“Chasaq” – Be Strong

5 September 10


  1. Introduction:

·      Luke 9:15

“He steadfastly set His face to Jerusalem”

·      ‘Set His face’ = to turn resolutely, to strengthen, set fast – to go to the Cross

·      The nature of Jesus:

i)          Lamb – tenderness, kindness, loving, compassionate John 1:29

ii)     Lion – strong, full of authority, determined, full of purpose

·      The Church today only knows how to be soft, it’s time to know how to be strong

·      Jesus was and is a Lion – he came to advance a Kingdom, and to overcome his enemies

·      The Jews were confused: OT battles against natural armies, the NT battles unseen eternal spirit dimension

·      1 Chron 12:8

“… mighty men of valor, trained for battle … faces like faces of lions’

-          Saul – removed from the throne: rebellion, would not give it up, he wanted life on his terms

-          David – God chose a better man to rule – to rule according to Gods terms

-          Men joined themselves to David – a type of Jesus Christ

-          Faces like Lions; full of strength and purpose – mighty men of valor!

-          David changed a nation


  1. The Ancient War Cry: “Chasaq!”

·       Theme for Father’s Day: ’Kia Kaha’ (Maori) = “Be Strong”

·       War Cry through OT and NT: ‘Chasaq’ (Hebrew) = “Be Strong”


a)   Old Testament Examples:

Deut 31:6-8  Be Strong – ‘Chasaq’ – ‘Possess the land – overcome’

·         A new generation had arisen to go forward and possess the land of promises

·         Israel faced 31 hostile, strong, armed empires – walled cities, great armies

·         Og – king of Bashan, bed 9 cubits = 4m

·         Chasaq – Be Strong – take the land, possess the promises of God

·         Requires strength to overcome and prevail and take hold of Gods promises

Josh 1:7   Be Strong – ‘Chasaq’ – Obey the Word of God

·         Key to success – meditate in the Word of God and act upon it

·         It takes strength to stand up and walk in the principles of Gods Word

1 Chron 28:10 Be Strong – ‘Chasaq’ – Build the House of God

·         Solomon was called to build a home for God to dwell in

·         It takes strength to stand up and walk in the principles of God’s Word

·         Build your life so that the Presence of God fills and overflows to impact others

Haggai 2:9  Be Strong, Be Strong – ‘Chasaq’ -  Work, restore the house

·         Joshua – called to restore the house of God broken down by sin

·         Joshua faced opposition and resistance in the process of restoring

·         It takes strength to resolve and to restore and build lives

b)       New Testament Examples: Same War Cry – “be Strong”

·         1 Cor 16:13

“Watch, stand fast in faith, quit ye like men, be strong” (KJV)

·         Keep your eyes open for spiritual danger, stand true to the Lord, act like men, be strong

·         Believers are challenged to ‘be strong’ – Kia Kaha – ‘Chasaq’

·         Have the face of the Lion and the nature of a Lamb

·         Extend the authority of Christ – bring forth His presence

·         ‘Chasaq’ = to fasten upon, be firm, to take hold of, prevail over

                  = deep inner resolve or inner strength

                  = inner strength of God to speak into their heart “Chasaq”

·         Soldiers needed the General to speak into their heart “Chasaq”


c)       Throughout the New Testament man are called to be strong:

Eph 6:10     Strong in the Lord

Rom 4:20   Strong in Faith

2 Tim 2:1    Strong in Grace

·      Not strong naturally but by drawing upon the life of God

·      Be strong in the strength only God can give you

·      Be full of God, God is in you – you are strong

·      Christ is within you – His glory manifested through you

·      Not in your own strength, but the strength of the indwelling Christ and not to ‘try hard’

·      Greek = 407 = Andrizomai = ‘to act like a man’

·      Greek = 2900 = Krataio = ‘be strong’

·      “Strong”

·      To hold fast to Christ, strong in the Lord, strong in integrity

·      To overcome temptation and sin

·      To overcome lust, fears

·      To fulfill your God given assignment

·      To apologize when getting it wrong

·      To build your marriage, family, legacy

·      To set boundaries for children

·      To protect family from ungodly influences

·      To protect what God has entrusted

·      To speak truth in love

·      To overcome apathy and indifference

·      To advance the Kingdom of God


·       “Kia Kaha” – “Chasaq” – “Be Strong”

·       Phil 4:13  “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”