Vision Sunday and Apostolic Church

16 February 2009


  1. Introduction:

·   Key theme:  “Advance” = move forward; grow in rank or stature, progress towards a goal. Expansion of the supernatural and Holy Spirit work.

·   3 Major Areas to Focus on:

1)      Supernatural = increase in the presence and power and activity of the Holy Spirit.

2)      Souls = increase in connecting and releasing the unsaved, win them to Christ.

3)      Sending = development and empowering of new leaders, release!


  1. Prophetic Word: Jeff Jansen

·   Jeff Jansen:  5 fold ministry of Prophet – stopped by Holy Ghost – then gave a Word for Bay City.

Holy Spirit speaking to the Church -  must hear what the Spirit is saying to the Church and us as individuals – Revelation 2:7

-    Advancement happens when we respond to what the Holy Spirit is saying – place value and weight upon it. Have Holy Spirit led direction.

-    2007 - Charlie Robinson: Negative words had stolen things God planned = Action!

·   Some things emphasized:

(1)   The next 15 years will far surpass what happened in the last 15 years – a brand new cycle.

(2)   What brought you this far won’t take you further – Change!

(3)   Make room for the Glory of God; for emerging apostolic generation.

(4)   Winds of Change – 6 months time (Feb.09) there will be a breaking out.

(5)   Ps. Mike and Joy – repositioned into Apostolic Role.


  1. The Apostolic Church:

a)     The Church is transitioning from Pastoral to an Apostolic Church:


b)     New Testament Transition from Jerusalem:

·         Acts 6:1-7   -  Growth of Christians in Jerusalem.

·         Great move of the Spirit.

·         Repositioning of the Apostles; focus on Word and Prayer.

·         Limitations of this Church:

i)         Monocultural

ii)       Self reverenced – focus on Jerusalem

iii)     Ended in lack and dependency- Acts 11:22-30

iv)    Failed to fulfill – Acts 1:8

·         Focus of the New Testament Apostolic is moved to Antioch.




c)     Church in Antioch:

·         Acts 13:1-4  -  Emergence of the Antioch Church.

·         Genuinely inclusive church with the focus on intentional mission.

·         Genuine multicultural church.



  1. Characteristics of the Antioch Apostolic Church:

Acts 13:1-4  -  “new in the Church that was in Antioch”



·   Cultures in Bay City.

·   Sajan = Pastor



·         All manner of backgrounds, ages, traditions.

·         Greeks, Jews, idol worshippers, slaves, criminals, wealthy.

·         All classes of society; Greeks, Syrians, Africans, Jews.



·   Teams in Bay City:











Team Work:

·         Leadership team was diverse, multicultural

·         Focus on team not individual ministry

·         Barnabas – from Jerusalem, teacher, prophetic, encourage

·         Simeon – “black” (African) – positioned Simon of Cyrene

      (North Africa)

·         Lucius of Cyrene – gentile, prophetic, - name = ‘light’=’

·         Manaen – name = comforter – well educated, professional.

·         Saul –Greek Jew from Tarsus – trained and educated.



·   Formation of Eldership Team.

·   Mixture of age/experience


Governing Eldership Team:

·         The Local Church must be “set in order” – formation eldership

·         Acts 14:23 – Titus 1:5  - Ordain Elders.

·         Key elders of Antioch made up a team that imparted

·         apostolic anointing and released people to ministry.



·   Seasons of Fasting and prayer

·   Supernatural emphasis in 2009 – Holy Spirit


Fasting and Prayer:

·         Apostolic Church – fast and pray.

·         Key characteristics – strong militant, fervent prayer.

·         Prayer births people into ministry assignments.

·         Strong Spiritual Atmosphere.

·         High priority given to the Holy Spirit as the Supreme Leader.


(5)   People Commissioned to Advance the Kingdom:

·         The Church is an Equipping Base.

·         “Separate” = to mark out from others to issue spiritual boundaries.


·   Today Intercessors

·   2 Services in April 09


Apostolic Church sends people to pioneer.

·         People are empowered to invade and change community.

·         People returned to the home base again.


(6)   Breakthrough Believers Raised Up:

·         People mature and emerge capable of impacting communities


·   Equipping Seminar

·   Emphasize Holy Spirit

·   Apostolic Teaching

-    Authority/Metron



Acts 11:26  -  Disciples was called Christians in Antioch.

·         Christians = Anointed Ones = moved in the supernatural.

·         Apostolic people break out of religious limitations.