The Power of God’s Word

24 March 2013


1.   Introduction

·         We live in an information age – there is an over wealth of information available.

·         Internet, phones, media are helpful but can totally overwhelm the soul with information.

·         What place do you give in your life to God’s Word?  What God wants to say to you?


2.   Word of God has Power to Transform Your Life

·         1 Thess.2:13 “…when you received the Word of God which you heard from us, you welcomed it not as the word of men, but as it is in truth the Word of God which effectively works in you who believe.”

·         “Works” =NT1754= to be active, to show forth, actively work within you to produce change.

·         God’s Word can produce change within us – this energised by faith.

·         “Works” =energise= also used of work of sin, demons, Holy Spirit.

·         Pictures of the Word of God – Active!

(1)         A Hammer      Jer.23:29         (4)        Water  Eph.5:26

(2)         A Fire              Jer.23:29         (5)        Seed    Mk.4:14

(3)         A Sword          Eph.6:17          (6)        Mirror  James 1:23


3. Response determines the Fruit

·         Mki.4:23-25 “For whoever has (ears to hear) to him more will be given, to whoever does not have (ears to hear) even what he has will be taken away from him.”

·         The problem is never with the seed (Word) the problem is with the soil (Heart).

·         Your ability to receive truth is not fixed – can increase or decrease depending on the response.

·         “Hearing”         = Heart wants to connect and respond to God.

= Apply what you hear to how you live.

·         Hebrew “hearing” was not just about listening but also applying what you hear to how you live out your life.

·         Western world equates “hearing” to gaining more information.

·         James 1:21-25 unless we respond practically to what we hear we deceive ourselves.

·         “Able” =NT410 Dunamis = supernatural power. Word of God contains God’s life!

·         “Save” =NT4982 Sozo = to deliver, heal, restore, transform.

·         The Word of God must become engraftedrooted in heart and life.

·         It becomes rooted in the heart by meditation, confession, action.

·         When we apply the Word of God to our life it produces stability – (Matt.7:24 – 27).


4. Responses that Transforms your Life

·         1 Thess.2:13 “The lives of the people of Thessalonica were transformed = examples

·         What was their response? Why was Paul’s preaching so effective?


(a)  Value the Word

·         1 Thess.2:13 “They placed value on the Word of God.”

·         To value the Word of God       = have respect for the person who authored it.

= Make it a priority in your life!

·         What priority do you place on the Word of God?

·         Ps.1:1-4 “Blessed is the man … delight is in the Law of the Lord and in His law does meditate.”

“Delight” =OT2656= take pleasure, desire, treat of great value.

“Meditate” =OT1897= ponder, imagine, mutter, talk.


(b) Believe the Word

·         1 Thess.2:13 “Word of God which works effectually in you that believe.”

·         Believing is a choice – choose to agree and hold onto what God says.

·         Power of Word of God is only released as you believe it – this is where conflict is.

·         Heb.4:2 “…word they heard did not profit them, not being mixed with faith …”

·         We can hear God’s Word but remain unchanged until we choose to believe.

·         Meditation and confession of the Word lead to faith growing in your heart.


(c) Hold onto the Word

·         There is always conflict spiritually over God’s Word because it has power.

·         1 Thess.1:6 “…having received the Word in much affliction …”

·         1 Thess.2:2 “…we were bold in our God to speak to you the gospel of God in much conflict.”

·         There was a huge reaction in the city against the Gospel being preached.

Act.17:5-9 – conspiracy, riot, assault on Jason’s house, violence, accusation.

·         There is always opposition to the Word of God – not to hearing but to doing.

·         Mt.13:18-22 Sower and Seed – opposition to fruit bearing:

(i) Demons       (ii) Difficulties  (iii) Distractions (worry, money, pleasure)


(d) Act on the Word

·         Those in Thessalonica did not just hear they acted in response to the Word:

(i)  Rejected old lifestyle (idols)            (1 Thess.1:9)

(ii)  Became Christ Centred                 (1 Thess.1:6)

(iii) Became teachable (disciples)        (1 Thess.1:6)

(iv) Became examples of believers     (1 Thess.1:7)


How?    1 Thess.1-3                             Power of God evident

                                                             Acts of Kindness

                                                             Positive Attitude in the face of opposition


(e) Share the Word

·         1 Thess.1:8 “For from you the Word of the Lord has sounded forth …”

·         They boldly testified – “sound” =NT1837= to echo forth, trumpet.

·         They spoke into places of great resistance and difficulty – everywhere.

·         They let what God had done be made known.