Developing a Kingly Mentality

12 December 2010


1. Introduction


“Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us”.


2. Victim Mentality Steals Your Inheritance


(a) Victim Mentality = a way of thinking, of seeing and interpreting people and experiences.


(b)  Example of Israel (Numbers 13:25-33)

      (i)   How they viewed (thought) their situation – their beliefs!

·         How they saw themselves – “like grasshoppers” (v33) – “not able” (v31)

·         How they saw life challenges – “Giants – stronger than us” (v31, 33)

·         How they saw inheritance (future) – “Land devours inhabitants” (v32)

·         How they saw God – “bought us to … become victims” (14:3)


(ii)  How they responded/reacted

·         Self Pity                - “cried, and the people wept that night” (14:1)

·         Blame                    - complained against Moses and Aaron (14:2)

·         Bitterness              - if only we had died in the wilderness (14:2)

·         Judgement            - Why has the Lord brought us…to become victims


·         Rejection/unbelief - “let us select a leader and return to Egypt” (14:4)


·         They refused to deal with victim mentality and to believe (trust) God.


(iii) Victim Mentality Cost Inheritance

Numbers 14:20 – 23

“They have seen my glory … they certainly shall not see the land …“

·         The people saw and experienced the Glory of God and the miracles.

·         Their experience did not change their heart beliefs – they did not develop faith.

·         They did not connect spiritual experience to a life of faith and trust in God.

·         They lost their inheritance through unbeliefHebrews 3:19

·         NB Blaming is evidence of unbelief, resentment, judgements and bitterness in heart.

·         God desired them to change to repent and come into faith (agreement with God).



·         Change requires:

(i) Recognising patterns of thinking and behaving.

(ii) Taking responsibility for the root issues and for process of change.

(iii) Resolving heart grief, anger, resentment, roots of bitterness.

(iv) Renewing the mind of old patterns of thinking and relating to


(v) Embracing and believing God’s Word – Truth.


3. Kingly Mentality Claims Inheritance


(a) Kingly Mentality = A way of thinking, of seeing and interpreting people and


      (1 Corinthians 6:16)

·         Person sees themselves joined to Jesus Christ the King and Conqueror.

·         Person takes full responsibility for their thoughts, feelings, words, and actions.

      (Romans 5:17)

·         Person exercises faith to manifest Christ’s victory in and through them.


(b) Example of Caleb

·         Numbers 14:24

“My servant Caleb, because he has a different spirit in him, and has followed me fully, I will bring into the land where he went … inherit it”

·         Caleb OT3612 = to be forcible, to attack like a dog


(i) How Caleb viewed his situation

·         How he saw God                         “..the Lord is with us” Num. 14:8,9

·         How he saw himself                     “..we are well able to overcome”

                                                            Num. 13:3

·         How he saw the challenges          “..they are our bread, their protection

has gone” Num. 14

·         How he saw the land                    “..flows with milk and honey” Num 14:8


            (ii) How Caleb Responded

·         He silenced the negative talk – Num. 13:30

·         He rejected the negative attitude – Num 14:9

·         He boldly declared the Word of God – Num 13:30/Num 14:9


·         He had “another spirit” – a kingly spirit- the spirit of faith!

·         Josh 14:7 “…I brought back word to him as it was in my heart”.

·         To wholly follow the Lord we must embrace Christ and His Word in our heart.

·         Caleb and his family possessed the dreams and promises of God.


4. Developing a Kingly Mentality

(a) The battles of Life are won and lost in the mind and the heart.

      Proverbs 23:7

      “As a man thinks in his heart so is he”

·         Thinks = present continuing process of thinking

·         As you continue to think you are building your life one brick at a time.

·         If your thoughts are the bricks what are you building? Victim? Kingly?

·         Rom. 12:2

            “… be transformed by the renewing (renovation) of your mind”.




(b) Thoughts are measurable – they occupy space!