You are a Champion!

8 January 2012


1. This World needs Champions


a) Judges 6:4 – 6 “Israel was greatly impoverished because of the Midianites”


b) God sees what is happening in peoples lives – He desires to intervene

·         God sees

                        The lost, the oppressed, those suffering, and those without hope

                        The cries of the unborn child being aborted

                        The girl being abused

                        The young man being beaten

                        The family broken and sorrowing over loss

·         God is not distant – He is near – He wants to intervene, to save.

·         God’s response is always a man

                        He sent His only son.

                        Now He sends you (Jn 20:21 “As the Father sent me – so I send you”)

                        God is raising up Champions.


c) Definition of a Champion

                        A person who fights to defend or protect another

                        A person who fights for a cause

                        A person who defeats all opponents in a competition


2. I see who you really are – a “Champion”

Judges 6:11-12 “The Lord is with you – you mighty man of valour”.


a) The world sees you through natural eyes – sees your past, sees your present.

·         I see beyond your fears, insecurities, weaknesses, lacks, failures, excuses.

·         I see who you really are – I seeyou through the eyes of faith.

·         I see there is a Champion within you.

·         I am with you, you mighty man of valour.

·         I am with you, you champion of the Kingdom.


b)   I know in the world you face pressures (Jn16:33)

·         Financial, relational and emotional.

·         I have overcome the world – I am in you and you are a champion.


c)   I know that in the world you face challenges

·         Temptations, resistance, opposition, setbacks, disappointments.

·         In all of these things you are more than conquerors. (Rom. 8:37)

·         You are a champion!

·         No matter what people say, no matter what circumstances – Rom.8:11 Spirit that raised Christ.

·         You are a champion!




3. Think, Act and Speak like a Champion


a)   Jesus is the Ultimate champion (Rev. 1:18) (Col. 2:15)

Jesus made a costly sacrifice on the altar of freedom.


He did not give up His life so:                     He gave up His life so:

You would live in sin                                       You would live free from sin

You would live in compromise                        You would live a committed life

You would live in bondage                              You would be free from oppression

You would live in oppression                          You would live in joy

You would be lukewarm spiritually                 You would be passionate

You would live without purpose                      You would live with purpose

You would do what you wanted to do             You would live to honour Him

You would live like the world does                  You would live for a cause


He gave His life so you would become a champion!


b) Champions understand Sacrifice