The Princess Syndrome

18 November 2012


1.   Introduction

·         Mk.1:17-18 “Then Jesus said to them “Follow Me, and I will make you become fishers of men”. They immediately left their nets and followed him”

·         Each of us is called by God to attach to Jesus and to Follow Him.

·         “Follow”        = NT190= akoloutheo az = “union”; Keleuthos = “road”.

= To be on the same road as a companion.

= To enter another person’s world and to join them on their journey.

=  A lifelong journey with Jesus constantly learning and being committed to His Cause.

·         Jn.10:27 “My sheep hear my voice, I know them and they follow me”.


2.   “It’s Not all About Me”


(a)  “Give Me” – The Entitlement Mentality

·         Lk.15:11-12 “The younger son said to his father: “Father give me, my share of the estate” (NIV)

·         Story is about the father’s generosity – also contains keys to why people self-destruct.

·         “Give Me” = mentality = It’s all about me!

·         Son was self-centred   = sense of entitlement

= no interest in the welfare of his father

= expectation of special treatment

= Strongly promoted himself – self focused

= Used others to advance himself, exploited relationships

= Focus on personal rights rather than responsibilities


(b)  “The Princess Syndrome”

·         When children become the central focus of family they can grow up self centred.

·         “Princess” = the centre of attention. Whatever princess wants she gets.

·         A generation is emerging with a great sense of “entitlement” rather than responsibility.

·         Education system has greatly contributed to “Princess” mentality.

·          e.g. Narcissus  - Greek myth very attractive young man renowned for his beauty.

- He wanted others to give to him but he gave to no-one.

- He formed many relationships, drew from them then rejected them.

- Eventually he became captivated by his own image in a pool of water.

- He refused all attempts to help him – withered away and lost all his beauty.

·         Fruit of this self-absorption is:

-       Broken relationships         - Division         - abuse in relationship

-       Rejection               - Mental illness            - addictions/crime

·         The Root is Pride Proverbs 16:18 = Pride goes before destruction.

·         Lk.15:15 “He joined himself to a citizen of that country and he sent him into the fields to feed the swine

·         The path to ruin – financially, relationally, emotionally and spiritually “Give Me”.


3.   Jesus Teaching on Discipleship

Mt.16:21-25 “If anyone desires to come after me, let him deny himself, take up his cross and follow me”.

(vs21) Jesus reveals his commitment to serve the Father – his commitment to the will of God. He reveals his path involves suffering, death, resurrection.

(a)    Peter’s response “Save Yourself”

·         (v22) Peter took him aside and began to rebuke him saying be it far from you. Lord this shall not happen to you.

·         “Rebuke” =NT2008= epitimeo = to fix a value upon, raise the price of, admonish or forbid.

·         “For be it” = pity yourself; show mercy and kindness and look after yourself.


(b)   Jesus Rebuke of Peter

·         (V23) “He turned and said to Peter: Get behind me Satan. You are an offense to me for you are not mindful of the things of God but the things of men”.

·         He identified the source of this statement = “Satan” - one opposed to the purpose of God’s Spirit.

·         He identified the impact of this statement = “Offence” – something hindering your course.

·         He identified the root of this statement = “Mindful” – to set the affection on short term personal gain.


(c) Jesus Instruction to Disciples

·         (v24) If any man will come after me – will =NT2309= to be resolved, determine, purpose.

(i) “Deny Self”           

= turn away totally from self-centred way of thinking and acting.

                         = “What’s in this for me?” is no longer the viewpoint or attitude.

                         = total opposed to a self-centred agenda.

(ii) “Take up His Cross”       

= Doing what Jesus requires of us regardless of what people think or say or do, or what may personally experience e.g. pain, inconvenience, pressure, difficulties, hardships.

= this is a daily decision (Lk9:23) – it is personal.

(iii) “Follow Me”

                                    = look to Jesus constantly for direction, strength, encouragement.

                                    = stay attached to Christ and His cause.

·         The outcome of this kind of life is blessed and rewarded, now and eternally.

·         E.g. Forgiveness = deny self, take up cross, follow Jesus example.


4. It’s All About Serving

·         Lk.15:17-19 “He came to himself … “Make me to serve”

·         The change in heart – from Give Me = Make Me to Serve = Great favour and blessing.


(i) Recognise Your Condition   (v17) – “I perish with hunger”


(ii) Heartfelt Repentance            (v18) = “I will go – I have sinned”

·         Admission of his wrong and willingness to turn away.\Admission of how he had hurt others by this self-centred attitude.

·         Turn away and put it right with those we have wronged – apologise


(iii) Decision to Love and Serve others (v19) “Make me like one of your Servants”

·         We cannot experience resurrection until we identify with Christ’s death.

·         Sins of selfishness, self-idolatry must come to the Cross.

·         When we die to selfishness we are free to love and serve others.

·         Dead people don’t react, get offended or hurt, or walk in pride.

·         There may be roots in the heart to address.


(iv) Follow Jesus                        “Son of Man came to serve and give His life”

·         Walk in the opposite to pride – humility.

·         Matt.20:26-28 “Whoever desires to become great, let him be your servant”