Valiant Man

2 September 2012


1.   Introduction: John Stephen Ackwon


·         John Stephen Ackwon – a Valiant man

·         Represented Tanzania in the Olympics in Mexico City in 1963

·         Cramped up due to high altitude of Mexico City.

·         Not trained in such a high altitude in Tanzania.

·         At 19/42km position in the race there was jostling for position and he fell badly wounding his knee, dislocating the joint, and injuring his shoulder.

·         He was repeatedly asked to quit the race but he refused.

·         He finished last 57/75 that started. (18 did not complete the race).

·         At 7 p.m. over one hour after the race was completed lone runner hobbled in – police sirens.

·         “My country did not send me 5000 miles to start the race; my country sent me 5000 miles to finish the race”.


·         He is a Valiant Man

·         He refused to give in or be limited by personal injury.

·         He refused to quit when others did and he could easily have done so.

·         He remained loyal to the trust that others had put in him to represent the country.

·         He persevered and fulfilled his commitment.

·         He was a valiant man – not because of performance but moral courage.


·         He is honoured and respected by his nation for his courage in adversity

·         Awarded Nation Hero medal of honour.

·         Foundation named after him to support Olympic athletes.

·         Torchbearer for Olympian relay through his country.

·         Goodwill ambassador for Beijing for 2008 Olympics – a video and song “The Hero” written for him.


2.   God is looking for Valiant Men

·      Our city and nation is desperately in need of Valiant Men

·         Valiant              = to be bold, courageous, strong in the face of adversity 

= to carry out responsibilities with courage and determination

·         Courage           = begins within – battle against fear – never retreat from disheartening or difficult tasks – inspires others.

·         God is aware of the flaws and faults in every man but sees potential.

·         God treats men with respect! – calls forth their potential.


·         Jud.11:1           Jepthah – Megitmantle, rejected – mighty man of valour.

·         Jud.6:2             Gideon – fearful – valiant man

·         Heb.11:32         Samson – secual sin – valiant man

·         Heb.11:24         Moses – murder, anger – valiant man

·         Heb.11:17         Abram – lied, fearful – valiant man – Abraham (Father of                            Nations)

·         Mt.16:8             Simon – fearful flip flop – Valiant Man – Peter (Rock)

·         God sees beyond the flaws to the real man within – the Valiant Man.


3.   Jesus: Our Example of a Valiant Man

·         Valiant  = showing courage in the face of opposition, difficulty, pain

·         Physical courage – facing fears, facing the unknown

·         Moral Courage – saying and doing what is right.


·         Jn.17:3-4 “I have finished the work you gave me to do!”

·         Remained loyal and faithful to God given purpose.

·         Placed the message and values of the Kingdom of God before all else.

·         Refused to conform to the expectations of others.

·         Refused to quit or retaliate in the face of opposition, rejection.

·         Demonstrated courage in the face of pain and death.

·         Forgave when abused on the Cross.

·         Showed compassion to others in face of imminent death.

·         Honoured his mother as he was dying on the Cross.

·         Invested His life into others.

·         Gave His life so we could become valiant men.


·         Jn.1:12 “To as many as received him, who believed on his name he gave power to become children of God”.

·         Inside the heart of every person is a valiant man waiting to be released.

(1) Receive:     Welcome Jesus Christ into your life unconditionally.

(2) Believe:       Embrace his words – what he has done and will do in you.

(3) Achieve:      Give yourself to becoming a valiant man – become like Christ

                         Speak the truth

                         Do what is right

                         Show compassion

                         Persevere in adversity


·         God did not send you into this world to start your race He sent you into this world to finish your race valiantly.