The Holy Spirit and the Will of God

11 September 2011


1. Introduction

·         Paul wrote 2 Tim.3:1 Perilous times = 5467 = Hard to deal with, difficult, dangerous.


2. Following Desires can head to Failure

e.g. People in the Bible who followed desire of heart and ended with disaster:


Gen. 3:6 – Eve

Gen. 16 – Abraham and Hagar

1 Sam.12:13 – Israel and Saul

2 Chron.26:16 – Uzziah and priesthood

2 Chron.35:22 – Josiah and battle

1 K.22:32 – Jehosophat and battle

2. K 5:20 – Gehazi and money

Mk.1:35 – Disciples and revival

Mt.16:22 – Peter and Jesus purpose

2 Sam.7:4 – David and House of God


- All had desires, good ideas that they pursued – in conflict with the will of God.

- Did not recognise the will of God – clouded by personal desires for fulfilment.


e.g. Jesus


Mk.14:32 “Father all things are possible with you – take away this cup from me.  Nevertheless, not my will…” (desire, determine, be inclined towards)


3. God Wants You to know His Will

·         Eph.5:15-18 “Be not unwise but understand what the Will of the Lord is…”

·         Unwise = NT878 = to be mindless, ignorant, acting recklessly.

·         Understand = NT4920 = to comprehend, have insight into, come into ones mind.

·         How can I find the Will of God? (Col.1:9 “…filled with the knowledge of His Will”)

(i) Word of God … principles and instructions.

(ii) Counsel of experienced godly men (Prov.12:15 .. hearken to counsel is wise)

·         Many areas need to make decisionsno reference to it in the Bible.  E.g. Where to work? Where to live? Who to marry?


4. God Helps us to know His Will


a) Phil.2:13 “It is God that works in you both to will and to do of His good pleasure”

·         Will = 2309= to desire, to will, to purpose, to determine.

·         Works =NT1754= energeo = to be active, effective, put forth supernatural ability.

·         Do =NT1754= energeo = to do, be active.

·         God is at work within you – He has put something in you to help.

·         There is a power that works within us (Eph.3:20) to help us.

b) Rom.8:26 “The Spirit helps us with our infirmities for we don’t know what to pray.

·         The work of the Holy Spirit is to help us.

·         Help =4878= to take hold together with, to help in obtaining, participate with.

·         Infirmities =NT769= weakness, to have not enough strength.

·         Groaning =4726= to sigh = deep expressions of Holy Spirit with us interceding.

e.g. Jesus:       Mk.7:34 Looking up to heaven He sighed – man healed.

                        Mk.3:12 Sighed deeply in His Spirit – left Pharisees.


5. The Work of the Holy Spirit and the Will of God


a) Eph.5:17-20 “Be not drunk with wine but be filled with the Spirit.”

·         Context = knowing the Will of God

·         Drunk = NT3182= Meth uskoo = intoxicate, under the influence of alcohol.

                  = subject senses and mind and emotions to influence of alcohol.

                  = deaden and dulls pain, deadens senses to cope with life.

·         Filled with the Holy Spirit = come under the influence of the Spirit and Word of God.

                  = subject senses and mind and emotions to another influence.

                  = Present your body, life, soul, to Holy Spirit and to the Word of God.

·         Speaking to yourselves = overflow of the Holy Spirit operating.

·         Note: Spiritual songs, thanksgiving – as much as you like.


b) 1 Cor.14:14-19

·         Speaking in tongues = spirit is praying, Holy Spirit is imparting to spirit.

·         You speak – Holy Spirit takes hold with you and imparts to your spirit.

·         You open the part of your spirit where God connects/communicates.

·         E.g. pray in tongues – stop – words keep flowing into your mind.

·         Revelation of God’s will comes the same way.

·         Vs.2 Speak mysteries =mystery= hidden purpose and plans of God to advance His Kingdom in and through you.

·         As you speak in tongues you speak forth the purpose of God. You strengthen and energise your spirit.

·         Listen with spiritual ears to the overflow – words/pictures.

·         Rom.12:1-2 presenting body and soul to the Lord – yielding to the Holy Spirit so you can hear instruction from the Spirit of God = surrender to Him.

·         In the garden of Gethsemane Jesus yielded to the will of God then prayed to bring forth that will.

·         1 Cor.2:12 we have received the spirit of God that we might know.



·         Commit to Praying in Tongues daily, strongly to develop spiritually.