Burnt Stones – part 4

22 August 10


  1. Introduction:

Neh 4:14

“Do not be afraid! Remember the Lord, great and awesome and fight …”

·         Nehemiah = “Comfort of God” = Picture of the Holy Spirit at work

·         The Holy Spirit is constantly at work in the earth


  1. God Speaks to Every Generation:

2 Chron 16:9

“For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is perfect toward Him”

The Holy Spirit searches the whole earth

a)  He seeks men and women who will hear His voice:

·         …who have a heart after God

·         …who cannot be satisfied with the status quo

·         …who look for an eternal purpose – a cause to live for

·         …who look for something worthwhile to spend life on


b)  The Holy Spirit wants to Show Himself Strong – working through yielded lives:

·         Deliverance

·         Healing

·         Breakthroughs

·         Influence


3.      “Do Not be Afraid!”

a)     Fear is a Spirit - 2 Tim 1:6

·         Fear is an evil spirit, a destroying demon

·         Fear stirs the emotions

·         Fear paralyses the will

·         Fear shuts down your giftings


b)     Fear is a Giant 1 Sam 16:10,11,17

·         Fear rises up like a giant

·         Fear mocks and defies us

·         Fear intimidates and belittles


What do you do!

·         Fear of failure?

·         Fear of what people say?

·         Fear of circumstances?

·         Fear of being different?

·         Fear of being rejected?


c)  Fear is a ThiefMatt 25:25

·         Fear comes in to steal

·         Steal: your Dreams, your Hopes, your Future



“Do not be Afraid!”

·   Jesus constantly spoke – “Do not Fear”

‘I am with you always’ – Matt 28:20

Men, setbacks, obstacles, pursuing dreams


4.      “Remember the Lord”:

a)     Remember the Lord Great and Awesome!

·         Broke the power of Egypt

·         Parted the Red Sea

·         Appeared in the Fire on the Mount

·         Broke down the walls of Jericho

·         Threw stones from heaven

·         Destroyed armies

·         Born into this world

·         Challenged the religious and political system

·         Healed the lepers

·         Opened the eyes of the blind

·         Raised the dead to life

·         Delivered men from demons

·         Forgave His betrayers

·         Gave His life for us

·         Arose Mightily from the Dead


b)     Remember the Lord Great and Awesome!

·         Who will one day come again

·         Will come with armies of heaven

·         Will come in power and majesty

·         Will subdue the devil

·         Will call men to accountability

·         Will reward those who knew and serve Him


c)     Remember the Lord Great and Awesome!

·         Call men and women to follow Him

·         Calls us to a cause - of Christ

·         Calls us to make a stand

·         To live a godly life

·         To advance the Kingdom of God

·         To challenge the gates of hell

·         To set captives free

·         To win men and women to Christ

·         To change a city one person at a time


Remember the Lord – Great and Awesome! Fight!


5.      Fight!

a)     Not called to a life of ease

·         Not called to live like others

·         Not called to a life of comfort

·         You are called to a cause – a fight


b)     Called to Fight a Spiritual Battle, to fight for Him

·         Not against people

·         Against wicked spirits

·         Against temptation

·         Against lukewarmness/apathy

·         Against offenses

·         Against distractions and discouragement


c)     Called to Fight Daily

·         To take up the Sword of the Spirit

·         To put on the Armor of God

·         To engage in war – in battle

·         Battle with eternal consequences

·         Battle for the souls of men

·         Battle for destinies of men

·         To engage in war against darkness

·         To be valiant, courageous and strong


d)     Called to the Fight of Faith

·         Believe God is Good

·         Believe God can be trusted

·         Believe Gods Word is true

·         Believe Gods Word has Power

·         Believe all things are possible

·         Believe that the Weapons of Warfare are Mighty


6.      What will you do!

·         Will you be a spectator?

·         Will you watch and comment how the battle goes?

·         Will you be strong, strong in the Lord, strong in His Word

·         Will you arise and build? Arise and fight?

·         Will you engage in the work?


Neh 4:15-17

·         All of us returned to the wall – everyone to his work

·         Everyone of the builders had his sword girded at his side as he built