The Cross and The Kingdom

17 July 2011


1. Introduction


2. Kingdom of “Self”


(a) Culture is governed by principle of self interest

                                    = value, culture, cares, temptations


(b) This Culture originated in the Garden of Eden


(c) Selfish Ambition activates Demonic Spirits


(d) Jesus wrestled to Overcome Selfish Ambition


3. The Cross is the Door to the Kingdom of God

(i) Place of burying idols – substitutes for God

 – Gen.35:4 Jacob buried idols.

(ii) Place of grieving over disappointments and losses

– Gen.35:8 Jacob buried wife.

(iii) Place of burying our defeats, failures, pride

– 1 Chron.10:12 Saul.

(iv) Place of facing and overcoming fears, self preservation

– 1 Sam. 17:19 David slew Goliath.

(v) Place of bringing to death selfish ambition, hidden agendas, bitterness.

-  2 Sam 18:19 Absolum slain in tree.

(vi) Place of decision whose voice you will listen to

– 1 K.13:14 Young prophet – listened to voice of old prophet instead of personal revelation.

(vii) Place of decision to covenant to serve God.

- Josh 24:26.

(viii) Place of calling to fulfil God’s purpose in life.

- Jud.6:11 Gideon – received call to nation.


All servants were given gifts, abilities.

The expectation on all was the same – be productive.


Successful servants

1) Took initiative                                                 )

2) Took risks                                                      ) = commended

3) Had the interest of the master in their heart )     increase

One Talent servant

            1) Took no initiate/risk

            2) Had his own interests in mind

            3) Rebuked for being a negative influence and lost opportunities.