Let the Lion within you Arise

29 August 10


  1. Introduction:

Is 5:26-30

“They will roar like young lions”

a)     The lion in the character of God

·         Jesus is the Lion of the tribe of Judah – He is strong – He is not weak

·         Sometimes He is gentle, tender, loving and sometimes like a Lion

·         There is a Lion in the life of every believer


b)     If one looks at the land – see darkness and sorrows vs30

·         Evil and darkness comes in every area of society

·         Drugs, alcohol, violence, abortion – evil progressing

·         Who will stop this darkness? Who will stop this evil?

·         Who will bring healing? Who will bring deliverance?

·         The Lion is within us! Let the Lion within you arise!

·         God has already sent Jesus , now we are the answer, we are the hope to the world

·         We were not called to sit, we were called to arise like a lion, become the answer

·         God lives within man, if man will not arise, not speak, what can God do?


c)     He will lift up a banner to the nations vs26

·         God wants to reach every nation, every people

·         God will lift up a banner, a standard, a hope for the nations – The Church

·         We must tell people: There is a God in heaven, He is full of compassion to help you

·         We are His voice, we have His words, we must speak


  1. Characteristics of the Church God is Raising up:

a)  Passion – “they will come with seed, swiftly”  vs26:

·         Full of passion for God and love for people, not half hearted

·         The Church has a mission in its heart, will come swiftly, prompt to act

·         No half-heartedness or luke-warmness – but passion, equipped with the Power of the Holy Spirit


b)  Enthusiasm – “No one will be weary”  vs27

·         Full of enthusiasm and energy, not tired and ready to give up

·         The Lion within must arise, full of energy and vitality

·         “Those that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength”  - Is 40:31

·         The Holy Spirit fill us with life and energy - “Let the weak say I’m strong”


c)     Spiritually Awake/Aware – “No one will slumber or sleep”  vs27

·         Sin puts you to sleep, luke-warmness, compromise puts you to sleep

·         Sorrows and grieves put you to sleep

·         ‘Wake up!’, now is not the time to sleep, awaken the lion within you

·         “Watch and pray lest you enter temptation”  MK 14:38

·         Build a strong and vital prayer life, strong praying in the spirit



d)     Not easily offended – “no one will stumble”  vs27

·         Offense = skondalon = to stumble, to trip and fold

·         Don’t harbor or carry offenses, they stumble you, and become energy drawn

·         “They that love your word, nothing shall offend them”  Ps19:165


e)     Disciplined/Renewed mind – “nor will the belt on their loins be loosed”  vs27

·         The belt on the loins held up the garment so a person could be mobile and move easily

·         “Belt of Truth”  Eph 6:14  “to gird up loins of the mind”  1 Pet 1:13

·         Need to meditate on the Word of God and renew  mind so it can be sharp and disciplined

·         Be alert at all times


f)       Evangelistic – “Nor the straps of the sandals be broken”  vs27

·         Feet covered with the preparation of the Gospel of peace”  Eph 6:15

·         Ready to speak, to energize everywhere, you wear shoes everywhere

·         Shoes on, ready to speak


g)     Anointed words – “Whose arrows are sharp and whose bows are bent”  vs28

·         Arrow = the Word of God in your mouth, in prayer, speaking to people, wisdom

·         Holy Spirit gives words to speak that impact people when it flows from the Spirit


h)     Boldness – “Their roaring will be like Lions” vs29

·         They have the spirit of a lion! They shall roar!

·         That is why we praise, why we shout to the Lord – It is the Spirit of the Lion

·         “He shall roar out of Zion”  Joel 3:16

·         “The righteous are as bold as a Lion”  Prov 28:1

·         We are the righteous of God, we areas bold as a lion

·         End time Church will be filled with boldness

·         Boldness will be the distinctive feature of the church

·         Boldness can be seen Acts 4:3 – it shocks people

·         Speak as if God will work, God will do it

·         You have the answer. Are you on drugs? I have the key to your deliverance!

Are you in darkness?  I have the key to your freedom!

·         Begin to speak boldly


i)        Focus and Determination

·         Rev 5:5  “Do not weep, sorrow … behold the lion of Judah …!

·         Do you want the sorrow to stop, the evil to stop, darkness to stop? Behold the Lion!

·         The Lion in us must arise so people can see the lion and stop weeping

·         The Lion prevails, can stop the weeping everywhere

·         The devil tries to be a lion, but we are the Lion

·         “They will lay hold of the prey”  Is 5:29  - character of the lion – targets prey

·         We must have focused determination to deal to the demonic – prevail

·         To enjoy the Kingdom blessings you must be like a lion  Matt 11:12

·         Don’t stop until family is saved, friends are saved




j)        Strength to prevail

·         “The Lion of the tribe of Judah has prevailed”  Rev 5:5

·         The Lion is the strongest among the beast and turns not away for anything

Prov 30

·         It is time to raise up, reach people and nations for Christ

·         A Lion never gives up – it will prevail

·         Num 23:24  “behold the people shall rise up as a great Lion”  Ecc 9:4

·         Let the Lion Arise in You!