Decisions Determine Destiny

6 July 2014


1.   Introduction


·      God’s desire is each believer grows to maturity. (Heb.6:1-2)

·      Maturity is connected to personal responsibility and perspective.

(a)  Personal Responsibility = embracing ownership of what God has entrusted = stewarding.

·         Choices – Emotions – Resources - Relationships

·           It also means taking responsibility for the consequences of your choices.

(b)  Perspective = How you view what you see (experience).

·           How you view your world will determine your feelings and actions.

·           The core reason for the fall of man was loss of God’s perspective (wisdom) in exchange for personal gain.

·           Adam and Eve failed to value relationship and honour the source of blessing.


2.      Personal Choices Determine the Course of Your Life

·         Gen.2:15-17 “In the day you eat of it you shall die.”

·         God’s greatest gift to each person is the gift of free will – ability to make decisions.

·         We have freedom to choose – but not freedom over the consequences.

·         Most choices we make are small – seem unimportant – but they accumulate.

·         Over a long period of time the results of choices can be easily seen”

e.g. Finances – Family – Influence – Health – Spiritual growth – Education.

·         Example from Family

·         You are where you are today because of choices you have made.

·         Today’s choices will determine where you are tomorrow.

·         Dt.30:19 “Choose life that you and your descendents may live.”

·         The issues are life and death; blessing and cursing.

·         Our choices have an impact on the next generation.


3.       Personal Decisions are Influenced by what is in our Heart

·         Prov. 4:23 “Keep your heart with all diligence for out of it are the issues of life.”

·         We view life through the filters we have in our heart.

·          Examples of filters of the Heart:

(i)            Mindsets                     Act.10:14         Peter’s mindset

(ii)           Judgements               Mt.7:1-5           Cannot see clearly

(iii)          Offenses                    Mk.6:3-5          Jesus in home town

(iv)         Hatred                        1 Jn.2:9-11      In darkness, stumble

(v)          Disappointment          Lk.24:14-17     Disciples unable to see

(vi)         Values                        Rom.1:21        Lack of honour and gratitude

·         Wisdom = seeing life from God’s point of view.

Prov.2:6 – The Lord gives wisdom …

Prov.4:5 – Wisdom is the principle thing …

Prov.24:3 – Through wisdom is a house built …




4.      Your Decisions reveal what is in your Heart

Example = Gen.13:1-15 – Abraham and Lot

(a)  Lot

·         Abraham was given direction by God and promises of blessing.

·         Lot his nephew journeyed with Abraham and became blessed also.

·         V5 – Lot also who went with Abraham had flocks and herds and tents.

·         Tension and conflict lead to a crisis – need to make choices.

(v10) Lot lift up eyes and saw

(v11) Lot chose for himself – journeyed East            [NB Gen 12:8

(v12) Lot pitched tent near Sodom                             [Bethel Home of God on west

(14:12) Lot dwelt in Sodom                                         [Ai Heap, ruin on east]

(19:1) Lot sat in the gate

·         Lot failed to see the impact of the choice on himself and on the next generation –

·         (v10) Motivation = selfish ambition – desire for personal gain at expense of relationship.

·         Mentality = What is in this for me? How can I get ahead? How to use the generosity of others to advance myself?

·         His decisions dishonoured the source and were catastrophic to his future.

·         He failed to see the impact of his choice.

·         Lost his perspective, connection, integrity, wife, family and legacy.


(b)  Abraham

·         Abraham is the father of faith – picture of faith filled life.

V8 – 9 (i)         Took initiative to resolve the conflict

            (ii)        Put peace and personal relationships first

            (iii)       Let Lot take the first choice – trusted God with his future.

            Note    (v10) Lot lift up eyes and saw what seemed to give personal gain

                        (v14) Abraham lift up eyes and saw the promise of God.

·         First reference point – what is God’s perspective on this situation.


Application Questions

(i)            What is the Holy Spirit saying to you through this message?

(ii)           What value do you place on God’s Word when you make decisions?

(iii)          What value do you place on relationships and the impact of your decisions on others?

(iv)         Is there any decision you are facing now where you need God’s perspective?