The Blood of Jesus (3)

20 November 2011


1. Introduction


2. The Redemption of Jesus for us is Complete


(a)        The Old Testament Pattern

      (Heb 3:1 Jesus the High Priest of our confession)

(ii) Jesus is our offering

      (Jn.1:29 Behold the lamb of God which …)

(iii) Jesus is our mercy seat

      (Rom.3:23-25 God set faith as a mercy seat)


(b)        His Redemption is Complete


3. Seven Ways Jesus Shed His Blood


(i)   Hands = the works that we do.


(ii)  Feet = walk, the decisions that we make.


(iii) Back = strongest part of the body, also defenceless.

Infirmity = without strength. Jesus shed his blood to break the curse of       sickness.

Blood cleanses sins done against body = e.g. drugs, alcohol, diet, abuse, sexual sin, tattoos, piercing


(iv) Head = mind, governs direction of life.


(v)  Side = heart, the motivation of life.


(vi) Brow = mind, fears, anxiety, sorrows.

= blood oozes out of capillaries of skin instead of perspiration.


(vii)            Bruised = internal bleeding – iniquities.


How to Apply


Heb 3:1 Confession = to say same things as God says.


(1)        Admit sin

(2)        Admit guilt

(3)        Admit punishment

(4)        Declare what Jesus has done – forgiveness, cleansed, freedom.