“Who then is a Faithful and Wise Servant”

25 March 2012


1. Introduction

(i)   Parable of the Servants - attitude to the House of God   (All are evaluated

(ii) Parable of Virgins - Intimacy with the Holy Spirit             (All experience

(iii) Parable of Servants - Productive service                         (consequences for

(iv)The Nations judged - practical love                                   (actions


                                                                                                (involves reward and


(i)   God invites all of us to be great in His Kingdom.

(ii) Each of us has an assignment to fulfil, a race to win.

(iii) All servants of God are evaluated and receive reward or loss.

(iv) Partnership can greatly increase how productive we are.


2. Parable of the Servants (Mt. 24: 45-51)


(a) Picture of an Oriental Householder



= This is the key to greatness in the Kingdom (Mt.20:27)


(b) The Assignment

Rom.12:3-8We being many are on body in Christ – members of one another”.

1 Cor. 12:18God has set the members each on of them in the Body just as He please”.

Eph.4:15-16 “The whole body joined and knit together by what every joint supplies”.


(c) The Reward that is at Stake

(i)   The Millennium is a literal 1000 year period in which Jesus will rule the earth in righteousness and peace.

(ii)  The Kingdom of God will openly manifest globally affecting every sphere of life – political, social, agriculture, economic, spiritual, law, education, medical, arts, family technology and society at every level.

(iii) God’s purpose has always been that heaven and earth be joined together.

      Heaven – the realm where God’s presence and power is openly manifest.

      Earth – the physical realm where human life, emotions, creativity is experienced.

(iv) The natural processes of life will continue and Jesus will establish infrastructure for every sphere of life in every city and village.  This will include replacing

·         Governmental leaders with new people in every area of society. God will remove evil leaders Ps110:5-6 and establish Kingdom governmental order.

·         In a worldwide government He will bring Kingdom life, power, order and government. Food, water, power, building, economy, spiritual life, law, agriculture etc.

(v)  During this millennial period all the Kings of the earth will worship Jesus and base their governments upon His Word (Ps. 72:11)

(vi) The Resurrected Saints will rule with Jesus as Kings and Priests

      Rev.5:10 “And have made us Kings and Priests to our God and we shall reign on earth”.

·         Priests = Worship, intercede, communicate knowledge of God, enter in and out of Throne.

·         Kings = appoint people, train, oversee, direct and manage the global affairs.

·         Rev. 2:26 “He who overcomes and keeps my works to the end I will give power over the nations”.

(vii)            The resurrected Saints will govern the affairs of God and advance His Kingdom

·         Teaching, training, restoring cities, restoring and administrating justice, dealing with sin.

·         1. Cor. 6:2-3 “Do you not know the saints will judge the world?

·         Dan. 7:26-27 “The greatness of the Kingdoms under the whole heaven shall be given to the people, the saints of the most high”.

·         This is not automatic – it is given to those who overcome!


(d) The Evil Servant


= Don’t worry, I have plenty of time ahead of me.

(i) “Begins to beat fellow servants” = mistreat, insult, ignore welfare = “slap in face”.

(ii) Eat and drink with the drunkard = lifestyle patterned after the world and its values.