Earthquake Lessons

12 September 10


  1. Introduction:

·      Heb 12:25

·      News recently is full of stories about the earthquake in Christchurch

·      Recent earthquake in Christchurch was 7.1, a major earthquake

·      One of many earthquakes around the world in the last year

Haiti, South America, Indonesia, China

·      Not just one major shock but many aftershocks – 150+


  1. Some Observations about Earthquakes:

·       Unexpected: Come without warning, people unaware what is about to happen, our vision of security is shattered, we think we are secure until things change

·      Uncontrollable: no one has the power or ability to control a quake or he outcome, our illusion of being in control is shattered, bringing reality to life

·      Impartial: everyone gets shaken, no distinction between rich and poor. Our illusion of social privilege/standing is shaken

·      Impacting: people assume the ground and buildings are solid, reliable. The loss of property, income, security and life occurs

·      “Man called by God to have dominion over all the works of God’s hands stands powerless as the earth groans under its fall”  Ps 8:4-6


3.      Earthquakes in the Bible – God coming into the Earth with Great Power:

·         Earthquakes are mentioned frequently in the Bible

·         Sometimes a natural phenomenon

·         Many times a response to the glory and power of God revealed

·         Example:

i)        Ex 19:18  The Glory of God manifested on the mount

ii)       Ezek 37:7  The prophetic word released concerning Israel to reform/re-gather

iii)     Matt 27:54 Jesus death – sacrifice of His life

iv)    Acts 4:31  The house they were in shaken as they pray

v)     Acts 16:26  Paul and Silas in prison praying and singing

vi)    Rev 11:13  Seal broken, great earthquake, gave glory to God

·         Jesus revealed that before His coming ‘earthquakes in diverse places’ Matt 24:7


4.      Lessons from Christchurch Earthquake:

i)        Earthquake revealed the unseen foundation

·         Sand was compacted to give the impression that is was solid

·         Shaking caused  the sand to liquefy – buildings fractured/demolished

·         Geologists were unaware of the potential hazard

1)      Warnings not heard

2)      Warning ignored – personal gain

·         House on unstable foundation – fractured during shaking

·         Matt 2:24-27  Building house on the rock or on sand?

·         Key lessons:  Build life on foundations of hearing God (Revelation), and of trusting God (Obedience)

·         What is guiding/influencing how you build your life, marriage, family?



ii)       Earthquake revealed Substandard Construction

·         Many buildings are historic, constructed of brick, looked beautiful

·         Christchurch know for beautiful buildings, appearance good

·         Construction standards changed, what was suitable 100 years ago is not suitable now

·         Some buildings reinforced and upgraded – others were demolished

·         2 Pet 1:12  Established in present truth

·         God is restoring His Church to Apostolic patterns and principles

·         1 Cor 3:13-15  Materials revealed wood, hay stubble/gold or silver – precious

·         Key lessons: Build your life on what God is revealing today


iii)     Earthquake revealed Fractures and Faults not previously seen

·         Fractures/fault lines in the ground were covered over, not seen

·         When shaking came a hidden fracture 27km long broke open

·         Hidden fractures led to the breaking apart of whole buildings

·         People can have fractures in their soul – trauma, grief, bitterness, un-forgiveness, hate

·         Under shaking: the hidden fractures are exposed


Key lesson:

Open your life to the Holy Spirit to reveal and restore fractures in the soul and relationships

Psalm 23:3  ‘He restores my soul’

Walk in the fullness of what God has for you. You are responsible for the fractures of your soul. Restore them, God wants to heal them. Don’t crack up and fall apart. Fractures of peoples’ should come up when their world is shaken.

What is strong will stay!

Heb 11:26-28  “... now receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us have grace wholly we may serve God acceptably with godly reverence and fear”