Restoring Your Passions (7)

14 August 2011


1. Introduction


2. Loss of Passion is a Spiritual Issue


(a) Warning to Hebrews

Heb.6:12 “Be not slothful, but imitate those who through faith and patience inherit the promises”.

= Lost speed and momentum, lost passion.

= Once burned bright but now dim, just a glow.

= Once passionate, felt deeply, wholehearted commitment – now lost zeal.

= No longer care, no longer pursue.


(b) Warning to Romans

            Rom.12:11 “Not slothful in business, but fervent in spirit serving the Lord”.


3. The Church that Lost its Passion

Rev.3:14-21 Message of the Holy Spirit to the church at Laodicea.


(a) Revelation of Jesus:


(b) Counsel of Jesus to Church:

(ii) There is a price – cost you – repentance, change.


(c) What need to Buy?



                                                               - remove hurts, disappointments,

                                                               discouragements, judgements.

                                                               - restore vision and purpose.


4. Restoring Passion in the Soul

Ps.143:1-12 David’s prayer in time of distress – how restored passion.


(a) David’s Condition


(b) David’s Response to Restore Passion

(i) He renewed His thought life with Word of God.

(ii) He consciously stirred faith and prayed!

V8 = Fresh encounter with love of God – affirmed trust.

V8 = Sought direction how to respond to circumstances.

V9 = Sought deliverance.

V10 = Sought direction and alignment with the Will of God – affirmed nature of God.

V11 = Sought fresh impartation of life – renew vision and hope.

V11 = Sought angelic intervention.