Celebrate What the Lord has Done

8th December 2013


1.    Today is a Day of Celebration – A Milestone

·        29 years ago God spoke to me and to Joy – what He spoke changed our lives.

·        I received an invitation to Pastor this Church – didn’t want to come!

·        Acts 9:6 ‘Arise – go into the city and it shall be shown you what you must do.’

·        29 years ago God placed a baton in my hand and gave us a mandate in this city.

·        Today is a  day to look back and celebrate – also a day to look forward in faith.
1 Sam 7:12 ‘Samuel took a stone and set it up between Mizpah and Shen and called its name Ebenzer, saying “So far the Lord has helped us”’.

·        We came to a church of about 12 people and thousands of dollars in debt.

·        But God

-     Provided support

-      Opened doors for church planting in Ukraine and ???

-     Opened up Prophetic Realm

-      Initiated a move of spirit.

-     Broke reproach off church

-      Enlarged our missions impact Uganda, China, Pakistan

-     Paid off the debt.

-      New Milestone in our journey

-     Filled the building with people

-      Transition in Leadership “The Lord has helped us”

-     Opened missions to Tonga/Pacific

-      Poured out His Spirit in Ps Conferences

-     Provided building Omahu Rd & $


2.    David & Kate – New Senior Leaders.

·   David has served in church for 28 years.

·     Kate has served in church over 20 years.

-       Drums – music.

-      Young Adults.

-       Practical help.

-      Preschool as teacher/supervisor.

-       Leader.

-      Childrens outreach.

-       Staff Member – youth, young adult, business.

-      Worship.

-       Missionary in Pakistan.

-      Staff member.

-       Ministered alongside me in Asia.

-      Missionary in Pakistan.


3.    Transition is Like a Relay Race

·         Relay race is not about the individual but about the team.

·         Doesn’t matter how well you run – what counts is how you pass the baton.

·         Passing the baton is the crucial point and the most vulnerable point.

·         Globally Baby Boomers are passing the baton – not working very well.

·         Not many examples of how to do it well.

·         Change – two runners run together as the change takes place
When the baton is passed – the next runner takes over
responsibility for the next leg.

·         We will run together for a season – support, guide, remain involved,
                                                                 – external coaching, accountability setup

·         Heb 12:1 ‘Let us run with patience race set before us looking to Jesus’.
Focus will be upon Jesus and on impacting on our community.


4.    Whose Voice Will You Hear.

Ps 29:7 ‘The Voice of The Lord divides the flowers of fire’

·         There is huge spin and relational pressure over the issue of leadership change.

·         In the midst – many voices – but only one voice that counts, voice of God.

·         That is the voice that called us in 1984, commanded us in 2012.

·         God doesn’t ask our opinion – He directs what He wants.

·         “Well I thought” – we need to see from Gods point of view.


·         Namaan - Thought God heal in a particular way.

·         Peter        - Thought Jesus and Gentiles not ???

·         Paul          - Thought serving God on persecuted church.

·         Moses      - Thought Israel understand his calling.

·         Sarah       - Thought too old to have children.

·         Nazareth - Thought Jesus just a carpenter.

·         Ehab        - Thought David was an upstart not a king.

·         Disciples  - Thought 5 loaves 2 fish not enough.

·         It is the presence and power of God that makes the difference.


5.    Invitation – Will You Journey With Us?

·         I invite you to participate with us in the next season of our journey.

·         God always extends grace to overcome failure – to empower success.

·         Invite you to extend grace as we journey forward.

·         Don’t be like:

                              (i)            Pharises – looking for fault to accuse -> extend grace and love.

                            (ii)            10 spies – who brought evil report -> Joshua/Caleb – behaved the best.

                           (iii)            Whisper – spreading gossip, accusing -> rebuke and challenge.

·         I invite you to pray and stay with us as we move forward in our journey.
Eph 3:20 ‘God is able to do more exceedingly abundantly than we ask or think according to the power that works in us’

·         There is a great new day ahead for us all.