NB  All scripture quotes are taken from the New King James Version (NKJV) unless otherwise indicated


1.        Apostolic Anointing and Ministry

1.1     God is Raising Up An Apostolic People

a.     Apostles are ‘Sent Ones’

Key Verse: Mark 3:14-15

“Then He appointed the twelve that they might be with Him, that He might send them out to preach and to have power to heal sicknesses and to cast out demons”



·           ‘Sent’ -NT:649 – Apostello (Greek) - to send out on a mission as an ambassador of a Kingdom

·           ‘Apostle’ – NT:652 – a delegate, an ambassador, one who has been sent on a military  mission as a representative of a Kingdom, literally a ‘sent one’    

·           The major focus of Jesus’ ministry was to train and prepare men to be apostolic, to go forth and to advance the Kingdom of God

·           Apostolic people are sent by God on a mission, a unique assignment

·           Apostolic people are ‘anointed’ to break into new territories with the supernatural  Power of God

·           God is moving His Church out of passivity, to arise and advance into new, unevangelised, territories


b.     The Holy Spirit is Apostolic

Key Verse:  Luke 24:49

“Behold I send the Promise of My Father upon you; but tarry in the city of Jerusalem until you are endued with power from on high



·           Jesus was ‘sent’

·           The 12 Apostles were ‘sent’

·           The 70 disciples were ‘sent’

·           The Holy Spirit comes upon us as believers to ‘send’ us into the world to advance the Kingdom of God supernaturally

·           We are called to be an apostolic people, set apart and sent out by God to accomplish a specific mission


1.2   Apostles and Spiritual Opposition

a.     Opposition in Cypress

Key Verses:  Acts 13:4-12

“So, being sent out by The Holy Spirit, they went down to Seleucia, and from there they sailed to Cyprus………………v8 but Elymas the sorcerer withstood them, seeking to turn the proconsul away from the faith.   Then Saul, who is also called Paul, filled with the Holy Spirit…….said,”…you son of the devil,…..

V11 the hand of the Lord is upon you, and you shall be blind...” And immediately a dark mist fell upon him………v12 Then the proconsul believed, when he saw what had been done, being astonished by the teaching of the Lord.



·           The Apostles were sent by the Holy Ghost to invade new territory

·           They encountered spiritual opposition in the form of a sorcerer, Elymas

·           The sorcerer was attempting to influence and control the Roman ruler

·           Apostolic people fearlessly confront spiritual opposition, and move in the Supernatural  Power of God


b.    Opposition in Philippi

Key Verses:  Acts 16:16-18

“Now it happened, as we went to prayer, that a certain slave girl possessed with a spirit of divination met us, who brought her masters much profit by fortune-telling.  This girl followed Paul and us, saying, “These men are the servants of the Most High God, who proclaim to us the way of salvation.”  And this she did for many days.  But Paul, greatly annoyed, turned and said to the spirit, “I command you in the name of Jesus Christ to come out of her.”  And he came out that very hour.



·           Paul and Silas were sent by the Holy Ghost into the city of Philippi  v10

·           They encountered spiritual opposition in the form of a woman with a spirit of divination – literally a ‘python’ – characterizing her as one inspired by Apollo, the god worshipped at Pytho (Delphi).   This spirit was the prevailing spirit influencing the city and region

·           Paul confronted the spirit and drove it out

·           Apostolic people are sensitive to the Holy Spirit and His timing in confronting spiritual opposition


1.3   The Apostolic Anointing is a ‘Breaker Anointing’

Key Verses:  Micah 2:13

“The one who breaks open (The Breaker) will come up before them, they will breakout, pass through the gate and go by it. Their king will pass before them with the lord at their head”   

Mark 16:17

“And these signs shall follow those who believe. In My Name they will cast out demons;……”

Luke 10:19

“Behold, I give you authority to trample on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy,

 and nothing shall by any means hurt you.”



·           ‘Breaker’- OT:6555 - to break out, to open up, to break open, to use violence, to break into

·           The Breaker is Jesus Christ who has broken through all spiritual opposition and gone before us

·           There is no situation that is impossible for our God. He breaks through the prison gates to set the captives free

·           Apostolic believers exercise spiritual authority to get breakthrough, and to set other people free

·           Apostolic people are not passive or conservative. They forcefully advance the Kingdom of God and bring breakthroughs

·           The Anointing upon you is for Breakthrough


2.       How Demons Enter And Oppress People

2.1      The Anointing Upon Jesus

Key Verse: Acts 10:38

“how God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power, who went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil, for God was with Him”



·      ‘Oppressed’ - NT:2616 - to hold down by exercising spiritual power against, to exercise over

·      Evil spirits hold people down by exercising spiritual power over them

·      It requires the exercise of a greater spiritual power to set people free from evil spirits

·      Jesus was anointed with the Holy Spirit

·      Jesus was anointed with power

·      Jesus was authorized  by the Father to set people free, and had the power to do so  (1 John 3:8)


2.2      Example of Jesus’ Ministry of Deliverance

Key Verse:  Luke 4:33-36

“Now in the synagogue there was man who had a spirit of an unclean demon.  And he cried out with a loud voice, saying “Let us alone! What have we to do with You, Jesus of Nazareth?  Did you come to destroy us?  I know who You are – the Holy One of God!”  But Jesus rebuked him, saying “Be quiet, and come out of him!”  And when the demon had thrown him in their midst, it came out of him and did not hurt him.  Then they were all amazed and spoke among themselves, saying “What a word this is!  For with authority and power He commands the unclean spirits, and they come out.”



·           The man in the synagogue was a believer

·           The man had several spirits dwelling within him

·           The strong man, or leading spirit, was an unclean spirit

·           These demons tormented the man with lust and perversions

·           The anointing upon Jesus disturbed the spirits

·           The spirits within the man manifested their presence by shouting out

·           The spirits recognized Jesus and His authority

·           Jesus responded to the challenge by

Ø  Asserting His authority over them

Ø  Commanding them to leave ie He directly confronted them

·           The demons reacted violently in protest

·           The demons left the man and he was free

·           Deliverance requires spiritual authority and power





2.3     Jesus’ Teaching on Deliverance

a.    Deliverance is A Kingdom Manifestation

Key Verse: Matthew 12:28

“If I cast out demons by the Spirit of God then the Kingdom of God has come upon you



·           ‘Cast out’- NT:1544 - to hurl out violently, to throw out by exercising force

·           Deliverance is a manifestation of the Kingdom of God

·           Deliverance requires the cooperation of man and God

·           Jesus spoke and acted as a representative of the Kingdom of God – an ambassador for Heaven

·           Deliverance requires the Power of the Holy Spirit

·           Deliverance is a working of miracles


b.    Demons Can Return to People

Key Verse:  Matthew 12:43-45

“When an unclean spirit goes out of a man, he goes through dry places, seeking rest, and finds none.  Then he says, ‘I will return to my house from which I came.’  And when he comes, he finds it empty, swept, and put in order.  Then he goes and takes with him seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and they enter and dwell there; and the last state of that man is worse than the first. So shall it also be with this wicked generation.”



·           Demons are spirit beings – invisible and evil

·           Demons have a name and nature

·           Demons are in one place at one time

·           Demons can enter and leave people

·           Demons have a personality, will and emotions

·           Demons seek a place to dwell

·           Demons return after deliverance seeking to enter and defile a person again

·           Demons can locate, recognize and identify the spiritual condition of people

·           Demons can speak and work together to increase the bondage in a person’s life

·           Failure to change and resist gives opportunity for demons to re-enter a person


2.4     Demons Enter Through Spiritual Gateways

a.     People Can Create Opportunities for Demons

Key Verse:  Ephesians 4:27

“Nor give place to the devil”



·           ‘Place’  -  NT:5117 - a legal foothold; an opportunity; a legal right to enter and occupy

·           The actions of people can give evil spirits legal right to enter and to oppress them

·           Evil spirits look for ‘gateways’ to enter people and begin to control parts of their life

         ( John 13:27)

·           Lasting freedom can only take place if these ‘gates of hell’ are identified and closed

·           It is the work of the Holy Spirit, who is the Spirit of Truth, to identify these gateways in our lives


b.    How Demons Enter People

i)      The Sins of our Ancestors: Generational Sin - Exodus 20:1-5

·           Generations are spiritually and relationally connected to one another

·           Sin of our ancestors eg idolatry, occult, can open the door to demons to enter the family line

·           Demons can transfer to children in the womb or at birth


ii)     Our Own Sin Habits Exodus - 4:27

·           Personal sin can grow into habits, and open the door to evil spirits

·           Hatred  1 John 2:11

·           Un-forgiveness   Matthew 28:35

·           Bitterness  Hebrews 12:15

·           Anger  Ephesians 4:26

·           Rebellion  Proverbs 17:11

·           Fantasy  Matthew 6:22


iii)   Occult  Involvement - Deuteronomy 18:9-12

·           Occult - secret, concealed, hidden, covered

·           The source of occult power is hidden - it is demonic

·           The occult involves witchcraft, sorcery, divination, and a wide range of activities

·           Occult activities open the door directly to evil spirits


iv)   Sexual Sin - Proverbs 5:3-5 

·           Sexual sin opens the door for evil spirits eg bitterness, death, torments   1Cor 6:9-10

·           Luke 4:33-36...a man who had a spirit of an unclean demon

·           Examples of unlawful sexual sins that open the door for evil spirits

Ø Fornication  1Cor 6:18

Ø Homosexuality/Lesbianism  Lev 18:22-24

Ø Pornography  Matt 5:28

Ø Habitual Masturbation

Ø Oral and anal sex  Lev 20:10

Ø Prostitution  1Cor 6:9

Ø Molestation  Lev 20:11

Ø Fantasy  Matt 5:28

Ø Incest  Lev 20:10

Ø Bestiality  Lev 20:15-16


v)    Rejection - 2 Samuel 6:16  Michal…deeply rejected by her father she became bitter and   cynical and  eventually barren           

·           Rejection in the womb

·           Attempted abortion

·           Child or unwanted female

·           Early childhood experiences

·           Family relational conflict and breakdown

·           Emotional coldness or separation

·           Unfavorable comparisons

·           Divorce and broken relationships

·           School experiences


vi)   Controlling Relationships -1 Samuel 20:30-33  Saul

·           Controlling or abusive relationships deeply impact people and can open the door for spirits

·           Saul controlled his family

·           Jezebel controlled her marriage and a nation

·           Control can bring rejection, trauma, and terror

·           Physical, verbal, emotional abuse creates emotional wounding and opens the door to demonization

·           2 Samuel 13:20  Tamar


vii)    Trauma, Accident and Grief - 2 Timothy 1:7  “For God has not given us a spirit of fear…”

·           When people have a traumatic experience evil spirits often attack and lodge within them

·           Accidents can open the door to spirits to enter

·           Evil spirits use painful or frightening experiences to enter into a person’s life and oppress them

·           Soul wounds are a major door for evil spirits


viii)  Ungodly beliefs - John 8:44 

·           Satan is the father of lies

·           An ungodly belief is a personal belief that is contrary to the word of God

·           Ungodly beliefs are usually associated with painful or traumatic experiences

·           Evil spirits hide within the memory empowering the person to believe a lie


ix)   Curses - Lamentations 3:64-66

·           Curses are a consequence of breaking the laws of God

·           Curses are empowered by evil spirits.  They give a legal ground for demons to enter and destroy

·           Curses can come from many sources

Ø  Breaking the Law of God

Ø  Authority figures

Ø  Self cursing

Ø  Witchcraft cursing


x)    Transference - 2 Corinthians 11:4

·           Evil spirits can transfer from one person to another

·           Movies and/or internet games full of lust, violence, and occult

·           Alcohol and drugs

·           Controlling or dependent relationships

·           Touching dead bodies

·           Hoarding occult objects or idols

·           Wrong doctrine or legalism

·           Ethnic traditions and culture


2.5     How Demons Oppress People

a.     Woman with Infirmity

Key Verse: Luke 13:11

“…and behold there was a woman who had a spirit of infirmity eighteen years and could in no use raise herself up”



·           The woman had a spirit of infirmity

·           It had entered eighteen years previously

·           Her body was damaged and her life totally impacted by the presence of the evil spirit

·           When demons enter a person they work actively to increase their influence and control of the person, and to express their nature through the person, without the person ever  being aware of their presence


b.    What Evil Spirits Do

·           They hinder salvations  2 Corinthians 4:4

·           They afflict and torment  1 Samuel 16:14

·           They enslave and bring bondage  Romans 8:15

·           They drive and compel  Luke 8:29

·           They deceive  1 Timothy 4:1

·           They entice and accuse  Revelation 12:10

·           They obstruct us serving God  1 Thessalonians 2:18

·           Evil spirits must be exposed and cast out


3.       Curses and How to Deal With Them

3.1         The Reality of A Curse

a.    What is a Curse?

Key Verse:  Deut 28:45

“Moreover all these curses shall come upon you and pursue you and overtake you, until you are destroyed…”



·           A curse is an invisible spiritual force that continually acts against a person

·           Curses ‘come upon’ people ie arrive or turn up in a person’s life, with no apparent reason

·           Curses ‘pursue’ people ie persecute or chase after them with hostile intent to capture or defeat

·           Curses ‘overtake’ people ie always catch up with a person and overcome them

·           Curses ‘destroy’ people ie frustrate and ruin what they are trying to build or establish


b.    Key Aspects of Curses

·           Curses impact not only an individual, but also their family or larger social group

·           Once a curse is released it lingers from generation to generation

·           Curses are open doors for demonic spirits to operate

·           Decisive action must be taken to cancel curses and their effects

·           Until curses are cancelled, people continue to experience cycles of sorrow and frustration


3.2         Indications of Curses Operating

a.       Mental and Emotional Breakdowns

Key Verse: Deut28:28

“The Lord will strike you with madness and blindness and confusion of heart”

Ø Confusion, depression, dread, fears  v65,66


b.      Chronic sickness and disease

Key Verses: Deut 28:21 & 60

“The Lord will make the pestilence cling to you until he has consumed you”

 “Moreover He will bring back to you all the desires of Egypt of which you were afraid and they shall cling to you”

Ø Repeated cycles of sickness or disease

Ø Family history of sickness that cannot be healed


c.         Barrenness, Miscarriages, Fertility Problems

Key Verse: Deut 28:18

“Cursed shall be the fruit of your body …”

Ø Bareness and the inability to have children

Ø Repeated miscarriages  Hosea 9:14

Ø Problems with the menstrual cycle

Ø Cramps, cysts, tumors and other difficulties

d.        Marriage and Family Break Downs

Key Verse: Deut 28:41

“You shall bring forth sons and daughters but they shall not be yours, for they shall go into captivity”

Ø Constant fighting, arguing and quarreling

Ø Breakdown of marriage, divorce

Ø Breakdown of relationships with children

Ø Loss of children to alcohol, drugs, sex, occult  v32


e.        Financial Setbacks and Loss

Key Verse: Deut 28:17 & 48

“Cursed shall be your basket and kneading bowl”

“You shall serve your enemies, whom the Lord will send against you in hunger, in thirst, in nakedness, and in need of everything, and He will put a yoke of iron upon your neck until He has destroyed you”

Ø Constant financial setbacks and unexpected loss

Ø Constant problems at work including layoffs, fired for wrong reason, harassment, can’t get or keep a job

Ø Constant housing problems including foreclosure, unfair landlords, evictions, vandalism, repair, problems drain finances

Ø Unexpected financial loss when breakthrough should have come  v33


f.          Accident Prone

Key Verse: Deut28:29

“And you shall grope at noonday, as a blind man gropes in darkness; you shall not prosper in your ways”

Ø Consistent pattern of ‘freak’ accidents

Ø Car accidents, tripping up, breaking limbs, having a history of unexplainable accidents


g.         History of Suicides, Premature or Violent Deaths

Key Verse: Deut 28:20

“The Lord shall send on you cursing, confusion,, and rebuke in all that you set your hand to do, until you are destroyed and until you perish quickly…”

Ø Family history of suicides or accidental deaths

Ø Pattern of first born dying unexpectedly

Ø Pattern of accidental or unexplained deaths that seem beyond coincidence


h.        Mistreatments and Abuse

Key Verse: Deut 28:29

“…you shall only be oppressed and plundered continually and no one shall save you”

Ø Patterns of physical abuse and injustice

Ø Patterns of abusive relationship

Ø History of mistreatment and abuse


i.          Inability to Settle

Key Verse: Gen 4:11-12

“So now you are cursed from the earth … a fugitive and a vagabond shall you be on the earth”

Ø Constant moving from place to place, job to job

Ø Never finding a resting place or place to settle down  Deut28:65


3.3     The Primary Causes of Curses

a.     There is Always a Cause

Key Verse: Prov 26:2

“Like a flitting sparrow, like a flying swallow, so a curse without a cause shall not fall”



·           Blessings and cursing are not random

·           Blessings and cursing operate according to eternal spiritual laws

·           A curse cannot operate unless there is a cause for it


b.    Common Causes for Curses

i)          Idolatry  Deut 27:15

ii)         Occult Practices  Deut 18:9-14

iii)       Disrespect for Parents  Deut 27:16

iv)       Mistreating the Weak  Deut27:17-19

v)        Unlawful Sexual Relationships  Deut 27:20-23

vi)       Violence and Abuse  Deut27:24-25

vii)     Anti Semitism  Gen 12:3

viii)    Stealing and Lying  Zech 5:3-4

ix)       Word Curses  Prov 18:21

Ø  Authority Figures  

Ø  Self Imposed Curses  

Ø  Servants of Satan  

Ø  Gossip, or Manipulative Prayer

x)        Cursed Objects  Deut 7:34-35

xi)       Cursed Buildings  Josh 6:26

xii)     Generational Iniquities  Exod 20:1-6


3.4     How to Set People Free from Curses

a.     Believe what Christ has Done

Key Verse: Gal 3:13-14

Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law, having become a curse for us (for it is written,” cursed is everyone who hangs on a tree”), that the blessings of Abram might come upon the Gentiles in Christ Jesus, that we might receive the promise of the Spirit through faith



·           ‘Redeem’ - NT:1805 - to buy back by paying the full price to release from captivity

·           Our redemption is legal but not automatic

·           We must arise and receive what Christ has done by faith

·           Curses must be identified and broken

·           Breaking a curse takes away the legal ground for demons to operate

·           Once the curse is broken, demons can be forced to leave the person


b.    Foundations for Freedom

The basic foundation for freedom is simple

ü  Recognize your problem and its cause

ü  Repent of any sin that opened the door for cursing

ü  Renounce the curse

ü  Release forgiveness to any person that was the cause of the curse

ü  Receive forgiveness for any sins you have committed

ü  Resist all spirits that have entered to enforce the curse


c.     Ministering Freedom

i)     Lead the person to follow you in a simple prayer according to the pattern:

ü  Acknowledge Christ as Lord and Savior

ü  Acknowledge what He did on the cross to redeem you

ü  Release forgiveness to any who caused cursing to come

ü  Renounce the curse and every spirit associated with it

ü  Call on the Lord to set you free

ii)    Exercise your Authority in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ

ü  Break each curse

ü  Command spirits associated with the curse to leave

ü  Persist until there is freedom!


4.       Breaking Bondages

4.1     The Reality of Bondages

a)    What is A Bondage?

Key Verses: Luke 13:16

“So ought not this woman, being a daughter of Abraham, whom Satan has bound — think of it — for eighteen years, be loosed from this bond on the Sabbath?"

 Romans 8:15 “For you did not receive the spirit of bondage again to fear, but you received the Spirit

 of adoption by whom we cry out, "Abba, Father.”



·           ‘Bond’- NT:1199 - a shackle of a prisoner, an impediment

·            ‘Bondage’    -    condition of being under the control of some external force; physically


-       condition of a slave, unable to be free

-        person is forced to bow and yield

·           The person wants to be free but is unable to achieve that without help

·           The woman was bound  ie put under obligation by a demon

·           Exodus 1:14  “They made their lives bitter with hard bondage”

·           Exodus 3:7  “I have seen the oppression of my people who are in Egypt and have heard their cry because of their taskmasters, for I know their sorrows

·           Exodus 6:6  “I am the Lord, I will bring you out from under the burden of the Egyptians, I will rescue you from their bondage

·           Notice the words: Bondage = bitterness, oppression, sorrows, burden

·           Galatians 5:1  A bondage is like a yoke that links an animal to much larger one


b)   The Anointing Breaks Bondages

·           Isaiah 10:27  The yoke shall be destroyed because of the anointing

·           Acts 10:38  Jesus – anointed with the Holy Spirit and Power went about doing good, healing all who were oppressed (held down) by the devil

·           Luke 4:18  Jesus came to set at liberty those that were bruised (oppressed, downtrodden)


4.2     Different Types of Bondage

a.     Ungodly Soul Tie / Attachment

Definition:  A ‘soul tie’ is a bonding of the soul of one person to another that holds them in close connection

“His soul was cleaved to Dinah the daughter of Jacob………” Gen 34:3


·           Soul ties can be Godly          

ü  husband and wife

ü  parent and child

ü  members of a Church

·           Soul ties can be ungodly

´        Bound to sexual partner, sexual image

´        Bound to a controlling person

´        Bound to an abusive person

´        Bound to a dead person, or an animal

·           Ungodly soul ties open the door to demonic oppression and other forms of bondage


b.    Death Wish  (Self Cursing/Reaction to Pain)

·           A ‘death wish’ is a strong or persistent desire to die, usually formed  during immense emotional pain or a long period of stress

·           Bible Examples:   Moses  (Numbers 11:15)       Elijah  (1 Kings 19:4)

·           The impact of the death wish is to cause emotional numbness, withdrawal, hopelessness, despair

·           Death wishes are often made as a result of:

       • Sexual abuse        •Extended stress, pressure                    •Divorce or relationship breakup

       •Painful failure        •Controlling dominating relationship

·           “I just want to die”

·           Death wishes open the door to demonic oppression


c.     Inner Vows (Self-Cursing/Reaction to Pain)

·           Eccl 5:2; 4-6

·           An ‘inner vow’ is a promise, or words spoken into oneself, in reaction to being hurt or in pain. It continues to operate and produce a harvest

·            Example “I will neverlet any man get near me

·           Often the person forgets they made a vow

·           Inner Vows are a form of cursing oneself

·           Once made, the vow becomes demonically empowered and the person reaps a harvest

·           Inner vows are usually accompanied by Roots of Bitterness (Heb. 12:15)

·           Bitterness acts like a root in the person’s soul growing deeper and deeper and producing an evil influence that defiles all relationships.


d.    Bitter Root Judgment (Self-Cursing/Reaction to Pain)

·           A ‘bitter judgment’ is a judgment made out of anger, resentment or bitterness that introduces a cycle of sowing /reaping of ongoing problems

·           Heb 12:14-15 “Pursue peace with all people, and holiness, without which no one will see the Lord: looking carefully lest anyone fall short of the grace of God; lest any root of bitterness springing up cause trouble, and by this many become defiled”

·           Matthew 7:1-2 “Judge not, that you be not judged. For with what judgment you judge, you will be judged; and with the measure you use, it will be measured back to you”

·           Example: You can never trust men. They always let you down”

·           Often the person forgets they made the judgment

·           Once made, the judgment becomes demonically empowered and the person reaps a harvest


e.    Words Spoken (Cursing by People)

·           Words spoken that are negative and destructive, or filled with anger, can release demonic spirits against a person

·           If the person ‘agrees’ with those words and believes them, then demonic spirits are free to enter their life and torment them

·           Proverbs 18:21 “Death and life are in the power of the tongue…”

·           Ecclesiastes 10:20  “Do not curse the king, even in your thought; Do not curse the rich, even in your bedroom; For a bird of the air may carry your voice, And a bird in flight may tell the matter”

·           Words spoken by parents, teachers, authority figures, spiritual leaders, can carry great impact

·           Words of failure, name calling, abuse, can stick like a fiery dart to a person and be a source of torment and bondage to them


f.      Burdens (Weight or Expectation placed by Others)

·           ‘Burden’- NT:5413 - the cargo carried by a ship ie religious burdens or demands

·           A ‘burden’ is something a person carries that is a source of stress/ pressure that God never intended the person to carry. It drains life and weighs on their mind and emotions

·           These burdens may be real or perceived

·           Matthew 23:4 “For they bind heavy burdens, hard to bear, and lay them on men's shoulders; but they themselves will not move them with one of their fingers”


·           Examples:

i)     False Expectations or demands by a person in close relationship - unrealistic responsibilities. The person feels a sense of responsibility to “rescue” others from the consequences of their irresponsibility

ii)   Blame/Guilt eg scapegoating - the person is blamed for everything that goes wrong

iii) Parental Inversion – a child has to carry the extra responsibility of the parent’s failure

      eg alcohol, sickness, mental breakdown.

      The child loses much of the innocence of their childhood and has to carry responsibilities beyond their age. This leads to feelings of grief, resentment, anger and bitterness

iv)   Code of Silence or Secrecy 

·           Bible Example : Tamar (2 Samuel 13:20) 

·           Agreement not to speak about  issues in the family

·           It may be imposed by others - fear/threat

·           May be imposed by self - fear of consequences

·           Code of Silence = agreement to conceal sin and to remain silent.  This result in feelings of grief, loneliness, guilt, shame, rejection and a heavy burden.

         It also opens the door to torments by evil spirits



4.3     How to Break Bondages

i.      Recognizing the Bondage

Ø Word of Knowledge reveals the nature of the bondage  1 Cor 12:8

Ø Discerning of spirits reveals spirits operating  1 Cor 12:10

Ø Fruit of its presence Luke 6:44

·      The Holy Spirit is able to reveal the presence of a particular bondage:

ü As you ask questions before ministry

ü During ministry – you become ‘aware’

·      There is always an interconnection between:

Ø Generational curses

Ø Emotional hurts/wounds

Ø Ungodly beliefs

Ø Sin patterns

Ø Demonic oppression

ii.    Prepare the Person for Ministry

i)        Explain to them the ministry process

ii)       Help them relax

iii)     Encourage them to pray with expectation the Holy Spirit will move

iv)     Encourage them to interact with you during ministry

v)      Explain the foundations for freedom

ü  Recognise and be Responsible for sin

ü  Repent and Confess

ü  Renounce the Bondage

ü  Release Forgiveness to others and to self

ü  Reach out in Faith to The Lord

iii.  Praying to Break Bondages

Ø  Listen to the promptings of the Holy Spirit

Ø  Focus attention - connect

Ø  Take authority in Jesus’ name and break the bondage

Ø  Speak faith-filled words (Mark 11:23)

Ø  Be sensitive to related issues:

·      Grief -sorrow and pain

·      Blocks - control and unbelief

·      Comfort the person

·      Pray for the Holy Spirit to heal

Ø  Command demons related to the bondage to depart

iv.   Follow-up

·           Explain the person may experience the following:

Ø Tiredness

Ø Weeping

Ø Sense of emptiness

Ø Other issues might emerge

Ø Feeling overwhelmed

Ø Great freedom and release


·           Teach them how to renew their mind with the Word of God by:

ü Meditation on the Word of God

ü Confession of the Word of God


5.       Casting out Spirits

5.1     How to Cast out Spirits

Some practical steps in the process of casting out spirits

a.    Help the person relax

·           Jesus always showed personal interest in people and their welfare

·           Inspire confidence of the person in the power of God and the willingness of God to help them

·           Reassure the person of your love for them

·           Explain that if you speak authoritatively in a commanding way you are not speaking to them but to any spirit that might be present

·           Assure them you will keep the experience with them confidential, and not embarrass them by repeating anything that happens


b.    Instruct the person how to co-operate with you

·           Prepare the person before you begin ministering on how they can co-operate with you

·           Explain God’s conditions for deliverance

Ø Faith and desire  Mark 11:23

Ø Repenting   1 John 1:9

Ø Forgive  Mark 11:25

Ø Renounce  2 Corinthians 4:2

Ø Resist  James 4:8

·           Instruct them:

Ø Not to pray out audibly

Ø To centre their thoughts on Jesus and call upon the name of Jesus  (Romans 10:13)

Ø To inwardly cooperate in resisting spirits as you command them

Ø To share with you any strong sensation they feel or see as they are being prayed for

Ø To allow spirits to manifest and depart from them eg breathe out strongly, cough

Ø Explain what kinds of manifestation may occur eg shout, cough, burp, sigh

Ø There is no need to provoke a manifestation, but rather encourage the person not to suppress any impulse they might have as they are being commanded


·           NOTE:  A person can be delivered without vomiting, but be prepared just in case


c.     Assert your authority in the Spirit realm

·           Begin with praise, exalt Jesus Christ, and acknowledge you relationship with Him

·           Acknowledge the Lordship of Jesus Christ and His total victory over Satan at the Cross

·           Thank the Lord for the authority to act in His name and to cast out spirits

·           Ask the Holy Spirit to release His anointing and the gift of discernment and to guide and direct the flow of ministry

·           Speak to spirits which are present and declare your authority over them


d.    Lead the person in prayer

·           Lead the person systematically through the following steps:

ü Personally affirm their faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior

      and to  acknowledge what Jesus did on the Cross  Hebrews 3:1

ü Repent and confess all known sin

ü Release forgiveness to those who have sinned against them

ü Receive forgiveness for their own sins, (and forgive themselves)

ü Renounce every connection to the occult or false religions or curses over their life

ü Call on the Lord to deliver them and set them free

·           Explain to the person that you will lay your hands on them, break bondages and agreements with spirits and then command the spirits with authority


e.    Break agreements formed with evil spirits

·           Break all agreements, offerings, sacrifices

·           Break all curses, words spoken against them

·           Break all words, dedications to demons

·           Break ungodly soul ties

·           Speak directly: “In the name of Jesus, I brake….”


f.     Command the spirits with the authority in you

·           Laying on of hands – the Holy Spirit will instruct when and where to lay hands

·           Name the spirits out loud and command them to leave  (Luke 4:35, Acts 16:8)

·           If you are not sure of their name call them out by their activity in the person

·           Your voice should be clear and commanding as if Jesus himself was speaking

·           Speak into the person and directly address the spirit as a living being

·           Speak strongly with an insistence that the spirit leaves

·           Command spirits to ‘come out!’, ‘let go!’,  loose your hold!’

·           Looking into the person’s eyes can cause spirits to become terrified

·           Speak directly into the person’s ear can be effective

·           Make declaration of scriptural truth eg ‘The Blood of Jesus has broken your power’, ‘Christ has defeated every principality and power’

·           If spirits speak out and claim the person belongs to them,  speak out and silence them

·           Declare the Biblical truth: ‘This person belongs to Jesus Christ and has been purchased by His Blood’

·           Learn to speak from within your spirit man with strength (1Cor 6:16)

·           Mark 11:23  - “For assuredly, I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, ‘Be removed and be cast into the sea’, and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that those things he says will be done, he will have whatever he says”



g.    Persist until there is release

·           Persistence is essential

·           Demons may strongly resist and refuse to let go

·           Maintain pressure on them and insist they be subject to the authority of Jesus Christ and the Name of Jesus Christ

·           Demons may bluff and pretend to be gone.  Be alert!

·           People working in teams may take turns, so as to lessen the personal drain on individuals

·           It may be necessary to ‘peel off’ smaller spirits to weaken the strong man

·           Resting briefly to worship the Lord and then coming on strongly may ‘surprise the spirit’ and force his eviction

·           Sometimes it is helpful to stop the deliverance and to talk to the person about what is happening.  You can lead them through confession of sin and affirmation of their faith in Christ

·           Cooperate in the process of deliverance

·           Don’t abuse the person, treat them with respect at all times or you may further traumatize them


h.    Aids should be used only as leading by the Holy Spirit

·           Oil and communion can be used to aid deliverance

·           Rubbing oil into, and making a cross on, their forehead with the oil can strongly agitate spirits

·           The oil itself has no power but becomes a focal point for the power of God when accompanied by the prayer of faith

·           Communion can be a focal point for building faith

·           The person being delivered needs brief instruction of the nature of the covenant  and meaning  of the bread and wine

·           When the faith level has raised the person can be delivered as they eat and drink

·           This can be very effective in situations involving sexual abuse and occult involvement


i.      Exit routes for demons

·           How demons leaves indicates how they entered

·           Spirits leave people in the following ways:

Ø Without any obvious manifestation

Ø Through the mouth - coughing, yawning, sighing, burping, and heavy breathing

Ø Through eyelids with flickering

Ø Through the ears

Ø  Of the top of the head, often accompanied by a sense of tightness and then sudden release

Ø Through the hands or finger tips, often accompanied by claw-like movements or shaking

Ø Through the feet and toes

Ø Through genitalia

Ø Through the back passage

·           By  far the most common method for demons to exit is through the mouth, often accompanied by shouting


j.      Possible manifestations during deliverance

·           The process of deliverance is sometimes accompanied by a variety of physical manifestations

Ø  People do not have to experience manifestations in order to be delivered

Ø  Proper preparation through counseling, repentance, and forgiveness, can greatly ease the process of deliverance

Ø  Unhealed emotional pain or stored anger can be used by demons to resist deliverance and greatly increase the strength of the manifestation

Ø  Observing the manifestations during deliverance can assist or give insight into what is going on in the person being delivered

·           The way the spirits manifest suggest what types of spirit they could be

Ø  Witchcraft           -  The hands becomes like claws or the person takes up a

                                  position similar to a witchcraft ritual

Ø  Idolatry                -  The person expresses what the idol is like eg serpent or


Ø  Occultism                            -  The tongue moves in and out of the mouth like a serpent

Ø  Murder or Hate  -  The person grabs their own throat and tries to kill themselves

Ø  Uncleanness        -  The person begins to tear off their clothes  or their hands

                                            tremble or shake


k.    Examples of manifestations of spirits during deliverance

·           Trembling                                                                         •  Shaking

·           Falling on the ground                                                  •  Pressure on the head or shoulders

·           Crying out                                                                        •  Squinty eyes

·           Eyes rolling up in their sockets                                •  Glazed look in their eyes

·           Hands shaped like claws                                            •  Stiffness or rigidity in their hands

·           Tongue moving in and out of their mouth          •  Laughter or mocking smile

·           Strong constrictions or pain in the throat            •  Heavy breathing or coughing

·           Feeling sick or like fainting                                        •  Headaches or pressure around the head

·           Unnatural movements in legs, arms and body   •  Contortions of the body

·           Screaming                                                                        •  Sudden violent actions preceded by

·           Running away                                                                     tensing    the limbs

·           Hissing                                                                               •  Roaring

·           Burping or passing wind                                             •  Snarling or barking

·           Bellowing like an angry bull                                       •  Swearing

·           Slithering across the floor like a snake                 •  Pungent smells

·           Verbal abuse or threats





5.2     How to Know the Spirits Have Gone

·           Deliverance is progressive, not all may be done in one session

·           Demons often operate in groups

·           You can know when deliverance is over by:

Ø  After manifestations there is a sudden release in the person

Ø   Inner witness of the Holy Spirit that deliverance is complete

Ø   The person ‘feels’ free

·           Keep praying in tongues and watching

Ø  The demon may hide and pretend to be gone

Ø  Another group of demons may begin to manifest

·           Discern the difference between spirit and soul

·           Demons are confronted and cast out; emotions need healing and affirmation

·           This comes with experience and interaction

·           Emotional pain may surface before deliverance or following deliverance


5.3     Why some People are not Delivered

·       Problems with the person ministering

Ø  Lack of experience and maturity in the area of deliverance ministry

Ø  Lack of prayer and fasting

Ø  Lack of dependence or sensitivity to the Holy Spirit

Ø  Unresolved sin or conflict within the person ministering

Ø  The person ministering and the person being delivered have similar sin issues

Ø  Failure to insure the person being ministered to has proper foundations laid

Ø  Failure to assess whether the person being ministered to has adequate motivation to be free

Ø  Failure to ensure the person being prayed for takes personal responsibility for sin issues

·      Problems with the person being delivered

There are many factors that may hinder a person receiving deliverance:

Ø  Lack of faith that God is willing or able to heal and deliver

Ø  Unresolved bitterness and unforgiveness

Ø  Unconfessed sin that the person wants to keep hidden e.g. adultery, abortion, failure to break binding soul ties

Ø  The person is under ungodly domination or control

Ø  Occult powers are operating and the control has not been broken in the person to those they are linked to closely

Ø  Failure to identify and break curses

Ø  Lack of real repentance and hunger for freedom

Ø  Generational sin or demonization has not been dealt with

Ø  The person is in rebellion against Godly authority

Ø  Lack of desire or desperation to be free

Ø  Passivism or unwillingness to take personal responsibility and participate

Ø  God’s timing, the person is not yet ready to be delivered

Ø  The ministry team is out of right relationship with each other and the anointing is not flowing  (Matt 17:19-20)

Ø  There is little or no anointing present because of defilement in the building, place, or group of people present


5.4     After Deliverance

·      Personal care (1 Kings 19:5-7)

The impact of deliverance affects every part of you:

Ø  Body is tired, no energy, depleted

o   Shower, have a good sleep, eat a good meal (ie protein)

Ø  Soul is empty, drained and vulnerable, variety of emotions, weepy, depressed, negative, discouraged, ‘can’t cope’ with responsibilities; loss of desire for ministry, attraction to fleshly things

o  Psalm 23:2-3  “He restores my soul”

o  You need to learn how to refresh your own soul eg do something you enjoy -‘no effort required’, get near nature – dirt, trees, water

o  Play soft music or inspirational tapes

o  Connect with people who affirm and love

o  Elijah had food, rest, and touch

o  Watch a movie eg comedy

o  Different personality types cope in different ways

Ø  Spirit may be shocked         -  very sensitive, easily irritated

-   very vulnerable, rejected

-  drained sensation

-  withdrawn, want to be away from people

-  feel defiled, unclean


Your spirit needs to be refreshed and rebuilt:

ü Play worship music continually

ü Have time alone in the Word of God

ü Play inspirational CD/DVD

ü Build your spirit through praying in tongues

ü Receive ministry by friends or intercessors


·       Follow-up care for the person being delivered

Ø  Ministry in deliverance is often progressive

o    More issues may emerge, more deliverance needed

o    May experience emotional pain, grief and emptiness

o    May experience backlash or reaction from spirits or occult

Ø  Notify cell leader so follow up can take place

Ø  Contact the person to find out how they are doing, do they need support or counsel?

Ø  Teach the person how to maintain their freedom eg

ü  Capturing old thoughts

ü  Renewing thinking with the Word of God

ü  Strong prayer

ü  Spiritual warfare, praise, commands, decrees

·           Discern if greater level of help is needed


5.5         How to Maintain Freedom

i.           Develop a strong consistent prayer life   (1 Thess 5:17; Eph 6:10-17)

ii.         Read, believe and live by the Word of God   (Matthew 4:4; 1 Thess 2:13)

iii.        Praise God in all circumstances and expect His blessings   (Isaiah 61:3; 1 Thess 5:18)

iv.       Join a cell group and cultivate good relationships   (Heb10:24-25)

v.         Make forgiveness a way of life   (Matt 6:14-16)

vi.       Be alert for, and resist spiritual attacks   (1 Pet 5:7-9)

vii.      Cultivate discipline and self control   (Matt 28:19)

viii.    Separate yourself from objects, places and relationships that are catalysts for sin or spiritual bondage   (Rom 13:14; Acts 19:19)


·           Ask yourself specifically:

Ø  What is the specific area of bondage or attack?

Ø  How do I normally respond?

Ø  What spirits do I need to face?

Ø  What is a biblical response?

Ø  What scriptures can I use to renew my mind?

·           The devil will try to come back and invade your life  James 4:6-8  “God gives grace to the humble”

Ø  Submit to God

Ø  Resist the devil

Ø  Draw near to God

·           Then:

Ø  The devil will flee from you

Ø  God will draw near - there will be change in the spiritual atmosphere in your life

·           What does this mean:

Ø  ‘Submit’ -  a military word - Greek ‘hupotasso’ - to position yourself under, so you can win a decisive victory

ü Place yourself consciously under the authority of God

ü Pray daily to the Lord, surrendering your thoughts and plans to Him

ü Listen to the Holy Spirit, depend on Him

ü Keep a short sin account

ü Cultivate respectful attitudes to authorities in your life

Ø  ‘Resist the devil’, make an active stand against the devil, a decision, I will resist the devil”

o  Greek - “anti-tasso” - to position yourself against the enemy

o  1 Peter 5:8-9  “be awake, watchful, alert for the devil’s activity”

-       Guard your thought life, affections and longings

-       Watch over your prayer life, keep it strong

-       Watch over your relationships; avoid those that draw you away from God’s plan

-       Watch over what is happening in your life, temptations, accusations, intimidation

-       Make an active stand not to go to books, people, internet sites, activities that could ensnare you

-       Speak against the devil and against the things you used to do

-       Speak words that resist demon powers

-       Pray strongly in tongues


Ø  “Draw near to God” come into closeness and friendship with God, connect with Him, talk to Him through the day, draw Him into your life

ü  Practice journaling - emotions, thoughts, prayers etc

ü  Do some periodic fasting

ü  Listen and respond to what the Holy Spirit says

ü  Hebrews 4:16  “Come boldly to the throne of grace; to obtain grace”

ü  Focus on the Lord, speak to Him, and listen to His responses

ü  Praying in tongues builds an atmosphere around your life.  As you focus your thoughts on God, your spirit connects with God



6.       Healing the Wounded Heart

6.1         God Desires to Heal us

Key Verse:  Luke 4:18

 “…he has sent me to heal the brokenhearted…”



·           ‘Sent’  -  NT:649 - to  apostolically commission, to send on a mission as an ambassador of a Kingdom

·           Pain from unhealed past experiences continues to rule the lives of many people

·           Forgiveness releases people from bitterness and resentment but doesn’t necessarily heal soul wounds


6.2         The Soul can be Wounded

Key Verse:  Psalm 142:3 

“He heals the broken hearted and binds up all their wounds”



·           ‘Broken’  - OT:7665 - to burst, crush, tear, shatter, to break in pieces

·           ‘Wounds’  - OT:6087 - a pain, sorrow, injury, idol

·           Wounds to the soul are not physical, they cannot be seen

·           Their presence is revealed by reactions in the emotions, thoughts and behaviours

·           Soul wounds surface when a person or situation appears that reminds you of a previous

         painful experience

·           If unhealed, a soul wound becomes an ‘idol’ that controls how people behave

·           Unhealed soul wounds attract evil spirits that infect and torment the person

6.3         How the Mind Works

Key Verse:  Luke 8:35

“Then they went out to see what had happened, and came to Jesus and found the man from whom the demons had departed sitting at the feet of Jesus, clothed and in his right mind”



·           ‘Right mind’ -  NT:4993 - to be of sound mind;  comes from ‘sozo’ – Greek -  saved, healed, restored in his mind

·           An injury to the mind is similar to one in the body.  Skin lacerates but souls crack or shatter

·           ‘Trauma’  -  an emotional shock or wound that creates substantial and lasting damage

·           A traumatic incident makes an impression on the soul

·           The human mind is affected by:

Ø  Impression

Ø  Repetition

Ø  Association

·           The human mind records in ‘the memory’

Ø  The facts of the incident

Ø  The emotions that were felt

Ø  The belief the person formed, how they ‘saw it’

Ø  The reaction that they made

·           Evil spirits invade the wound to reinforce the emotion and ‘the lie’ that was believed at the time the trauma happened

·           Any event that reminds the person of what happened triggers off the emotion


6.4         How People Handle Soul wounds

Key Verse:  Psalm 84:5

“Blessed is the man whose strength is in The Lord, in whose heart are ways of Zion, who passing through the valley of weeping make it all well”    KJV



·           God wants us to pass through the valleys of sorrow and hurt, not to remain stuck in them

·           God desires we make the sorrow a well of refreshing for others who are also wounded

·           ‘Strength’ - OT:5797 - ability to prevail, get victory

·           We must look to Jesus to heal and bind up the wound.  He is the Savior!

·           People instead try to ‘save themselves’ by:

Ø  Denial

Ø  Minimizing

Ø  Blocking emotions

Ø  Blame shifting

Ø  Defensiveness

Ø  Controlling people and circumstances




6.5     How Jesus Heals the Broken Heart

Key Verse:  2 Kings 6:15-17

“And when the servant of the man of God arose early and went out, there was an army, surrounding the city with horses and chariots.  And his servant said to him ‘Alas, my master! What shall we do?’ So he answered ‘Do not fear, for those who are with us are more than those who are with them.’ And Elisha prayed, and said, ‘Lord, I pray, open his eyes that he may see.’ Then The Lord opened the eyes of the young man, and he saw. And behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha.”



·           The servant was filled with fear when he saw the overwhelming natural circumstances

·           God opened his spiritual eyes to see the whole picture, the truth in the spirit realm

·           When he saw the spiritual truth his fear vanished

·           The Holy Spirit does not heal memories by erasing the facts. Rather He opens your eyes to the truth of what was happening in the spirit realm when the trauma occurred

·           He overwrites the trauma with truth

·           When the whole truth is revealed the lie that gripped and controlled the emotion is broken

·           For the Holy Spirit to heal your broken heart He must retrieve the scattered memories of the trauma and open your inner eyes to the truth of God’s love and protection

·           John 14:26   “…the Holy Ghost whom the Father will send in my name, He will teach you all things and bring all things to remembrance”

·           You part is to let go control, stop trying to save yourself and let the Holy Spirit guide you into truth, the whole truth

·           When the person encounters Jesus – He often speaks truth into the hurtful memory and breaks the lie

·           When the wound is healed and the lie broken, deliverance takes place easily


6.6         Ministering to the Broken Heart

·           Preparation

Ø Find a place to be quiet and undisturbed

Ø Be willing to trust and surrender to the Lord

Ø Explain how ministry will occur

Ø Encourage the person to yield to the Holy Spirit and let go control

·           Lead the person in a prayer to surrender control to the Holy Spirit and to ask Him to bring healing

·           Wait on the Lord to bring a memory or event to the surface

·           Help the person ‘enter’ the memory

Ø  Ask questions that initiate details

Ø  Ask questions that explore feelings

·           Encourage them to pour out their heart

Ø  Flow in the Holy Spirit

Ø  Identify the feelings and emotions

·           ‘Look’ for the Lord

Ø Look into the memory

Ø Look for where Jesus is

Ø What is He doing?

Ø What is He saying?

Ø What are you feeling?

·           Believe what the Lord says

Ø Trust in Him

Ø Believe what He says

Ø Remember what He says

Ø It is a Rhema

·           Allow the Lord to take you further

Ø Go with the flow

Ø The Holy Spirit may start another memory or incident

Ø After the revelation of the Lord and His Rhema, you will experience an inner peace

·           Minister as the Lord directs eg

Ø Deliverance

Ø Breaking curses

Ø Breaking bondages

·           Follow up ministry by

Ø Meditating on the Rhema

Ø Reinforcing it with scripture

Ø Confessing and embracing the appropriate scriptures


7.       Ungodly Beliefs

7.1     Beliefs determine Peoples’ Behaviours

·     Prov 23:7   “As he thinks in his heart so is he”

·     Every person has an underlying belief system

·     What we believe affects our lives and destiny

·     What we believe impacts our relationships

          Content   ↔  Feelings  ↔   Beliefs/Identity


7.2     What is an Ungodly Belief?

·     Belief systems include – beliefs, expectations, attitudes, judgments, inner vows

·     An ungodly belief is any belief, expectation, attitude, or agreement that does not agree with the Word of God - it is based on a lie, or half truth

·     A Godly belief is any belief, expectation, attitude, agreement that agrees with God’s Word and nature


7.3     How Ungodly Beliefs Form

i.      Experiences of hurt and pain

·         During painful experiences people form beliefs, and reach conclusions about what they have experienced

·         These beliefs or conclusions are formed during:

Ø Childhood  years

Ø Teenage years

Ø Adult years

·         Repetition of hurts tends to reinforce ungodly beliefs and create a deep rooted ‘bitter expectation’

-          ‘I am not important’

-          ‘I will never be good enough’

-          ‘No one is there for me’

-          ‘Men will always let you down’

-          ‘I should never have been born’

-          ‘I am a failure’

-          ‘’No-one could love someone like me’

-          ‘My feelings don’t count’

ii.        Family background

·         Families pass on their belief systems:  attitudes, prejudices to life, people, relationships

eg ‘code of secrecy’

iii.       Unintentional teaching by parents or teachers

·         ‘Not ok to share feelings’

·         ‘Not ok to cry’

·         ‘People don’t accept my feelings’

·         ‘Stop crying, don’t be a baby’


7.4     Ungodly Beliefs Open the Doors to Demons

·       John 8:44  “When he (the devil) speaks a lie, he speaks of his own for he is a liar and the father of it”

·       Isaiah 28:15“We have made a covenant with death and with how we are in agreement. When the overflowing scourge passes through it will not come to us, for we have made lies our refuge and under falsehood we have hidden ourselves”

·       When a person believes a lie he comes into agreement with a demon. This empowers the demon and reinforces the bondage or torment

·       Demons keep the lies ‘alive’ in our thinking

·       To set the person free, the agreement with the lie must be broken


7.5     Belief/Expectation Cycle

·       Beliefs gain strength in our life as a result of repeated experiences that seem to ‘confirm’ the belief






·       Because a person holds a belief eg rejection, he expects to be treated that way. 

·       These expectations lead to behavior that influences others, which then leads to new experiences  which further ‘confirm’ the wrong belief

·       Many relational conflicts arise because of ungodly beliefs  Hebrews 12:15

·       The only way to change the cycle is to:

ü  Change the lie for the truth

ü  Intervene between experiences and belief and make God’s truth the new belief

·      What you believe will create your life’s reality because of the law of ‘sowing and reaping’

7.6     Typical ungodly Beliefs

·      About self                           - ‘I am a failure’, ‘No one wants me’

·      About God                          - God doesn’t care about me’, God is unfair’

·      About others                     - ‘People let you down’

·      About opposite sex        - ‘You can’t trust men’, ‘ Men will abandon you’


7.7     Dealing with Ungodly Beliefs

·     It is impossible to bring lasting change unless lies are replaced with truth

·     John 8:32   “You shall know the truth, truth shall make you free”

·     Romans 12:2   “Be not conformed to world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind”

·     2 Corinthians 10:4   “Weapons of warfare mighty through God to pulling down of strongholds”

·     Listen to the Holy Spirit, He helps to indentify beliefs

Ø As a person talks about himself, life, relationships or people the ungodly beliefs surface

Ø The Holy Spirit can alert you to ungodly beliefs by a word of knowledge

·     Write down a list of possible ungodly beliefs

Ø Check if the ungodly belief ‘fits’ the person

·     Repent for embracing and believing a lie

·     Forgive those that have contributed to the forming of the ungodly belief

·     Renounce the ungodly belief, break its power.  There may be a lying spirit to cast out.

·     Write down a new belief based upon the Word of God

·     Build the new belief into your heart daily:

ü   Picture the new belief

ü   Imagine that truth - how does it feel?

ü   Embrace this new truth as a friend

ü   Verbally agree with this truth – speak it out “I am accepted in The Beloved”

ü   Take dominion over old lies when they appear


Note:  There is a tendency for the mind to continue to operate in old patterns or habits

Ø  It takes perseverance to form new beliefs

Ø  In the process of forming new beliefs many discover other ungodly beliefs


Matthew 9:23   “All things are possible to him that believes”



8.       Ministering to People

8.1     How Jesus Ministered to People

·         Heart Attitude - Invisible

Compassion                                             - Mark 1:41                          Leper

Respect                                                     - John 8:10-11                    Woman

Servant heart                                          - Mark 6:31-34                   No rest

Personal warmth                                   - Mark 10:14-16 Children

Sensitivity to the Holy Spirit              - John 4:16-18                    Woman at the well

Faith                                                           - Mark 9:23-24                   Deaf and dumb

Boldness                                                   - Acts 4:13                           Enemies acknowledged boldness

·         Practical Ways - Visible

·           He touched people

Mark 1:41                He touched the leper

Mark 9:29                He took people by hand

Luke 13:13               He laid hands on the woman

Luke 9:29                  He touched their eyes

·           He focused on the Source

      Mark 7:34                He looked up to heaven

·           He looked at people

Luke 22:6                 He looked at Peter

·           He did a Faith action

John 9:6                   He spat on the ground and made clay and anointed the eyes of the man

Mark 7:33                He put his fingers in his ears, he spat and touched his tongue

John 21:21               He breathed on them

·           He required a Faith Action

Luke 17:14               “Go, show yourselves to the priests”

John 9:7                   “Go, wash in the pool of Siloam”

John 2:7                   “Fill the water pots with water”

Luke 5:4                   “Launch out into the deep and let down nets”

·           He managed the Spiritual/Ministry environment

Mark 5:39                   He put them all outside

Mark 8:23                   He took the blind man by the hand and led him out of town

·           He Interacted with the person asking questions

Mark 8:23                   He asked him if he saw anything

Mark 9:21                   “How long has this been happening?”

Mark 10:51                 “What do you want me to do? “

·           He required people to State what they wanted?

John 5:6                      “Do you want to be made whole?”

·           He operated in Revelation Gifts of the Spirits

Luke 13:10                  Woman with spiritual infirmity

Luke 19:5                    “Zacchaeus, make haste”

·           He Spoke strong commands

Luke 4:35-36              With authority…commands the evil spirit

Luke 4:39                    He rebuked the fever

Luke 8:23                    He arose and rebuked the storm

John 11:43                  Cried with loud voice “Lazarus”

·           He breathed on people

John 20:22                  He breathed on them and said “Receive the Holy Ghost”

·           He listened to the Holy Spirit

John 5:30                    “As I hear I judge”

Mark 2:8                     Jesus perceived in His spirit




8.2     Guidelines in Ministering to People

a.       Practical

·      Personal hygiene

·      Breath

·      Caution about where and how a person is touched

·      Explain and ask permission

·      ‘Pushing’ offends


b.      Personal

·      Be honest with people

·      Be willing to take time

·      Keep confidences, unless the need for referral

·      Treat people with respect

·      Personal warmth

·      Confidence in God and His Word


c.       Environmental

·      Warm, encouraging openness

·      Private from interruption

·      Tissues


d.         Prepare people to receive

·      Build expectation

·      Explain their part

·      Directly address sin issues

·      Homework preparation eg forgiveness


e.      Lean on the Holy Spirit

·      Don’t rely on ‘methods’

·      Treat each situation as the first

·      Listen to the Holy Spirit’s promptings


f.        Be aware of ‘Blocks’ to Ministry

In the one doing the ministry

·      Fear                                                     •    Self conscious

·      Pressure to perform                    •   Unresolved issues


In the one receiving

·      Unforgiveness                                                •    Unconfessed sin

·      Spirit of unbelief                            •    Controlling spirit

·      Religious spirit                                 •    Passivity




g.       ‘Connect’ with the person

·         Broken focus causes disconnection

·         When you ‘withdraw’ you cannot connect eg person to person, person to God, person to demon

·         Must ‘be present’ and engaged

·         Take their hand, relax

·         Look them in the eye

·         Meditate, become conscious of the Presence  and Power of God

·         Be aware of what you are thinking and feeling

·         Be aware of the Presence of God within and the presence of God upon


h.      Your spirit responds to your focus

·         Fear  →  self-conscious  →  spirit closes

·         Whatever the mind is directed to the heart will open up to

·         As you minister, keep directing your thoughts to the Lord in expectation

·         Expect the Holy Spirit to speak to you


i.        Use commands to release power

·         Authority is asserted by verbal command  Luke 10:19; Luke 4:35

·         Put your inner man into the words you speak  Mark 11:23 “Do not doubt in your heart but believe that those things you say will be done and you will have whatever you say”

·         Command demons to go   Acts 16:18

·         Command sickness as if you were talking to something living Luke 4:39; Acts 3:4

·         Break bondage by declaration  Mark 11:23

·         Speak creative words Rom 4:17 “God who gives life to the dead, and calls those things which do not exist as though they did”


8.3     How To Recognise Spiritual Attack

a.       Before Ministry

·      Irritations and frustrations

·      Things going wrong

·      Tension in close relationships

·      Anxiety

·      Recognise these symptoms for what they are, and

ü Pray in tongues

ü Express praise and thanksgiving

ü Release your cares to The Lord


b.      During Ministry

·      Distractions

·      Confusion

·      Loss of interest

·      Discouragement ie nothing happening

·      Blocks or resistance

·      Desire to ‘hurry up’ ministry

·      Recognise these symptoms, step back from ministry and

ü Pray in tongues

ü Refocus on the Lord

ü Take authority over spirits of witchcraft and unbelief


c.       After Ministry

·      Sudden depression

·      Emotional emptiness

·      Feelings of failure

·      Feelings of discouragement

·      Feelings of rejection

·      Desire for affirmation ie people to tell you how great you were

·      Recognise these symptoms and take action eg

ü Physical rest

ü Emotional rest eg recreation

ü Spiritual rest eg spiritual input, worship, thanksgiving


8.4         Get Feedback On Your Ministry

·     Actively seek feedback from those you have ministered to eg

ü “How did you find the experience?”

ü “How have you been helped?”

·     Where possible get feedback from an experienced colleague who may have been able to observe your ministry





















9.       House Cleansing

9.1              The Clean House

Key Verse:  Deut 7:25-26

“You shall burn the carved images of their gods with fire; you shall not covet the silver or gold that is on them, nor take it for yourselves, lest you be snared by it; for it is an abomination to the Lord your God.   Nor shall you bring an abomination into your house, lest you be doomed to destruction like it.  You shall utterly detest it and utterly abhor it, for it is an accursed thing.”


·         ‘Snared’ - OT:3369 - to set a trap, lay a snare, to catch using a baited trap

·         Evil spirits are able to enter and inhabit objects used for idolatry and occult practices

·         Sometimes occult practitioners invoke spirits into objects before selling them to others

·         These objects then become spiritual gates or portals through which evil spirits can gain access to homes and oppress people

·         Evil spirits are able to enter and inhabit dwellings whenever people invite them or open the spiritual door to them

·         Idolatry, spiritism, occult practices, sexual abuse and violent crime can open the door for evil spirits to enter a home and remain there

·         God warned Israel not to bring defiled objects into their houses (v26)

·         God commanded Israel to “utterly detest” such objects and destroy them even if they had financial value (v25)

·         Houses need to be cleansed of demonic defilement and become a place full of the Presence of God


9.2                   Common Indications That a House Needs Cleansing

·      Unexplained noises or sounds at night

·      Objects move spontaneously

·      Doors open and close without people moving

·      Spirit beings appear at night

·      Unexplained areas of ‘coldness’

·      Constant sickness

·      Constant oppression or heaviness

·      Recurring nightmares

·      Constant relational turmoil or conflict

·      Young children terrified of unseen beings


Note:  If these symptoms occur for the first time after entering a new dwelling place, the problem is most likely demonic infestation of the building.  If these symptoms have occurred in more than one building you have been in, then they are most likely attached to you!






9.3         Key Areas to Deal With In House Cleansing

      Key Verse:  Deut 7:2

“… and when the Lord your God delivers them over to you, you shall conquer them and utterly destroy them.  You shall make no covenant with them nor show mercy to them.”



·         God delivered the enemy over into the hands of Israel as His authorized representative

·         God required Israel to conquer and utterly destroy the defiled inhabitants of Canaan

·         God called Israel to adopt a policy of no compromise

·         You cannot compromise with demonic spirits


Principal Sources of Defilement

1.    Defilement caused by the presence of ungodly objects in the building

2.    Defilement caused by the activities of previous inhabitants

3.    Defilement caused by curses on the building or land

4.    Defilement caused by bloodshed


9.4          Objects That Cause Defilement

Some common objects that act as spiritual gates for evil spirits are:

·         Pagan objects of art

9.4.1                Certain statues

9.4.2                Pictures that glorify false gods, or sex

·         Idols or occult objects

Ø Objects used in spiritism

Ø Occult jewelry

Ø Masonic regalia

Ø Occult books

Ø Ouija boards

Ø Occult toys

Ø Some music

Ø Some video games

·         Pornography

Ø Pictures

Ø Magazines

Ø DVDs/Video Clips/Movies

·         Illegal drugs



·         You have responsibility/authority only over your own possessions

·         Parents have responsibility over the whole home

·         Wisdom is needed in handling objects owned by children/teens

·         Some objects are neutral, others are clearly occultic or defiled

·         Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you concerning the different objects


9.5          Practical Steps in House Cleansing

a)    Seek Revelation and Wisdom

ü  Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal what objects need to be dealt with (Revelation)

ü  Ask Him to guide you in the process (Wisdom)


b)  Destroy Defiling Objects

ü  Identify obviously defiling objects in the house and remove them to be destroyed

       (Acts 19:19)

ü  Pray over objects that you are less certain about

ü  Let the Holy Spirit guide you as to whether to just pray over the object, or get rid of it altogether

c)    Confront Defiling Spirits

a.       Pray strongly in tongues and exalt Jesus Christ

b.      Vocally affirm the Lordship of Jesus Christ

c.       Speak strongly into the spirit atmosphere, and directly to any spirit that is present

i.         Break/cancel all agreements made by previous tenants, with evil spirits

ii.       Break all curses that have opened the door for evil spirits to enter and inhabit

iii.      Command the spirits to go from your house – be insistent!

1.       Welcome the Holy Spirit to come and fill the place with His Presence and Power

2.       You may decide to move from room to room, repeating the process

3.       Apply oil to anoint the room as you feel led by the Holy Spirit