Father’s Day

2 September 2012

Two Principles that Release the Best in People


(1) Introduction

·      How you respond to people determines what you receive from them.

·      People are a gift of God to us.

·      Two keys to releasing what is in others.


(2)  Respect

·         Mk.6:1-5 Jesus in His home town.

·         “Could do no mighty work there”

·         Jesus anointed to meet needs of people.

·         All the power of God was available.

·         Jesus was God’s answer – provision.

·         Dishonour/Disrespect – stopped the flow.


(i)     Familiarity – family his own house

·      Familiarity breeds disrespect – e.g. Miriam and Moses

·      They saw and were familiar with natural

·      Familiarity hindered seeing God’s provision.

·      When disrespect you block what God has to help you through that person.

·      Men need to be respected to function.


(ii)    Offense – they were offended at Him

·      Disrespect and familiarity lead to offense.

·      Offense builds walls in heart.

·      Offended that God would help them through this person.

·      They recognised what he did elsewhere but did not see he was God’s answer.


(iii)Greatest need men have is for respect

·         Men need to be treated with respect.  Respect, honour releases what they have.

·         God treated men with respect.

e.g.            Jud.6:2 Gideon – fearful – Mighty Man

                  Heb.11:32 Samson – sex- Man of Faith

                  Heb.11:24 Moses – murder – Man of Faith

                  Heb.11:17 Abram – liar – Father of Nations

·         God sees every flaw in men but treats them with respect and honour.

·         Honour is your gift to people.

·         When you honour people you unlock the gift that is within them.

Spouse – boss – child – leader

People in community

·         Honour all Men” 1 Peter 2:17

·         Rom.12:10 “In honour preferring one another”

·         Honour/respect gives access to relationship

·         Dishonour/disrespect shuts down relationship

(3) Receive

Mt.10:40 “He who receives you receives Me

Receive person = receive reward of God

Receive      = to embrace unconditionally

                   = unlocks what God has to give you.

·           Receive people as a gift of God to you and you release what God has put in them for you.

·           Receive = to welcome – be grateful for.

e.g.      Receive Holy Spirit     = receive person power God

                        Receive Jesus                        = receive access family God

                                                            = receive access to the Father

Jn. 1:12 “To as many as received Him gave

Lk.9:53 “Not receive Him = no power released.

·           Offended and judgemental – Not Receive

·           When judge others cannot receive from them.

·           Rom.15:7 “Receive one another as Christ received”.

·           Can live with a person and not honour or receive them.


Who do I need to honour/receive?

Who have I dishonoured and not received?