First Principles – Resurrection from the Dead

3rd April 2011


1. Introduction

Heb. 6:1-3 “Let us go on to perfection, not laying again the foundations …”

·         The first four of the foundational principles deal with this present world – realm of time; physical realm. The last two of the foundational principles take us into the realm of eternity, realm of God.


2. People Raised from the Dead

·         Old Testament:

2 Kings 13:21 A dead man arose from the dead when his body touched Elisha’s bones.

·         New Testament:

Lk. 7:14 Jesus raises a boy from the dead.

Mk. 5:35-42 Jesus raises a girl from the dead.

Jn. 11:39-44 Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead – healed restored and raised.

Acts 9:40 Peter raises Dorcas from the dead.

Acts 20:9-12 Paul raises a young man from the dead.

·         Mt. 10:7-8 “As you go, preach, saying the Kingdom of heaven is at hand. Heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out demons, freely you have received, freely give.”

Raising the dead is part of the commission that Jesus gave his followers. This demonstrates the power of God and the reality of life after death. All these people died – None of this is the resurrection referred to in Heb. 6.


3. The Resurrection of Jesus


(a) What happened?

·         Mt. 27:62 – Mt. 28:7 “I know you seek Jesus who was crucified, He is not here; for He is Risen

·         The Romans sealed his tomb and posted a guard to ensure no-one stole his body.

·         When the women entered the tomb they found empty grave clothes – He had vanished.


(b) Jesus was the first to experience resurrection


(c) Jesus Body had Changed

He stood in their midst – touch my hands and feet!


(d) Others Rose from the Dead with Jesus


4. Belief in the Resurrection is Foundational to Christian faith


5. All then will experience Resurrection


(a) What happens when you die?

Angel of Death gathers ungodly to place of torment (Lk 16:19-31).


(b) All will rise from the dead to face Eternal Judgement


6. The First Resurrection

- Precedes the general resurrection of all dead

- Brings people into a realm of authority and rulership (thrones).

- Is for those who overcome in this life. (Rev. 3:21)

Mt. 25:1-13 10x virgins.

Resurrection = exanastasis = the ‘out from’ resurrection = to stand out from the dead.


7. Resurrection Life Now

-       Jesus now dwells in heaven.

-       We who have received Jesus are joined spirit to spirit with Him (1 Cor. 6:17).

-       The Holy Spirit within you can quicken and energise spirit, soul and body.

-       Quicken = to make you alive with the life of another!

-       Prayer – Mediation – Word of God – Serving – Obedience.