10 January 10


  1. Introduction:

Jn 10:27

“My sheep hear my voice, and I know them and they follow Me”

We are created to connect with God – personal relationship – to hear His voice

Hear = NT191 = to pay attention to, consider what Jesus is speaking and act upon it

Every believer needs to train self to hear and respond to Jesus Christ

Follow = NT190 = to accompany Jesus in the path He is walking and leading them

                            = to accompany Master as a disciple on His walk and journey

God has specific assignment for you as a disciple, as a King, and an Ambassador

How do you discover this? You listen to His voice

·      Lk 10:39  Many also sat at Jesus feet and heard His Word

Mary was commended by Jesus for her choice, her priorities

Mary positioned herself to hear personally

Martha had a different focus – another voice

Mary set aside the need for food to attend to Jesus = Fast

·      What voices are you listening to? Fear, offence, familiar spirits, ungodly


  1. Start the Year with a Fast:

·           The New Year has new challenges, new giants, new opportunities

·           Fasting and prayer positions to be sensitive to the Holy Spirits direction

·           Matt 6:33

“Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added to  you”

Ø  Fasting and Prayer places the King and His Kingdom first in your life

Ø  Fasting and Prayer positions you for blessing and enlargement

Ø  Fasting and Prayer sets the course for your year

Ø  Fasting and Prayer breaks the apathy and dullness of too much eating

  Church Fast: 17 Jan – 7 Feb = 21 days to draw near to God


3.      Valuable Blessings of Fasting:

·           Matt 6:16

“Your Father who sees in secret will reward you openly”

·           Jesus declares plainly that fasting privately is rewarded tangibly and visibly

·           When you fast not if you fast – fasting, praying, giving – unlocks heaven

·           E.g. Centurion Cornelius – the first Gentile to experience the Holy Spirit = fast, pray, give

·           Some valuable benefits of fasting and prayer:

a)       Break Bondages the Hinder Life:

Matt 17:21 This kind comes out only by prayer and fasting

Some demonic bondages are only broken by prayer and fasting

Satan – called Beelzebub – Lord of flies  Matt 12:24

Evil spirits are like flies that gather around and infect = major pest

Flies   = major pest, shuttle between dung and food

          = each fly can carry up to 6 million bacteria on their feet

          = if recently walked on excrement it can transmit hepatitis, parasites etc

          = Vomit on food before they eat it and pass on bacteria

= Lay several hundred eggs on food and rotting material

= One fly live up to 21 day

                          Fasting for a season can uncover and break up demonic infestation of your life

                          Jud 20:26   Israel fasted to break the power of sexual perversion


b)       Overcome Evil Assignments:

Esther 4:16, 5:2  Esther fasted for 3 days, full fast and broke the power of Haman’s assignment to destroy the Jews

·           She found favor with the King  v2

·           1 King 19:19-23  After a season of fasting Elijah broke through the demonic control of Jezebel and pronounced a prophetic decree and released an anointing that resulted in Jezebels death

·           Fasting can break up strong spiritual resistance e.g Dan 10


c)       Release of a fresh Prophetic Revelation:

Acts  10:9-16  Peter received prophetic revelation – trance

·           After fasting he received prophetic vision – insight to Global Harvest

·           The revelation challenged and shook his religious paradigm

·           Fasting opens the way for revelation and change mindsets


d)       Identify Personal Assignment from the Lord:

Acts 9:9-17  Paul fast for 3 days – full fast

·           At the end of the fast he received prophetic direction of life assignment

·           Fasting and prayer later activated the assignment  Acts 13:2

·           Fasting and prayer clarifies personal direction and guidance


e)       Release of Fresh Anointing and Power:

Lk 4:14  Jesus returned in the Power of the Spirit

·           Jesus engaged in a period of 40 days prayer and fasting alone

·           He returned manifesting the fruit of His engagement with the realm of heaven

·           The promise of Joel 2:28 follows the season of prayer and fasting


4.      Practical Points:     

i)        Decide what fast you will do

      What kind? Absolute, normal, partial e.g. Dan 10:2-3

      How long? 3, 7, 21, 40 days

ii)       What is the purpose of the Fast?

      Identify what is the purpose for your fast – write it down

      A clear purpose creates expectation

iii)     Make additional time to Pray – engage God

iv)    Spend time in the Word of God

v)     Normal to feel uncomfortable initially, the senses sharpens

      Tired          Irritable           Headache    Tongue coating       breath

vi)    For a longer fast, come off gradually

vii)  Drink lots of water