The Blood of Jesus (4)

27 November 2011


1. Introduction

(i)   Sin = an unintentional wrong, action committed in ignorance (Lev. 4:27 –

      sins of ignorance.

(ii) Transgressions = wrong committed with full knowledge.

(iii) Iniquity = an inner twist that moves a person to commit sins and



2. What is Iniquity?


(i) It is the driving power, the motivating force behind sins and transgressions.

·         Ezel.21:24

·         Whenever sins and transgressions occur iniquity is remembered – it is the root cause.


(ii) It is an internal corrupting force

·         Mt.23:28 “Even so outwardly appear righteous to man but inside you are full of hypocrisy and iniquity.”

·         It is an inner torment, pain, pressure, force that motivates people to sin.


      (iii) It is a painful and lasting influence

·         The first mention of the word iniquity is associated with Cain.

·         Gen. 4:11-13 “My punishment is greater than I can bear.”

·         Punishment = Heb 5771 Avon = punishment, iniquity.

·         O.T. Avon             = to bend, twist, distort, do perversely, be crooked.

                        = an inner force that causes a person to be twisted.

                        = a punishment – a painful long lasting consequence of a

                           wrong action.

·         Dictionary: iniquity = wickedness from wicca = to twist, wick-twisted condition.

·         N.T. Iniquity =458= anomia = illegal, violate the law of God, contempt for the law.

·         Person thinks: I am an exception – this law does not apply to me.


      (iv) It is the motivating force or power behind sins and transgressions

      E.g. Gen. 4:5 Why are you angry?

      Cain was angry with God and angry with his brother Abel.

·         Anger = iniquity = motivating force or drive.

·         Murder = transgression = resulting action.

E.g. Sermon on the Mount.

·         Mt.5:21-22 Anger = iniquity; murder = resulting action.

·         Mt.5:27-28 Lust = iniquity; adultery = resulting action.

·         Iniquity is the spider – sins and transgressions are the web.

3. What is the Root Cause of Iniquity?


      (i) The Origin is Demonic

·         Ezek.28:14-18 “Iniquity was found in you.”

·         The first occurrence of iniquity – it was found in Lucifer.

·         He desired (lusted) after things that belonged to God –

·         Lucifer became corrupted by iniquity and sought to rebel against God.

·         He traded – exchanged his relationship and role with God in order to exalt himself.

·         Satan – imparted iniquity into Adam and Eve – spiritual impartation.


      (ii) The Origin is Generational

·         Exod.20:1-6 “..visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children to the third and fourth generation of them that hate me.”

·         If God applied the death penalty to Adam immediately then no descendents.

·         God showed justice – He required a consequence for sin.

·         God showed mercy – He spread the death penalty over several generations. He forgave their transgressions but the consequences were carried to successive generations in the form of a twist or bent towards sinning.

·         The sin is charged to the offender – the iniquity is spread over three or four generations.

·         Ps.106:6 “We have sinned with our fathers – we have committed iniquity.”

·         Iniquity manifests as a twist towards sin – if the family members sins it carries on.

·         E.g.               murder = anger is passed on

                           Idolatry = pride, fear is passed on

                           Sexual sin = lust of all kinds is passed on

·         E.g. King David’s sin of adultery and murder = iniquity passed on to family.

                     Family experienced = rape, murder, betrayal

                     – Amnon/Absolum/Adonejah/Solomon

                     David’s origin – tribe of Judah = sexual sin with daughter in law Tama

                     Resultant iniquities – rejection (Dt.23:2) lust (Ps.57:5).


      (iii) How is Iniquity passed on?

·         Human spirit carries iniquity

·         Human DNA carries “twists”

·         Family environment – how the child is raised.


4. What is the Remedy?  The Blood of Jesus!

·         Tit.2:14 “He redeemed us from all iniquity”

·         Is.53:5-6 “He was bruised (shed blood) for our iniquities the Lord has Laid on Him the iniquity of all

·         Col.2:14-15 “He took away the list of ordinances that was against us!

·         Heb.10:12-17 “Their iniquities I will remember no more

·         New Covenant = New Spirit = New Spiritual DNA!


·         How can I be free?

(i) Confession of iniquity (fathers and own Lev.26:40-42; Neh.9:2)

(ii) Faith – believe and confess what Jesus did (Rom.6:6)

(iii) Depart from iniquity (2 Tim2:19).