Dave Connell. Breakthrough

Sunday, 4 May 2014 11:00 am


Breakthrough…what is it? What does it mean?

Breakthrough can occur in many different areas of our lives

Eg spiritual, emotional, relationships, finances

God uses difficult situations to grow us. Plans breakthroughs for us

Many dimensions to breakthrough….engage a better life, one season ends and another begins

In the Kingdom of god his plan is that we go from glory to glory to glory….Gods plans are always

for our good, for our benefit and growth, to become Christ-like


Judges 11 Story of Jephthae

Vs.1 Mighty man of valour…and the son of a harlot

Jephthae lived in the shadow of shame and rejection….no choice over how he was born, family,

response of people to him and his shameful birth origin

Many people experience shame and rejection related to their origin of birth and family

We still have ability to make choices how we respond to the situations that we find ourselves in


Vs.2 Other sons in the family looked different to him and rejected him because he was different

His step brothers drove him out…no future or inheritance in this house!

Words of family are very powerful and have great impact….

Family spoke words "no future, destiny, no place here for you"

He carried his father’s DNA but was rejected by family and also by those in authority when he appealed to them for help

People need identity and purpose….these are connected to one another

Identity….who am I? Whose am I?

Purpose…what is the meaning of my life? Why am I here?


Vs.3 Fled to the land of Tob….grew and learned leadership and fighting

His own family had cut him off from identity and destiny and rejected him….very painful

Many people are struggling with these same issues.


Vs 56 Crisis occurred in the nation and the people who rejected him then sought him out to save them

People who rejected him came to him in their need to become their leader

God has used his adversity to prepare him for his life's calling and purpose


Keys to breakthrough

1. Run to God…not to substitutes

Where you run to in your time of conflict is important

………bottle?, substitutes, work, relationships, fantasy, some form of escape.

Where you run in conflict is important….impacts the final outcome of your life

Jephthae ran to the land of Tob

Tob= to make good! To realign.

Easy to run for comfort, quick fix…must run to Jesus in time of trouble and not substitutes

Where we run in adversity influences us and the outcome….dont run to fantasy and escape

Run to His presence! Shadow of his wings! House of God…don't run away!

Don't run from God but run to him and His word….let God influence you and your decisions when you are in a time of distress


2. Remember who you are in Christ

Remember….to hold firmly and clearly in your mind

Jephthae= breakthrough! One who breaks out

He was surrounded with conflict turmoil and shame but chose to reach out to God.

He is acknowledged in Heb11: as a man of faith…trusted God

What is shaping your life and identity….circumstances? Pressures? People? God?

What you make your focus you open your life up to…what is your focus?

God had predetermined a destiny for Jephthae…planned before he was conceived.

People need someone who will breakthrough for them….give them hope for their change

Decisions you make today will shape your life. Don't identify with the pain and distress…they do

not define who you are

Focus on God, who He says you are, what He says you can do. In Him you have what it takes

Take time to meditate in what. God says about you…eg Ps.139

Others are waiting for you to breakthrough…they are looking for hope


3. Remember the Promises in God’s Word

Remember….to hold firmly and clearly in your mind

Gilead= place and a person, who and where he came from

Breakthrough doesn't just happen….requires a determined alignment

Gilead= monument of testimony! Standing stones

Stones were erected to witness an agreement between a person and God…reminder and testimony

Stones were erected as a reminder of covenant

E.g. Jacob, Moses, Israel, Joshua,…all erected stones as reminder of Gods covenant promises

Remind God of the covenant and promises that He has made with you.

OT. Person had a revelation of God…erected a reminder

NT 1Pet2:4‐5 Jesus is the cornerstone….rejected by men but chosen by God and precious.

We are living stones….built up in Christ….no more put to shame!...covenant in his blood

Stand on the Word and remind God of the covenant God made with us in Christ

Hold fast to the Word of God…believe and confess it and act on it

Remind God of His Word and promises to you….speak them out and declare them boldly

We can choose to live out of circumstances and feelings or live out of what God has to say about us

We have the Holy Spirit to bring breakthrough in our lives

Greater is He that is within us than he that is in the world!


Personal Application

1. What has the Holy Spirit being saying to you through this message?

What personal response will you make to this?

2. What do you run to when you are in a time of pain or stress?

What are you looking for? Do you find it?

What hinders you turning to Jesus in your time of difficulty?

What could you do about this.

3. What does Gods word have to say about your new identity in Christ?

How would believing this change how you respond to painful rejection?

4. What does Gods word say about your difficulties?

How could you use Gods word to strengthen you in difficulties?

What part do you think forgiveness played in Jepthaes emerging as a leader?