Lessons from Mine Disaster

24 October 10


  1. Introduction:

·      Recent news headlines around the world about Chilean Mine Rescue

·      The World watched in anticipation at the desperate plight of 33 trapped miner

·      Mine entrance was surrounded by TV broadcasters from all over the world

·      People gripped by the drama of a Rescue for the Trapped Miners

·      There are life lessons to be learned from the rescue drama


  1. Lessons from a mine Disaster:

i)           Warnings of an impending disaster were ignored:

·      The mine rumbled for 3 hours before it collapsed

·      There were clear warnings – greed for gold

·      Gen 2:16-17  “God gave warnings to Adam and Eve”

·      Gen 19:13-15  “God gave warnings to Lot and his family”

·      Easy to ignore warnings of God’s word and be consumed with other things


ii)         The men were unable to save themselves:

·      There was no way of escape for the men once the mine collapsed

·      They tried many ways to escape, call for help

·      They were unable to save themselves

·      Rom 3:23  “All have sinned”

·      Rom 6:23  “Wages of sin is death”

·      No one can serve themselves from consequences of sin


iii)        A lifeline of hope was established:

·      Rescuers drilled down to the trapped miners a hole, the size of a grapefruit

·      Through the hole – messages, supplies, hope was raised to be rescued

·      Rom 15:13  “Now God of all hope fill you with joy and peace”

·      God is a God of hope, there are promises throughout the Bible to give us hope

·      Luke 18:27  “Things which are impossible with men are possible with God”


iv)      A person descending to help them escape:

·      Before anyone was raised to the surface someone was sent from above

·      A person was sent to them

·      Luke 19:10  “Son of man came to seek and to save the lost”

·      John 3:16  “God sent His only Son into this world”


v)        There was One Way of Escape:

·      A capsule was designed to bring each man to safety

·      There was no way out of the mine except by the capsule

·      There was only one way to escape

·      John 14:6  “I am the Way”

·      Act 4:12  “No other name”


vi)      Each man had to personally trust and commit to the way of escape:

·      Men left the mine one at a time

·      They had to overcome anxiety, fear and commit to the capsule

·      Once they stepped into the capsule it was shut

·      Rom 10:9-13  “With the heart man believes and with the mouth confession is made to salvation”


vii)     There was Global rejoicing as each man was saved

·      TV cameras at the entrance televised the emergence of each man

·      As they came from darkness – emerged into brilliant light

·      There were shouts of joy over each person emerging

·      Luke 15:7  “There is rejoicing in the heaven over each sinner that repents”



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