Destined to Reign – part 2

3 October 10


  1. Introduction:

·      Called by God to a life of victory. A life of liberty

·      Evidence of Kingdom – righteousness, peace, joy in the Holy Spirit  Rom 14:17

·      So many Christians do not live like this – live burdened

·      Matt 11:30  “My yoke is easy, my burden is light”

·      When we are under what Jesus require it’s easy and light. Let Him teach you how to live a life that is easy and light. You won’t be stressed and weary

·      It is not easy to walk in the freedom we are called to – heaviness on us

·      Reigning in life = God defeated the power of sin, the presence and the consciousness

·      The wages of sin is death; will be aware and conscious that God is far away

·      Those who received, received the free gift of righteousness

·      Righteousness through Christ = free gift, it’s yours for free, righteousness by faith


  1. You are Destined to Reign:

Rom 5:17

“Reign in life through the one Jesus Christ’

·      Reign         = Kingly judicial rule

= to rule as a King does

= to live as a sovereign ruler over a territory

= to walk in a foundation of Kingly authority and power

·      You are destined by God for dominion over all challenges and obstacles

·      “In life” = not for some future time but it is for you, for now

·      Dominion over sin, fear, anxiety, stress, pressure, setbacks

·      You are destined for dominion – but how?


·      Problems Identified: ‘Sin reigns’

·         Entrance of sin

·         Consequence of sin  = Death – separation from God/self/people

  = condemned, judged, debt to pay

  = Self Condemned – anger, rejection, not deserving, don’t

     deserve to be loved, valued, success

  = Sensitivity to judgment of others because judge self,

     something wrong with me

·         Living in the presence of sin constantly

·         God’s answer Identified – “Grace reigns”

·         Receive (i) Abundance of Grace

                      (ii) Free gift of righteousness – right-standing freely given


3.      What Jesus did at the Cross:

Matt 27:50-53

“… Jesus death on the Cross”

·         “Shouted”           - Shout of triumph and victory over enemies

-    “It is finished”

·         3 Demonstrations of the healing power released through His sacrifice

i)        The veil in the temple rent in two – The veil kept people from the presence of God. The work is done! Belief it, you have nothing to do

ii)       Graves opened – exposed to view the consequence of death and sin, people woke from the grave

iii)     Resurrection of many of the saints – all our sins forgiven

·         Col 2:14-15  What Jesus accomplished

                                                   i.      Removed the list of our failures

                                                 ii.      Disarmed prince of powers – Devil accuses us, condemns us

                                                iii.      Make a public display of Hid total victory


4.      Jesus Message: A Gospel of Grace

1.  No more condemnation John 8:10

2.  No more conscious of sin Luk 7:37; 2 Sam 6:14


5.      How to become established in Grace:

a)     Not by Works – by doing things doesn’t make you more righteouss

·         Rom 10:2-4

·         Focus is on faults/failures

·         Result -  striving, condemnation, pride, self-rejection, faultfinding


b)     By believing what Christ has done

·         Rom 10:17 “The heart is established by believing the Gospel of Christ

·         2 Cor 3:18  Focus on what Christ has done

·         Beholding = 2734 = to mirror oneself/see replaced , look into the mirror and see the reflected back the glory of God

·         Not beholding faults/failures but finished work of God

·         See yourself completed in Christ

·         Result = changed – from glory to glory


c)     How to do this:

·         Practice Rejecting condemnation Rom 8:1

·         Practice meditating in the Word of Christ

·         Picture – Jesus Christ in meditation. Now by faith I am Him, a new me

·         Personalize – Call forth by faith, what you focus on you will become

·         Praise and gratitude

·         Persevere