Let the Kings Arise -part 2

7 November 2010


1.     Introduction:

1 Pet 2:9

“You are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood:

·      We  must know and agree with what God says we are    - our identity

·      Chosen generation – selected by God to carry His DNA and be his family

·      Royal Priesthood – access into the very throne of God

·         Royal or kingly, regal

·      Kings don’t beg, don’t think as a victim -  powerless, blaming others

·      Kings decree, legislate, make commands

·      Kings discover and declare the will and purpose of God and advance the Kingdom

·      Rev 19:16  “…He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords”

·      Jesus is raising a generations of Kings and Lords to advance His Kingdom


  1. Kings receive Prophetic Direction

a)  “Even had come” v35

·         Even = beginning of a new day. Days began in the evening

·         New day = new opportunities, new challenges, new experiences

·         God is always dong new things, fresh things

·         Kings don’t live in yesterdays experience, they look forward to a new day

·         New day = required new direction and revelation


b)  “He said to them” v 35

·         Don’t live in past experiences, yesterdays revelation experience

·         Position yourself to hear God daily

·         EG Mary, Jesus rose early and Moses

·         V34  While they were alone He explained all things to His disciples

·         Jesus raising Kings – took them aside to give revelation and direction

·         ‘Alone’ – must build and prioritize time alone with God


3.      Kings Dream of Enlarging their Territory

1 Pet 2:35

“Let us cross over to the other side”

a)  Crossover” = to travel through, to journey through, go to new places

·      Must be willing to move forward, enlarge, advance from current position

·      Migrate = journey to a place of new opportunities

·      There are challenges and obstacles to be faced


b)  “Other side” = the territory beyond the place they were standing

·      The country of the Gaderenes v51

·      New territory, new areas to invade and advance the kingdom

·      New experiences to have

·      It could be personal life, finances, marriage, family, ministry

·      God calls every generation out of their security to advance the kingdom

·      New territories to enter: Media, education, government, finance, arts

·      What dream do you have of the future enlargement, advance?



4.      Kings advance New Territory

“They eft the multitude and took Him along on the boat’ v36

Left = 863 = to forgive, to send away= choose to let go can advance

i)        Left the multitude (people)

·      Kings don’t get led by the crowd and multitudes

·      Kings have vision and direction and courage

·      Crowd lacks vision, they pressure you to conform, to do what they want to do

·      Kings hear God and have vision of new territory

·      Faith life is in a journey of hearing God and moving forward

·      It takes courage to be different


ii)   Left the shore (place of security)

·         No great adventures unless you cast off from shore

·         Boat journeys are filled with uncertainty – cast off – let go

·         What is holding you back? What are you clinging to?

·         Jesus was in the boat

·         Faith journey seems lonely but:

You are not alone; Jesus is with you

You are not alone; others are taking the same journey

Your faith stirs others


5.      King have a Spiritual Perspective

A great storm arose and the waves beat in the boat

a)     There is always demonic opposition to Kingdom advance

1.      Storm  1 Pet 2:37             2. Demonised man 1 Pet 5:1

·         Storm = whirlwind, rotating column of air with great turbulence

·         The demonic storm whipped through the sea in to a turmoil

·         Every assignment of God has demonic opposition

·         Demonic opposition – circumstances or people


b)     Focus on the Assignment not the circumstances, challenges, feelings – 2 Cor 4:16-18

·      Disciples lost spiritual perspective

·      Fear of death                        Accuse and blame             Faith quenched and doubt

·      Focus on saving self and not the assignment

·      Think like a victim not a king

·      Missed opportunity for growth


6.      Kings make Decrees and Assert Dominion

·      “He arose and rebuked the wind and said to the sea …”  v39

·      Do you arise in your spirit like a King for battle or do you cringe like a victim?

·      “Said” = 2036NT = to command, to legislate, to decree

·      Kings make decrees – they assert their authority over the territory

·      Whatever your assignment, territory – must learn to address the demonic!

·      Mark 11:23  “Have the faith of God … peak to …not doubt with your heart”

·      Jesus rebuked the wind and sea and disciples

·      God requires us to walk by faith not by experiences alone

·      Jesus expected them to interact with the circumstances as a King