Intimacy with the Holy Spirit (Mt. 25:11-13)

1 April 2012


1. Introduction – The context

(i) Jesus is a Bridegroom: He is passionate in His desire and love for us. He delights in us.

(ii) Jesus is a King: He has supernatural power and is able to transform lives, cities, nations.

(iii) Jesus is a Judge: He will confront and remove oppression, injustice, obstacles to love.

(i) Bridegroom only = tends to sentimentality, self indulgence without obedience and repentance.

(ii) King only = tends to authoritarian, power focussed without intimacy.

(iii) Judge only = tends to have harsh view of God, legalistic, unable to see loving nature.

e.g. Mt.22 Last words to Israel; Mt.25 Words to church; Revelation 19-21

e.g. Rev.19:7 Bridegroom. Rev.19:11-15 Judge. Rev.19:16 King.


2. The Biblical Jewish Wedding

  1. Either the Father arranges the wedding or the Father sends an agent in his place and or the young man comes to the girl’s father to arrange the marriage.
  2. If the young man goes to the house of the girl he takes with him:
  3. If the Bride is agreeable to his proposal they would drink a cup of wine together. This is acceptance of the proposal and a lifelong commitment to him.
  4. The young man would then go to prepare a bridal chamber in his Father’s house. Only the Father knew when the room was finished.
  5. During the separation the bride wore a veil of separation and she would prepare herself to be a wife and mother. She needed to be ready at a moment’s notice.
  6. When the groom finished preparation he led a torchlight procession with the best man to her home to claim his waiting Bride. This always happened at night.
  7. Suddenly there would be a shout of the best man and the bride would arise and return with the Groom to his Father’s home.
  8. The Bridge and Groom were escorted to the Bridal Chamber, after which there was a huge celebration feast. The Bride then lives with the Groom as Queen.


3. The Wise and Foolish Virgins (Mt.25:1-13)

  1. ‘Then’             refers to the question in Mt. 24 – the end of the age.

The Kingdom is like the Bride meeting the Bridegroom.

  1. Virgins – all are believers – virgins in the eyes of God through faith in Christ (2 Cor.11:2).
  2. Lamp (v.1)      =2985NT= lamp with a wick whose flame is fuelled by oil.

= Ministry or service to people, the overflow of our life as a believer.

·         Jn.5:35 John was a burning and shining lamp.

·         Mt.5:14 You are the light of the world – let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.

  1. Five Wise Virgins acquired oil (v.4)

·         ‘Oil’            = picture of the Holy Spirit and our heart connection with Him.

= reality of the person and activity of the Holy Spirit in our life.

·         ‘Oil’ was used as a fuel, as medicine and as a food.

·         Holy Spirit is given to touch and change our heart, ignite the fire of passion for Jesus.

·         The Wise Virgins made it a priority to have ‘oil’ – more important than ministry.

5.   Five Foolish Virgins diminished light – lack of oil (v.5)

·         ‘Took no oil’ – made the work of serving Jesus a priority over intimacy, relationship.

·         Failed to do what needed to acquire the oil – operated from gifts and experience.

6. The Midnight Cry (v.6)

·         The groom delayed his coming – all the virgins slept.

·         Midnight – the darkest hour of the night.

·         A cry = prophetic voice to the church.

·         Message ‘Jesus is coming’; Jesus is a Bridegroom; Go out and meet Him.

·         Make the necessary effort to personally experience and encounter Jesus.

7. The Importance of Oil in the Last Days (v8)

·         ‘Lamps going out’ = works and efforts are having a diminishing effect.

·         Foolish virgins realised their mistake in not acquiring oil.

·         ‘Give us’ = we cannot give to others our personal heart preparation and intimacy with the Holy Spirit. Cannot give it away.

·         ‘Buy’ =NT59= to go to the market and trade, to pay a personal price.

·         Requires time and effort in prayer, Word of God, repentance, obedience. It takes effort and commitment to make Jesus the centre of our life.

8. Those that were ready waiting (v.10)

·         ‘Ready’ =NT2092= to be prepared, done all what was necessary to prepare.

·         Went in with Him to the wedding = entered into realm of intimacy and celebration.

·         Bible begins and ends with a wedding. Jesus ministry begins and ends with a wedding.

·         Door shut = the opportunity to enter is lost. Not salvation but Kingdom inheritance.

·         ‘Not know you’ = lack of intimacy, sharing inner life and connecting intimately.

9. Be Prepared (v,13)

·         ‘Watch’ = develop heart intimacy with the Holy Spirit –personal devotional life.

·         Don’t be shallow, superficial, living on yesterday’s experience of God.

·         Make it a priority to develop personal intimacy with the Holy Spirit.