Breaking Out of Your Limitations

26 February 2012


1. Introduction

Physical? Education? Finance? Failure? Disappointment?

Challenge your thinking is this really what is holding me back?

Prov. 4:23 “Out of the heart flows issues of life


2. Story of Jephthah – Judges 11


(a) Jephthah’s “limitations

·         Illegitimate

·         Mother desperately poor – prostitute

·         Abandoned – given up by mother

·         Rejected by family

·         Thrown out of home- bitter resentment

·         Injustice over lost inheritance

·         Rejected by authorities

·         Limited education opportunities

·         Economic recession

·         Spiritual darkness, oppression, idolatry

·         Rejected from the house of God Dt.23:2-3

·         Living under a curse of rejection

·         Don’t look for someone or something to blame for where you are at.

·         When you blame, you             become a ‘victim’

become “bitter”

become “limited”


(b) Your Limitations do not define who you are

·         Judg.11:1”Now Jephthah the Gileadite was a mighty man of valour”

·         Name Jephthah =3316= He will open, He will breakout, He will loose him

·         His name was prophetic describing who God saw him to be. God sees you according to faith – what He designed you to be.

·         His name was given to him by his father.

·         Mighty man of Valour

His nature,character was the result of what he chose to do.

“Mighty” =1368= hero, one who behaves boldly, a warrior.

“Valour” =2428= force, strength, courage.

This is what he became as a result of his choices.

He refused to become bitter or to blame – took responsibility.



(c) Breaking out of Your Limitations – it’s a choice

·         To breakout you must face your limitations – face your Goliath.

·         What you cannot change outside you must result in change inside you.

·         Jephthah made several choices – caused him to become:


(i) Man of Prayer (Faith)

·         Heb.11:32 Holy Spirit describes Jephthah as a man of faith – pleased God.

·         He entrusted his life to Christ – chose to believe in God.

·         Not just a head believe but a heart belief = accessed grace.

·         Jud.11:11 As soon as he was given leadership he prayed = lifestyle.


(ii) Man of Peace (Reconciled)

·         Jud.11:12-14 He sent messengers to King of Ammon seeking reconciliation.

·         He had resolved personal injustice by forgiveness and blessing.

·         There was no bitterness or strife in his heart – sought peace.

·         His heart was free from injustice and anger = reconciled injustice.


(iii) Man of Power (Stand Up)

·         Jud.11:29 Holy Spirit came mightily upon him to battle.

·         He had identified his gift and developed it out of sight.

·         He was willing to stand up and to fight bit battle because he had stood up and fought small battles unseen – developed character and skill.


·         What is limiting you? What/who are you blaming? Heb.4:45.