You Shall Call His Name Jesus

6 December 09


  1. Introduction:

·      Matt 1:18-25

“And she will bring forth a son and you shall call His name Jesus, for He will save His people from their sins ”

·      Christmas season is a time to focus on Jesus Christ and the purpose of His glory

·      Need to be clear that “All men need a Savior”


  1. The meaning of His Name:

·       Jesus = NT2424 = Jehoshua = God is Savior, Jehovah is salvation

·       Names in the Bible carry a meaning

·      The name are prophetic of Character or the destiny of a person

·      Examples of names:

Judge 11:1            Jepthae = “He will open, He will breakthrough”

2 Chron 29:1         Hezekiah = “God is my strength”

1 King 13:2             Josiah = “God is the foundation”

·      A Change in Name designed a change in Character or Purpose

Gen 17:5                Abram - Exalted Father = Abraham – Father of Nations

Gen 17:15-16        Sarai – Princess = Sarah – Noble woman

Gen 35:18              Rachel called her son Ben Oni = Son of my sorrow

                                She gave the name out of personal gain

                                Jacob named him prophetically Benjamin = Son of my right hand

Matt 16:17-18        Simon = One who hears

                                Jesus named him Peter = the Rock

Acts 4:36               Joses = Jehovah adds

                                Apostles renamed him Barnabas = son of a prophet

Mark 3:17              Jesus named James and John – The sons of Thunder

Num 13:16             Oshea = Salvation

                                Moses named him Joshua = Jehovah is salvation


3.      Jesus’ Mission is to save:

Matt 11:21

“You shall call His Name Jesus for He will save His people from their sins”

·      Jesus’ name  prophetically described His Mission = To Save

·      ‘Save’ = 4982 = sozo – to save, rescue from bondage or destruction, to make whole, to heal, to deliver, restore

Every area of man is in need of a savior of being made whole

Jesus came to what man is unable to do save self = from the presence, power, and destruction of sin and iniquity

·       1 John 3:8  “For this purpose was the Son of God manifested, to destroy the works of the devil”.

·      Rom 3:23  “All have sinned and came short of the Glory of God”

Ø  ‘Sin’ = 266NT = Harmantia = to fail to hit the mark, to violate the law of God

Ø  ‘Came short’ = to be inferior in power or rank, to be lacking and in want, fail to carry

Ø  All without exception have failed to fulfill Gods’ purpose and design

Ø  All without exception are lacking in experiencing the glory God intended

Ø  All are separated from God with eternal consequences Rom 6:23

Ø  Something is ‘missing’, something is ‘lacking’ in every person  - Glory

Ø  ‘Glory’ = 1391NT = doxa = kingly majesty, splendor, manifest nature of God

·      Religion is an attempt by man to work hard to overcome this lack

Religion is an attempt by man to bridge the gap back to God

Religion is an attempt by man to ‘save himself’

·      Jesus’ mission = to save that which was lost  Luke 19:10

‘Save’ = Jesus’ work has made provision for every area of need

Is 53:3-6  Jesus provided for every area of mans’ brokenness through sin

• Rejection     • Sorrow     • Grief     • Transgressions     • Iniquities                 • Sickness

·      ‘Saved’ = Restore Relationship: Born into the family of God

               = Restore Destiny: Called to be Kingly Ambassadors

·       Acts 4:11-12  ‘No other name given under heaven given among men whereby we must be saved’


4.      Called to Carry His Name:

·      Acts 11:26  The Disciple were first called ‘Christians’ in Antioch

·      ‘Disciple’ = a person who has given his life to follow another

·      Disciples were called Christians = Anointed Ones

·      When we are baptized we are immersed into the ‘Nature of the Lord’

·      Baptism is an outward  evidence of an inward change

No longer identify with old life of sin, now identify with Christ

·      Rom 6:3  ‘As many of us were baptized into Christ were baptized into his death’

·       Gal 3:27  ‘As many of you as have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ’

·      We are called to live and function as ‘Anointed Ones’

·      ‘Anointed’ = impartation of a person and power of the Holy Spirit

                     = set aside for a purpose, the purpose of God

                     = set aside to carry on the work of Christ in the earth

·       Col 3:17  ‘Whatever you do in word and deed do all in the name of the Lord Jesus”

Set aside to carry His name , reveal what He is like