CD's, DVD's, books , articles, testimonies.

                         God expects us to learn from people that we may have no personal relationship with.

                        1Cor.10:11 " All these things happened  to them for examples and they are written for

                        our admonition…"

                        Jesus himself learned from Bible examples and expects up us to do the same

                        Holy Spirit  is given to help us apply the lessons of others lives to our own.

                2.2 People we are in relationship with (Caught…formation)

                       These are people we are in direct personal relationship with

                         Eg. Father, mother, family, teachers,leaders, pastor, coach

                         Usually the is a bonding and vulnerability because of relationship

                         We can see and observe the persons lifestyle and relationships…how truth looks

                         This group of people powerfully impact us, positively or negatively


                The Bible instructs us to seek out and observe godly lives and learn from them

                          Heb.13:7 " …whose faith follow, considering the outcome of their lives"

                          Follow= NT. 3401 to imitate, to mimic,

                          Consider= NT.333. To look again closely at, to be a spectator

                          Notice it is their faith we are called to imitate, their trust in God and his Word

                          We are to observe closely not their gifts or charisma or personality, but how their

                         relationship with God is expressed in their personal life, marriage, family, work.


3. Keys to Receiving from a Man of  God

                3.1 Honor and Respect

                1Thess.5:13 " and esteem them very highly in love for their  works sake

                Your attitude to people determines what you are able to receive from them.

                People in Jesus hometown were unable to receive anything from Him because of their judgments and

              attitudes towards Him(Mark 6)

                Respect will attract people towards you…disrespect will always repel people

                Honor and respect is a choice…it begins in the heart and shows in attitude, words and actions

                Familiarity can breed disrespect that then chokes your ability to receive from that person


                3.2  Welcome feedback and correction

                1Thess.5:12 "Know them which labour among you, and are over you in The Lord, and who admonish

              you "

                Admonish= NT3560 = to caution, gently reprove, warn

                Make it easy for others to speak into your life…those who love and value you

                Resist the tendency to be defensive…be open to receive,enquire, evaluate

                Prov.15:31-33 "He who disdains correction despises his own soul"


                3.3 Guard and Protect the Relationship

                Song.2:5 "Catch us the little foxes…the little foxes that spoil the vines"

                Relationships are vital to personal growth and must be guarded from damage and erosion

                Little foxes= misunderstandings, assumptions, offenses,disappointments

                Place value on key relationships…some are vital for you to fulfill your destiny


                3.4 Enquire- Ask Questions

                Prov.20:5 "Counsel in the heart of a man is like deep water, a man of understanding will draw it out."

                Make a point of asking questions….this is how you draw out what people know.

                Ask questions that probe for insight,motives, reasons, experience learned.

                Jesus asked  questions…………..Lk.2:46

                The disciples asked questions  Mk.9:28

                When you ask questions you can draw out from the person a flow of the Spirit of god that gives exactly

               the wisdom that you need for that time


                3.5 Apply what  you learn

                Jam.1:22 " be doers of the Word and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.

                Put into practice what you learn or you haven't learned it at all

                You only know what you live out in your life. If you stop doing it you have to learn again.

                1Tim.4:15 Paul exhorted Timothy to meditate on and apply what he had received

                3.6 Serve- help them succeed

                Lk.16:12" If you  have not been faithful in that which is another mans who will give you your own?"

                Serving is foundational to progress and greatness in the Kingdom of God

                Eg. Joshua served Ex.24:13, Elisha served2K3:11, Timothy served 1Cor.4:17

                Serving was foundational to them receiving and emerging in their own destiny


                3.7  Deal with their humanity in love and truth

                God uses imperfect and flawed people to advance his Kingdom. The Bible reveals their flaws

                Eg. Moses..anger, Samson..lust, David ..adultery, Elijah..fear, Peter…fear

                When you get near to a leader in relationship, their personal flaws become more visible


Three areas to guard your heart against:

             a) Idolatory…Acts14:11 Lystra…putting the person in a place that only Jesus can occupy,

             expecting that they will be perfect and will meet the needs that you have.

             b) Offense….2Sam.15 Absalom….holding personal hurt or grudges in the heart, and

              becoming critical and fault finding

             c) Rebellion…Gen.9:20-25 Ham….delighting in uncovering and exposing the leaders

              weaknesses or failures to others, eroding their reputation

How do you Guard your Heart?

           a) Focus……………Keep the focus of your heart and faith on the person of Christ

           b) Grace……………Extend grace…forgive and withhold judgments

           c)  Truth……………Look for opportunity to speak truth in love

           d)  Boundaries….Establish personal  boundaries to protect your heart


Personal Application

                1. What is the Holy Spirit speaking to you through this message?

                2. Are there people who impacted you, you need to appreciate?

                3. How do you respond to feedback or correction?

                4. Do you enquire, or do you hold back and tend to make assumptions?

                5. How is your passion for serving? Where are you serving?

               6. Do you have issues with leaders that you need to resolve? What are they? How will you resolve