Training Your Heart to See


1. Introduction


2. The Holy Spirit wants to speak to You

- enters heart as pictures, words, thoughts, impressions


3. Harnessing Your Imagination

Is like a TV screen – neither good nor bad

Is a sense you have been given for a purpose

Enables you to create images, pictures within your mind

(a) Things of the past – both good and bad

(b) Things of the present – current situations, struggles challenges

(c) Things of the future – projects, goals, fears

e.g.     Creation – started in God’s imagination first.

            Building – started in someone’s imagination.

Sin – starts in someone’s imagination then when they step back into the physical world they bring the stain with them. Mt.5:27-28.


4. How to Train Your Imagination to ‘see’

Meditate =1897=      to imagine – to repeat over and over same picture

                                    To ponder, dwell on continually

                                    =6743= to advance, succeed, push forward

 Practical Keys


(i)         Fasting – fast off images that dull senses.

(ii)        Cleansing – present mind and imagination to the Holy Spirit for cleansing

            - break attachment to negative thoughts

            - speak to old thoughts in mind – curse them

(iii)       Focus attention

(a) as praying in tongues picture who and what your are praying for

and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal something about that situation.

Look for spontaneous images/pictures.

(b) as go to sleep – focus on the Word or person of Jesus and ask the

Holy Spirit to reveal something during the night in a dream.

(iv)       Meditate – practice meditation

            (a) Word of God                  (b) The Lord Himself – Ps.63:6

                  2 Tim. 3:16-18                         (His names) – Ps 23


            (c) Works of God                 (c) Prophetic Words            1 Tim.4:14

                  Ps.77:10-12                                                           1 Tim 1:18


(e) Things that are good Phil 4:8


5. How to See into the Word of God

o   Read it over and over until familiar

o   Pray quietly in tongues – Ask the Lord to speak to you

o   Picture the story in imagination – enter the story

o   Look around - what see?

                              - What feel?

                              - What happening?

·         Expect to experience Jesus in the story!