Breaking Word Curses

10 October 10


  1. Introduction:

·      Prov 18:21  Death and life are in the power of the tongue

·      Words carry power to impact people and change the course of their lives

·      Words carry a spirit dimension to them John 6:66

·       Gen 1:2  the first use of words in the bible was to bless

·      Bless = 1288 = to speak words of prosperity and success that become empowered by the Holy Spirit

·      Blessing is a key part of the culture and community of heaven

·      Bless = NT2127 = eulogeo = to speak well of, celebrate with praises, to request God to impart favor upon

·      Eph 4:29  No corrupt communication – minister grace to heavens

·      Corrupt = NT4550 = rotten, putrid, corrupted by age, to have destructive impact

·      Grace = NT485 = to release divine empowerment


  1. Word Curses:

Old saying: Sticks and stones ….word shall never hurt me

Words are powerful, not neutral – can release blessing and cursing

a)     Bible Description of words that can be destructive:

·         Ps 64:3-4  Bitterwords = arrows

·         Ps 57:4   Tongue = sharp sword  Prov 12:8

·         Eph 6:16  Fiery darts


b)     Word Curses:

·         A curse is words spoken to invoke hurt or punishment or destruction

·         The power behind a word curse is an evil spirit


c)     Origins of Word Curses:

1)      People who operate in witchcraft and invoke demons upon people                          eg 1 Kings 19:1-2  Jezebel  Numbers 23 Balaam

2)      People who are in authority or special relationships with us

·         Words of a stranger have little effect upon us

·         Words of a person in governing authority have great impact eg parent, teacher, employer, pastor or church leader

3)      People in relationship with us who came into agreement

·         Gossip, criticism, faultfinding, negative talk, judgment

·         Matt 18:19  Power of agreement can invoke blessing or cursing

4)      People speaking curses over themselves or agreeing with word curses spoken to others

·         Eccl 5:2,6  Do not be rash with your mouth 

·         Inner vows/death wishes/bitter judgments


3.      Breaking the Power of Word  Curses:

a)     Jesus has positioned us for Blessing

·         Gal 3:13-14

·         Christ became a curse for us, that the blessing of Abraham might come upon us and we might receive the promise of the Spirit through faith

·         Work of Christ on the Cross was to legally break power of all curses

·         Our part I to believe and trust in His work

a)     Recognize presence/activity of curses

b)     Release forgiveness – anger

c)     Cancel all agreements made with curses

d)     Meditate and confess blessing of God over area of life

e)     ‘I am Blessed’ Eph 1:3


b)     Learn how to overcome word curses

i)        How you experience them

·         Invading thoughts and pictures in the mind

·         Pressure upon your mind, emotions and spirit

·         Invoking condemnation

·         Invading feelings of anxiety and fear



ii)       How you deal with them

·         Word curses are like arrows in the air, fiery darts hurled against you

·         You must discern what they are – judge them

·         You must take action swiftly against these fiery darts

·         Is 54:17  No weapon formed against you shall prosper

i)        Break the power of the words ….command them to fall to the ground

      Eph :16  Quench the fiery darts

ii)       Bless those who have spoken against you

Matt 5:44  Bless them that curse you

1 Cor 4:12  being refilled, we bless

iii)     Bury yourself in Christ

      Ps 31:20  You shall keep them … from the strife of tongues

      Col 3:3  You are dead and your life is hid with Christ in God