The Power of the Resurrection

31 March 2013


1.   Introduction

·         Rom. 15:13 “Now, may the God of hope, fill you with joy and peace through believing, that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Ghost”.

·         The God we serve is a God of hope – he desires we abound in hope.

·         Followers of Christ should be the most positive people, positive influence – full of hope.

·         Foundational to our faith is the resurrection of Christ – Death is not the end.

·         God can breathe life into situations without hope! – He is the God of hope! E.g. marriage, family, finances, lost dreams, disappointments.

·         God breathed life into the dry bones in Ezekiel and they became an army.


2.   The Power Released at Jesus Death

·         Math.27:50-54 “Jesus cried out with a loud voice and yielded up his spirit”

·         “Loud” =NT3173= Megas = an exceeding loud shout, shout of triumphant victory.

·         Power released at Jesus Death.

(i) “The veil of the temple torn in two from top to bottom.”

·         Forgiveness of sins released.

·         Barrier between man and God removed (2 Cor.3:13) – end to the old system.

·         Access now possible to the very presence of God for all men (Heb. 4:16)

·         Barrier between Jew and Gentile removed – now united in Christ (Eph. 2:14-16)

(ii) “The earth quaked”

·         The whole region around Christ’s death was violently shaken.

·         Extraordinary release of power from heaven accompanying Jesus sacrifice.

(iii) “The rocks were split”

·         Rocks = the hardest part of the earth – yielded to the power of God and split open.

·         Hardest of heart, hardest situation able to be broken open by the power of God.

(iv) “The graves were opened”

·         The earthquake was massive – energy targeted the graves and tombs and split them wide open so the dead bodies could be seen.

·         Consequences of sin =death= open and exposed for all to see (Rom.3:23).

·         Jn. 19:14 That day was preparation for the Passover the next day – graves remained open for the Passover, unleavened bread, Saturday Passover.

·         Most likely the graves were attended to by people for all that time making it impossible for anyone to steal Jesus’ body.


3. Power Released at Jesus Resurrection

·         Matt. 28:1-2 “There was a great earthquake …”

(i) “A great earthquake” (Gk seismos)

·         Again the earth shook as the power of God was released.

(ii) “The stone rolled away”

·         Supernatural power of God released – Angel moved the sealed stone from the entrance of the tomb – sign of Christ’s victory!

·         The Roman soldiers were rendered powerless – all might of Rome unable to stop it.

·         E.g. valley of dry bones in Ezekiel 37 – shaking and great noise.

·         Angelic manifestation – tomb open to let the women in to see!

(iii) “Many bodies of the saints named” (Mt.27:52-53)

·         Jesus arose from the dead – 10 recorded sightings of Jesus.

·         Mary; the women; Peter; 10x disciples; 11x disciples; Road to Emmaus; 500+ people; James and Apostles; Paul; at the ascension.

·         Others arose with Jesus and entered Jerusalem – appeared too many.


4. Resurrection Power is Available to Us Now!

·         Acts 1:8 “You shall receive power – you shall be witnesses to Me.”

·         The same power that raised Christ from the dead – The Holy Spirit is available to us to fulfil God’s purpose through us.

·         We are responsible to choose to believe and receive God’s provision.

e.g.      Judas: Sorrow over sin – committed suicide.

            Thief at the Cross: Sorrow over sin – chose to believe.

·         If God can raise a man from the dead He can change your life today.




·         What is stopping me receiving God’s forgiveness, receiving Christ today?

·         What is hindering you receiving the Holy Spirit power today?

·         What situation are you facing currently which is filled with grief, hopelessness, despair, disappointment?

·         Will you invite Christ into that situation now and let control go to him?