The Man Who Stopped Jesus

6 June 10


  1. Introduction:

·         Have you ever felt hold back by your past?

·         Have you ever felt hold back by your circumstances?

·         Have you ever felt hold back by reactions of people?

·         This story will inspire you to believe God and Arise up out of limitations


  1. The Man Who made Jesus to stand Still:

(a)  Key passage: Mark 10:46-52

“Blind Bartimaeus  son of Timaeus sat by the road begging”

·         The Holy Spirit records who he is - draws the attention to his name and his condition

·         “Bartimaeus” = The son of Timaeus

·         “Blind” = unable to see, No vision, No purpose No direction

 = living in a world of darkness and limitations

·         The Holy Spirit records where he is from – draws attention to his background

·         “Timaeus” = to be defiled, polluted, unclean

       = well known person, rejected and despised because of lifestyle


(b)  Your past does not determine your future!

Mark 10 :47

“He heard that it was Jesus of Nazareth”

·         Heard”  =  may be blind but other senses sharpened

-    Heard how Jesus had healed others

-    Heard Jesus never refused any one who came to him

-    Heard Jesus was on his way to Passover, coming that way

-    Revelation that Jesus was the Son of David, The Messiah, before received unto Jesus

-    He had not been told that, no one had ever heard that, he knew it

-    Blind, but could see things that others couldn’t see

·         ‘He began to cry out” = to yell out in a loud voice

·         He believed that Jesus could change him, change his life

·         He had a dream, a dream in his heart


(c)  You must choose to believe God can Change You

·         “Many warned him to be quiet”

·         “Warned” = to find fault, tell him to stop, to try and limit or restrict

·         “Many” = the crowd of religious people on their way to Jerusalem

·         Religion blinds people to the heart of God

-          Hatred blinds people

-          Pride blinds people

-          Prejudice blinds people

-          Mindsets blinds people

-          Familiarity blinds people

·         People don’t like people who are positive, who dare to believe God




·         They react to people who say:

-    ‘Walked through this valley long enough’

-    ‘Tired of being poor, I’m believing to come out’

- ‘I will be healed, my life will change’


(d)  Determined Prayer Gets Jesus’ Attention:

Mark 10 :48

“He cried out all the more”

·         He refused to be intimidated, refused to be ignored, refused to be discouraged

·         He increased his cry- ‘all the more’ – I don’t care what you think

·         Jesus loves people who go to the next level, who won’t quit, who cry out more

Verse 48

“Jesus stood still and commanded them”

·         Somebody in this crowd is crying out – “I hear him”

·         People may push you, talk about you, judge you but ‘cry out!’

·         “Find that man who is screaming, find him now!”

·         When you cry out He is going to stop and call your name

·         “He is calling for you”  v49


(e)  Living Faith can be seen by what you do:

·         Faith is not just talking’ it is acting like you believe

Verse 50

“Throwing aside his Garment he arose and came to Jesus”

·         “His Garment” = official hence to beg, colored shawl authorize to beg

1)      Beggars Lifestyle:

·         Old way of living dependant upon other people

·         Fearful of people, doubts, uncertainty, subject to response f people

·         Cast off = Expectation of a new life, not going to be a beggar any more

·         “I am through with the Beggars Lifestyle!”


2)      Limitations on his life:

·         Garment identified him as a beggar

·         Garment = identity, limitations

·         Cast off = break out of old mindsets, limitations, have new goals 

·         “I am through with limitations”


3)      Hurts of the past:

·         Garment comfort to wrap around him

·         Comfort from hurts of the past, cruel words, abuse, people spitting, tears over lost dreams and hopes

·         Wrapped garment around him to protect himself

·         Hurts repeated, rehearsed, drawing around self

·         “I am through with the hurts of the past”


4)      False Security:

·         Garment was his license to beg, insurance of income

·         Garment was his security – What if nothing happens?

·         Garment was his comfort zone – Security

·         “I am through with false security”


(f)     He knew what he wanted and spoke it:

Mark 10 :50 – 57

“He threw away his garment … he arose … picked himself up and came to Jesus”

“What do you want?”

·         He didn’t act like a blind man

-          You need to cast off negative attitudes, judgments, hurts and limitations

-          You need to pick yourself up and come to Jesus

-    ‘I want to see!’

-    ‘I want vision!’

-    ‘I want purpose!’

-    ‘I want freedom!’

Mark 10 :57

“Your faith has made you whole … immediately he saw”

·         He followed Jesus on the road – A New Lifestyle