Embrace Your Assignment

20 September 09


  1. Introduction:

·   Joel 2:13  -  The nature of God – What God is like

-    Gracious, merciful, slow to anger, and of great kindness

-    People have false concepts of God

-    God desires to reveal Himself to people thus God loves all people


  1. Running From God:

·   Jonah = dove – picture of the Holy Spirit

·   Jonah was a prophet of God in Gath-Hepher (Winepress)

·   Jonah prophesied restoration of the land that was taken away by enemies

·   Jonah was successful in his ministry


a)      The Presence of God:

·         Jonah 1:1-3  -  Jonah arose to flee to Tershish from the presence of the Lord

·         Presence of the Lord

-    There is a prevailing atmosphere of God’s presence

-    The person of Holy Spirit manifesting and communicating

-    There is great joy in the presence of God  Psalm 16:11

      David delighted himself in the presence of the God

      Moses was not willing to move without the presence of God

-    The Key to the Church in being fruitful is, to have the presence of God


b)     The assignment of God:

·         Jonah 1:1-2  -  Arise and go to Nineveh

·         Arise and Go = to live with the presence of God comes assignments from God

·         Every believer has a assignment – metron

·         Isaiah – received assignment

·         Jeremiah – received assignment

·         Moses – received assignment

·         Disciples – received assignment from God

·         Jonah disliked his assignment – he disagreed with God


c)     Don’t flee from the Presence of God:

·         Jonah 3:3-10   

·         Jonah arose to flee – he disagreed with his assignment

Eg Adam hid in the garden and Elijah hid in a cave

·         4 Things happen when a person flees from a assignment from God

i)        Become filled with the substitutes – idols

ii)       Become uncaring in the heart about people around you

iii)     Experience storms in life that impacts those around you

iv)    Experience emptiness, lost and loneliness -  belly of a great fish

·         Jonah cried to the Lord in repentance and God restored him  Jonah 2:10

·         God still wants Jonah to fulfill his assignment given by God




d)     Your assignment requires a heart embrace:

·         Jonah 3:1-2   -  Assignment = a specific work God has for you do to

·         Message I’ll tell you => personal revelation – sensitivity to the Holy Spirit

·         To fulfill our assignment

i)        For a heart to embrace people

ii)       To be sensitive to the Holy Spirit

·         Jonah’s heart condition was exposed by the goodness of God to others

·         Jonah 4:1-4  -  “It displeased Jonah exceedingly and he became angry”

·         Displeased  = 7489 = to spoil by shattering, burning grief

·         What was in Jonah’s heart?

Judgment and faultfinding            eg Pharisees  Luke 6:11

Anger, and became depressed

Self justification, offended by how God operated eg the Prodigal Son’s brother  Luke 15:28

He lacked compassion


·         The goodness of God to others exposed his smallness of his own heart

·         God wanted Jonah to lift his vision and enlarge his heart

·         God wanted Jonah to believe a city could be saved

·         We need to stop being opinionated about others and what God is doing in their lives.

·         What heart attitude is being revealed when God is being good to others?


e)     Faith Releases the Power of God:

·         Jonah 3:1  -  “So the people of Nineveh believed God”

·         Faith arose in their heart – they believed God

·         What do you believe in?  problems, offences, pressures

·         2 Chronicles 20:20  -  “Believe in the Lord God and you shall be established. Believe his prophets and you will prosper”

·         You must decide to believe God, and believe the word of God

·         Embrace in your heart what God says eg Mary – Your Word, Peter – Your Word

·         Mark 9:23  -  “If you can believe, all thing are possible

Faith must be in your Heart

Faith must be Active

Faith must Speak

Faith must Act  -   don’t wait until you feel good, Act on what God says.