Burnt Stones – part 2

25 July 10


  1. Introduction:

Neh 4:1-2

“Will they revive the stones from the heaps of rubbish – stoned which are burned?”

·         Rubbish = 6038 = rubble of destroyed city, burnt stones, discarded and cast aside

·         Revive = 2421 = to bring to life, restore strength and vitality

·   What is a burnt stone?

·        Prophetic picture of people, people who have gone through painful experiences – burnt

·        Fire blackened, charred, disfigured, crumbling and out of position for their destiny

·        Heart broken by grief, disappointment, offense, injustice and pain

·        Stone charred with bitterness, resentment, unforgiveness, judgment, blame

·        People who think God could never use them again

·        People who since their fire declared Never to Trust, Never to Love, Never to Speak again

·        God walks through the rubble of Jerusalem, looking for stones He can restore


  1. The Heart of God for Burnt Stones

Neh 1:1-4

“When I heard their words I sat down and wept and mourned”

a)  Nehemiah – Comfort of God, picture of the Holy Spirit, of Jesus the builder of the Church John 14:16

b)  “I asked them” – longing to know the condition of God’s people, City of God

c)  “Sat down” = the Holy Spirit can be grieved, wounded, He is very sensitive

Wept = overcome by the anguish of God for his people

Great sorrow of heart as he felt the heart of God

Grief = sign of the assignment that God is giving you

Crying/caring = evidence of the problem God has called you to solve

d)  Restoration is birthed out of feeling the heart of God and being overwhelmed

Jesus was moved with compassion

Mark 1:41  He touched the leper – burnt stone!

Luke 7:14   He raised the young man  -  burnt stone!

Matthew 9:35-36   He fed the multitudes  -  burnt stones!

Matthew 10:1   He raised and sent builders  -  burnt stones!

Father God is involved with compassion

Luke 15:20  -  He ran and embraced and wept over and restored prodigal son – burnt stone!

Luke 19:41  Jesus wept over Jerusalem  -  Burnt stone!

e)  The heart of God is passionate about the burnt stones and broken cities

Jer 8:21 

“For the heart of my people I am hurt, I am black”

Moves of God are birthed out of passion, feeling heart of God not by good ideas

Where is the passion? Where is the weeping?  Where is the fasting and prayer?

Is 42:22

God wants to restore burnt stones

Neh 2:17  “You see the distress we are in, let us arise and build!”

God loves you and wants to restore you, fill your heart with passion, restore 1st Love