The Orphan Spirit

16 January 2011


1. Introduction

She believes she is unlovable, undeserving of love.

She sabotages her relationship with Hosea – proving what she believes.

Core belief: I am unlovable – root of negative behaviour, addictions, ‘performance’.

God reveals His Amazing Grace through Hosea – His unquenchable love for Gomer.


-       Jesus came to reveal the Father and His Love and heart for people.

-       Jesus spoke the words His Father gave Him.

-       God calls people orphans – ones without a Father.

-       Jesus promises -         not to leave you orphans = send Spirit of Father

to live in you.

                                                   -        To resolve the issue of being orphans by being

united with the Father.


2. Origins of Orphan Spirit


(a) Lucifer

He lived in the garden of God – the presence and glory of God, the Father.

He rejected the Father hood of God and His positioning.

He was cast out of the Father’s presence, love, glory.

He was rejected, abandoned, judged, with no hope of restoration. 

He became the original orphan, the source of the orphan spirit.


(b) Adam

(i)   God formed Adam (v7)

-       All other areas of creation God spoke into existence – “let there be”.

-       God did no ‘speak’ Adam into existence. God formed man.

-       Form = to squeeze into shape like a potter models the clay.

-       He used His own hands to shape and form a human being in His likeness.

-       Formed a perfect adult human – perfectly functioning body – without life.

(ii)  God breathed into Adam’s nostrils (v7)

-       God kissed Adam – came near to him and imparted His breath – His life.

-       Adam suddenly came alive – a living soul in a body – able to experience.

-       He became conscious, alive – personality awoke, memory and experiences start.

-       Brain had immense capacity to think, image, reason (we only use 10%).


(iii) Adam’s first experience – Father’s Love

-       Adam opened his eyes for the first time – first experience – first feelings and sensations.

-       What experience? Father’s face – smiling with approval and love.

-       Small fragrance of His presence – looked into the face of Godface of love.

-       First experience was the face, and love, and touch, of God the Father.

-       Jn 17:3 “This is eternal life that they know the Father …”

-       Adam looked into the love of God.


(iv) Relational Unity

-       God called their name Adam – Gen 5:1

-       Adam and Eve walked in love, oneness, unity – experiencing glory and love of God.

-       No experiences of pain, rejection, sorrow – lived in Kingdom – love, peace, joy.

-       Daily intimacy and oneness with Father and with each other.


(c) The Temptation and Fall

-       Loss of Glory

-       Experience guilt, shame, fear of punishment

-       Disfigured by sin


(d) Consequences of Fall – ‘Orphaned’

-       Confronted them

-       Called to account

-       Made a promise to them

-       Clothed them

-       No sense of home or belonging

-       No name, identity, words of affirmation

-       No inheritance gifted

-       No source of provision, discipline

-       Alone – having to perform, fight, compete for everything

-       Subject to world system governed by the devil – look after No.1, compete

-       Roots – rejection, abandonment, shame, fear, bitterness, loneliness