Training Your Heart to See (3)

9 October 2011


1. Introduction

- Your spirit is praying (1 Cor.14:14)

- The language is given by the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:4)

- You open a direct line of communication with the Holy Spirit

- You begin to build and develop your spirit (1 Cor.14:4)


2. The Holy Spirit wants to speak to you

- enters heart as pictures, words, thoughts, impressions.


3. Harnessing Your Imagination

- it is like a TV screen – neither good nor bad

- it is a sense you have been given for a purpose

- it enables you to create images, pictures within your mind

·         Things of the past – both good and bad

·         Things of the present – current situations, struggles and challenges

·         Things of the future – projects, goals, fears.

·         Everything that exists started in someone’s imagination – they “saw it”.

·         E.g.      Creation – started in God’s imagination first

Building – started in someone’s imagination

Sin – started in someone’s imagination then when they step back into physical world they bring the stain with them. Mt.5:27-28.


4. How to Train Your Imagination To “See”



Meditate =1897= to imagine – to repeat over and over the same picture.

             = to ponder dwell on continually.


Practical Keys

(i)         Fasting – fast off images that dull senses.

(ii)        Cleansing – present your mind and imagination to the Holy Spirit for cleansing

                              - break attraction, attachment to negative thoughts

                              - speak to old “thought trees” in your mind – curse the thing

(iii)       Focus Attention

            (a) As when pray in tongues – picture who or what you are praying for

-and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal something about that situation

-look for spontaneous images/pictures

(b) As we go to sleep – focus on a word or person, take it to Jesus and ask

      the Holy Spirit to reveal something during the night in a dream.

(iv)       Meditate upon – practise meditations

            (a) Word of God - 2 Tim.3:16-18

(b) Lord Himself – Ps.63:6 (His names) – Ps.23

(c) Works of God – Ps. 77:10-12/Heb.13:8

(d) Prophetic Words – 1 Tim. 4:14/1 Tim.1:18

(e) Things that are good – Phil.4:8


5 How to See into the Word of God

- Read it over and over until familiar

- Pray quietly in tongues – ask the Lord to speak to you

- Picture the story in your imagination – enter the story

- Look around - what do you see?

- What do you feel?

- What is happening?