Vision Sunday: Ambassadors for Christ

22 February 2009


  1. Introduction:

·   Key theme 2009:  “Advance” = move forward; grow in rank or stature, progress towards a goal. Expansion of the supernatural and Holy Spirit work.

·   Exodus 14:15b  -  “Tell The children of Israel to Advance”

·   3 Major Areas to Focus on:

1)      Supernatural = increase in the presence and power and activity of the Holy Spirit.

2)      Souls = increase in connecting and releasing the unsaved, win them to Christ.

3)      Sending = development and empowering of new leaders, release!


·   Last week: ‘The Apostolic Church’

·   Apostolic = not the ‘apostolic’ Denomination of churches

·   Apostolic = NT Church – matures, equips, empowers people, ‘sends them’

·   Church in Antioch: Acts 13:1-3  - Characteristics

i)    Multicultural                             ii)   Governing Eldership Team

iii)  Teamwork                                 iv) Fasting and Prayer

v)  People Commissioned           vi) Breakthrough believers Raised

·   Church in the 21st century becoming Apostolic in nature and anointing


  1. Ambassador for Christ

Ambassadors speaks and acts to reveal the Heart of God for others to see what God is really like.

a)    The Role of an Ambassador

- Diplomatic Official of highest rank sent by a government to represent it

      - An official representative who speaks and acts on behalf of a Government,

        Kingdom or King


b)    How Ambassadors Act

Ambassadors from heaven look different from Ambassadors from Earth.

People missed Jesus; they thought he would come with status and glamour.

Jesus came to show what God is like, what the heart of God is: love, kindness and compassion.

People lost the heart of God and how God relates to people. God is Good all the Time.


2 Things for us to do:  1) Discover and grow in Personal Relationship with God

                                      2) Discover Your Destiny here on earth

·         Luke 10:25-37  -   The Good Samaritan – an Ambassador for Christ

·         v30 – Certain man  - any person on a journey in life

·         v30 – fell among thieves – wounded (trauma), stripped, abandoned

·         Response of Religious people:

-          Looked and passed by

-          Other side – avoided engaging

-          Religion – does not carry the heart of God

-          They did not see themselves as ambassadors - preoccupied


c)     Characteristics of an Ambassador

1)  Noticed the need                                        - “came where he was”

2)  Moved with compassion                            - “he had compassion”

3)  Took initiative                                                - “he went to him”

4)  Exposed the problem                                  -  looked at his heart

5)  Gave practical help                                                - “bandaged his wounds (trauma)

6)  Ministered the life of the Holy Spirit                       - “poured oil and wine”

7)  Altered personal schedule                         - some things doesn’t happen at a  

                                                                               convenient time

8)  Connected him to others                           - “brought him to an inn”, got others

                                                                                to help

9)  Gave personal care                                    -  “took care of him”

10) Released finances to help                         -  “took out 2 denoru


·         Ambassadors expresses the nature of the King that he represents

·         Jesus application: Go! = the Great Commission

·         People are traumatized are all around us, painful wound they carry in their hearts.

·         People who don’t carry the heart of God =  religion = they cross to the other side and don’t have a heart for people.

·         God is about living relationship with all people and God himself.

·         Good people are not necessarily going to heaven. They need a living personal faith in God.


3)     Practical Outworkings for 2009:

a)     Equipping and Training:

·         Training Seminars 2009

·         Seasons of Prayer and Fasting

·         Guest Speakers

·         Emphases on the Presence and Power of the Holy Spirit


b)     Outreach Opportunities 2009 – “Went to him”:

·         Prophetic Evangelism

·         Prison Teams

·         Special Events

·         Christmas Outreach

·         Small groups – practical

·         Mother’s and Father’s Day

·         Easter

      Pray, Build Personal Connection, Invite, get involved in Global Missions


c)     Two Services on Sunday Mornings:

·         Sunday Services:  9:30am – 10:30 and 11:00 – 12:30pm

·         Begin after Easter

·         Vision to fill both services

·         Seating altered/reduced

·         Survey of service preference

·         Need cooperation of all members

i)        Commit to a service

ii)       Involvement in Service Teams

iii)     Initial pressure of growth