Easter...an expression of Godís love and grace Many pictures of this in the Bible eg Mephibosheth 2Sam. 9:1. Story of Mephibosheth


1. Crippled by a fall

All of us have been crippled by sin....the fall of Adam Morally....all fall short of the glory of God, no matter how hard we try Physically....all face reality of sickness and weakness as result of sin Spiritually....can do nothing to make self righteous People around us crippled in some way by sin...emot, spiritually, physically


2. Lost in a barren place

King sought to find Mephibosheth

Mephibosheth was found in a place called Lodebar Lodebar....barren wasteland. Place of no bread He didn't find David...David found him....searched for him Jesus came to find us...to seek us out in our barren land Jesus is looking for you today God loves us and is seeking to find us, reconnect with us ,...give us life


3. Invited to the palace of the King

Don't be afraid....reassured that he would not be judged and put to death Invited to the kings table...favored position Jesus welcomed all who would receive him...welcomed sinners to eat with him Jesus gave his life so we could live...

Jesus welcomes us into His Kingdom


4. Invited to eat at the kings table

Table ....reconciliation

Eating at table signified reconciliation

Rev.3:20 behold I stand at the door and knock....if anyone hears my voice and opens to me I will come in and fellowship with him and he with me Gods heart is reconciliation to him and one another Blessing extended to successive generations Grace extended ....fellowship with Holy Spirit, daily intimacy.

The life Jesus offers brings reconciliation....he gives the bread of life


5. Grace extended to undeserving

Grace...cannot be earned...can only be given and received as a gift Normal for new king to kill the descendants of the old king Mephibosheth living in fear of death God invites us to intimacy with himself God extends hand of love to people who are broken and unloveable Grace...we don't get what we deserve...we receive mercy Karma....you get what you deserve...opposite to grace Grace greater than karma...law of sowing and reaping Jesus reaped consequences of our sin so we could receive forgiveness free


6. Invitation

i) Receive Christ and fellowship with him Receive the grace of God today...receive Christ???trust that he has paid the price of your sin John1:12.... To everyone who received him ....he gave power to become a child of God


ii) Who are you extending grace to today?

What will you do with the grace God extends to you?

Christian...are you carrying grace to others?...or have you hardened your heart?

Who do you need to extend grace to today?


iii) What is the Holy Spirit speaking to you to do today in response to Gods grace extended to you?