Lessons Learnt On The Journey

18th August 2013


1.    Introduction


2.    Unmet Expectations Can Lead To Disconnection

Luke 24:21  “But we were hoping”

(i) Withdrawing from place of call.                  (ii) Talking and reasoning.

(iii) Sad.                                                                  (iv) Unable to see spirit.


3.    We Need To Focus On What God Is Doing and Saying

Exod 3:1-4  “When Moses saw the burning bush, he turned aside to look, and God called to him”

(i)          Moses had made assumptions about what God was doing – spent 40 years in desert.

(ii)         In the place of no hope, no revelation, no future he focussed on what God doing.

(iii)       The burning bush – What is God moving on?  Where is the fire of His presence?

(iv)      God is pressing the Western Church to change – fire blazing in other parts of the world.

(v)       What has got your attention and focus?  What’s God is doing? Or your apparent desert?

(vi)      When Moses focussed on what God doing he received revelation and calling.

(vii)    God not concerned about his discomfort – concerned about a nation in bondage.

(viii)   The Heart of God is to raise up delivers for our community.


4.    We Must Resist Pressure To Get A Solution

1 Sam 8:5 “Now make us a King to judge us like all the nations”

(i)      The people were disconnected and wanted a King to rule and lead.

(ii)    They rejected waiting on God for His provision and solution.

(iii)   There is a change naturally and in the church globally over leadership style.

(a) Pattern Of Restoration – God Is Moving

-        50’s Evangelists, 60’s Pastors, 70’s Teachers, 80’s Prophets, 90’s Apostles.

-        Next movement is about the Body of Christ arising and functioning.

-        Eph 4:12 “equipping the saints for the work of the ministry”

-        Leadership is called to serve people, help people, develop people

-        A change in leadership style is necessary – collaborative, focussed on releasing, equipping.

(b) Responding To Pressure Leads To Bad Decision

-        1 Sam 13:11-14 “You have done foolishly”.

-        Samuel felt under great pressure for  3 external reasons.

(i)People were scattered  (ii) There was great danger  (iii) God did not speak

-        Samuel decision made under pressure had lifelong consequences for him and for Israel.

-        It is important to wait on God and not respond to pressure of circumstances.

-        God values faith – trust in Him, and in obedience.

-        We can have major loss and setbacks where we make decisions under pressure not rest in His faith.


5.    When God Delays… Issues In The Heart Are Exposed.

Exod 15:22-26 “When they come to the Marah they could not drink the waters of Marah for they were bitter… and the people complained”.

·         God wanted to change the heart of the people and their identity.

-        Servants - ruled by a King, told what to do, routine life, no dreams.

-        Sons          - identity in relationship not position, or power, or circumstance.

   - able to dream, create, innovate, co-labour with God.

·        In order to change the people God used delay and difficulty to surface heart issues.

·        Deep seated anger, resentment and bitterness surfaced for change (- +).

·        Difficulties, delays, disappointments can be Gods refining fire.

(i)      So you can see what is in your heart? 

(ii)    So you can see how you respond or react?

·        How God does this

- Through finances.

- Acts 8:1 there was a great scattering of Gods people with the pressure of persecution.

·        How do you respond?

(i)      In complaining? 

(ii)    Bringing negative issues into relationship.

(iii)   Opting out & withdrawing.

·        Many choose to withdraw and withhold finances, also in serving, connecting, and attending.

·        Personal experience

– can be painful and overwhelming, there can be a tendancy for people to shutdown.

- come to recognise personal limitations and blockages.

- we can chose not to complain but trust God and believe best.

- we need to draw near to God and He will draw near to us.

- pray and believe for the best.


6.    God Is Changing The Wineskin.

(i)      Discipleship Mark 1:17 “Follow me and I will make you become fishers of men”

(ii)    Leadership Style – team, collaborative, serving, organic.

(iii)   Relationships – connecting, community, personal growth.

(iv)  Small Groups – not meetings, but they catalysts for personal growth.

(v)   Identity living as a son not a servant, connected to purpose, dream.

(vi)  Compassion and justice for the poor.

(vii)Supernatural life of God manifesting regularly in believers.


7.    Encouragement.

(i)   Our Church is great at kindness; generosity, serving, sacrifice.

(ii)  During this next Sept - and November we will have many ministry commitments.

- Pray for us and leadership.                       - Face Personal issues – get help.

- Get in a small group.                                 - Faithfulness – give, serve, attend.

- Connect with people.

- Personal focus on Jesus and what He is saying, believe and experience faith.