Father’s Day 2011

4 September 2011


1. Introduction

- celebration and expressions of honour and love for some with great

memories of father.

- pain, turmoil for some as they remember painful experiences related to



2. Jesus Represented God as a Father

Story of the Prodigal Son” – which is really about the Father and how we relate to Him.


(a) The Younger Son


(i) Father is not loving and generous – holds my failures against me.

(ii) I am not good enough – sinned failed.

(iii) I have to earn approval, favour by serving like a slave.


(i) God is loving in spite of our failures – already forgiven, accepted.

(ii) I am loved and valuable to Father.

(iii) I can enjoy Father’s grace and generosity without shame, guilt, or being driven.


(b) The Older Brother


(i) Father is not loving, He is mean and demanding and does not approve of me.  He is not fair!

(ii) I am not good enough – don’t even get a “goat”.

(iii) I have to earn approval by serving like a slave – no joy.


(i) God is loving, generous, gracious.

(ii) I am loved and valuable to God – everything is available to me.

(iii) God already approves – don’t need to earn His approval – generous.


3. What Story will you believe about God?

Receive = enter and enjoy abundance, joy, party now.

Reject = cannot enter, experience sorrow and pain.

(i) By experiences with natural father.

(ii) By experience with authorities, leaders, spiritual father.

(iii) By religious concepts rooted in legalism; judgements.