The Blood of Jesus (1)

30 October 2011


1. Introduction


2. God Established Consequences for Sin


a) The One who creates makes the rules


b) God established the Consequences of Sin

This is a spiritual law “the law of sin and death”.

e.g. if you jump of tall building – no power over consequences – law of gravity.

Sin is choosing to live independent of our creator and live for selfish advantage.


c) The consequences of Sin

(i) Separation from God – loss of connection, spiritual emptiness Rom.6:23.

(ii) Judgement from God – experience a penalty ct Mt.25:41/Mk.9:44.

(iii) Reaping consequences in personal life, family, relationships Gal.6:8.

(iv) Legal authority is established for evil spirits to access your life.


Rom.3:23 “For all have sinned…”

Rom. 5:12 “Death has spread to all men..”



3. God Also Established the Remedy for Sin


a) What can I do to resolve the problem of sin?

                              = favour with God is thought to be determined by my works.


b) God has established a law a basis for dealing with sin

= price paid to liberate a captive or prisoner, someone in power of another.

= to regain possession by paying the full recovery price.

= to buy back, ransom – e.g. redeem mortgage e.g. Somali pirates.

= to resolve a difference, to exchange money for something of equivalent value.

= the condition of being “at one” – reconciled.


c) God requires the shedding of blood


d) Only the Blood of Jesus can Redeem Us

Blood of Jesus was never contaminated by Adam’s sin/blood.

Blood of Jesus was pure.

Removed the sin list.

Disarmed spiritual powers = took away their weapon.