Commissioning Service

28 February 10


  1. Introduction:

Acts 13:1-3

“The Holy Spirit send, now separate to me Barnabas and Saul for the work to which I have called them”

·      Antioch was an Apostolic Church – not a pastoral church

·      Apostolic/Prophetic – brings heaven to earth – God’s order and design

·      Notice who sent Barnabas and Saul = Holy Spirit

·      Their sending forth was initiated by the Holy Spirit, not by their personal ambition or frustration

·      Commissioning = recognizing the call of God and releasing people to it

·      Commission = laying on of hands to impart anointing and vision

·      They remained connected to Antioch Church  Act 14:26


  1. Our Calling to Nations:

Gen 49:22-25

            “Fruitful branch by a well, whose branches run over the wall”

·      Joseph – a man of vision and faith, a dreamer

·      Well = supernatural realm, life of the Spirit

·      Fruitful = Power of God creating influence and fruit

·      Branches over the wall, not contained or limited that will break out

·      Part of our DNA – over the wall

Ø  Birthed in our hearts in Dannevirke

Ø  Came alive when we went to India

Ø  Left with the whole family for Hastings

Ø  Continued reaching into nations with the Gospel

Ø  Ukraine, Israel, India, China, Pakistan, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Borneo, Mongolia, USA, Australia, South Africa

·      The Church is Transitioning to Apostolic/Prophetic Governance

·      What that means

Ø  Heavens priority and order

Ø  Supernatural realm

Ø  Raising and releasing sons and daughters

Ø  Impact our region and globally

·      Journey

i)      Prophetic words

ii)    Setting in Apostolic 2008/Prophets 2009

iii)   Sending 2010


3.      Ministry is Relational Based:

·      God’s order for people are to emerge into a destiny is ‘Father –Son Order’

·      Father-Son order is foundational principle of the Kingdom of God

·      Father-Son order is a basis of all ministry in both NT and OT

Ø  Jesus               - does what he sees the Father do                      - Jn 5:19; 2 King 2:12

Ø  Elisha               - cried ‘My Father, my Father’ not my Prophet or Teacher

Ø  Timothy           - ‘My own son in the faith’                                      - 1 Tim 1:2

Ø  Titus                 - Titus a true son                                                        - Tit 1:4           

Ø  Joshua and David   

·      The key to passing generational blessing is the order,  Father–Son

·      In the natural life established natural life to flow, Father-Son

·      Spiritual inheritance is based on order, Father-Son

·      Process:

i)        God puts a seed of destiny /desire in our heart

ii)       God calls men – personal experience

iii)     God connects men – spiritual connection, local church, spiritual fathers, covenant relationships

iv)    God forms men – Process spiritual foundation, serving, impartation, discipline, shaping

v)     God anoints and sends – blessing of Father -> Son

Jesus known – served, anointed, Father

Elisha known – served, anointed

·      Must embrace God’s order to have God’s endorsement