Commissioning Service

19 December 2010


1. Introduction

“Enlarge the place of your tent .. do not spare (hold back)”

·         Enlargement requires change in heart, in thinking, in speaking and in doing.


2. Laying on of Hands with Prophecy


(a)  Key Verse Acts 13:1-4

·         Church at Antioch responded to the call of God to the nations.

·         Church at Jerusalem lost its influence in the centre of Holy Spirit activity.

·         The Heart of God is for nations – purpose of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit – Acts 1:8.


(b)  Laying on of Hands


(c)  Acts 13: 1-4 Paul and Barnabus – called to apostolic work

apart for a work required by the Holy Spirit



(d)  Timothy called to apostolic

1 Tim 4:14 “Neglect not the gifts in you – given by prophecy with the laying on of hands of presbytery”.

2 Tim 1:6 “Stir up the gift of God which is in you by the laying on of hands.

·         Prophetic utterance called forth the gifting and activated within Timothy.

·         Laying on of hands = impart – confirm – commission.

·         Apostles saw what the Holy Spirit was doing and spoke, prophesied and confirmed it.

·         Commission = to confirm authority and empower for mission.


3. Recognising Apostolic Ministry




(i) Separation to God by personal adversity (Mt.10)

·         Apostolic ministry always provokes demonic opposition

·         Causes manifestation in the spirit realm – opposition to the Government of God

·         e.g. Acts 13:6

·         Need to honour spiritual adversity as a sign that points to apostolic ministry


(ii) Progressive surrender to the Purpose of God (Phil. 2:5-10)

·         Process of personal emptying yielding will and reputation

·         Process of laying down personal agenda or personal benefit

·         Sincerely seek the benefit of the people to serve

·         Phil 2:20


(iii) Purifying of Motivations of Heart (Mt. 6:19-24)

·         Process of letting go love of material things

·         Heart set on God so not captivated or distracted

·         Key tests are the tests of heart

·         No favourites - can love and welcome all


(iv) Overcome love of Money (Mt 6:24)

·         This is a master apostolic ministry must conquer

·         Cannot serve God and Mammon – spiritual power

·         Money can lock the mind and heart against the will and purpose of God

·         Pharisees Mt. 23 – religious – love of money

·         Issues of love/hate loyal/despise

·         There is a process of dealing with love of money

·         Key evidence is generosity!


(v) Operate in Power Ministry (2 Cor. 12:2)

·         Apostolic is characterised by signs and miracles

·         Paul (Rom 5:1-19)                        Philip (Acts 8:5-10)

·         God bears witness by miracles